Diners Club: A card that gives access to unlimited rewards

Nowadays, with the pressure and stress of everyday life, everyone is looking for a very efficient way to be able to concentrate various papers into one that they can always carry with them, when traveling or during a private trip or in ‘business. The Diners Club bank card is consistent with alleviating these concerns.

Members who have purchased a subscription from Diners Club International will automatically benefit from a ten percent reduction on flights to any of the over one hundred and twenty-four destinations offered by Diners Club International. Members who travel regularly between twelve months and four years of age may be eligible for a special dinner gift card program. These gift cards can be used in select hotels, restaurants, stores and currency exchange offices, as well as on American Airlines flights or in its airport lounges.

Diners members who purchase airline tickets will receive a ten percent discount when booking their flights.

Users can redeem their points for gift cards and other products at various retailers located in certain countries around the world. Diners Club International (DIC) has branches in over sixty countries around the world. One of the largest branches in the world is located in Australia and has two thousand four hundred and sixty-five branches.

Traveling between the United States and Canada can be a very inexpensive experience if you know where to look. American Airlines and Canadian Airlines both offer discount airfares to many parts of North America. Whether you are traveling between the United States and Canada or between the United States and Mexico, there are direct flights from major U.S. airports to a variety of destinations across Mexico, as well as international flights to Canada and some European destinations. For travelers, they can use this card to pay for their purchases with the possibility of taking advantage of significant discounts on the initial rate.

The Diners Club card, a two-in-one formula

The Diners Club card, with its many years of experience, has enjoyed unparalleled success with consumers.

Indeed, this card allows its holder to benefit from various actions and transactions. It gives a wide opportunity to pay for purchases, both abroad and at home.

It is a very quick way to be able to pay for services: hotel costs, the addition of a meal to which the card owes its name in its early days and of which 92 airport lounges gladly welcome the owner. the card, business trips or family outings, the costs of trips with a rented car, shopping in renowned department stores or simply to pay the fuel bill.

Online purchases are also possible with this card. It is therefore a secure process for making withdrawals, at home and abroad, with a value of 610 euros per week in France and a sum which corresponds to 1,000 euros elsewhere. The two main exchange offices accept this card to withdraw cash.
In addition to these functions giving the right to a convenient payment, it is linked to insurance services which systematically guarantees the card holder and his relatives.

The guarantees of the Diners Club

The card has an assistance guarantee with individual and vehicle insurance and this extends 24 hours a day in European countries and some states surrounding the Mediterranean.

Likewise for trips to other continents, a Global Travel Assistance guarantee will protect the insured. Other opportunities that will meet your demands will be negotiable in order to benefit from certain “tailor-made” insurance.

Conventional insurance is also part of the services offered by the Diners Club according to the client’s needs: death and disability guarantee for medical or accidental causes.

All these forms can be offered to you and your parents thanks to the card. There is also a special guarantee which will cover the spouse with a life annuity.

Another type of guarantee will also insure your valuables in your home. Medical insurance, fund and scholarships, formulas that are specific to the Diners Club bank card. To receive these insurance premiums, you can designate at your ease and without any inheritance tax the beneficiary of your choice.

Legal and criminal assistance will cover you abroad, capped at $800.
Indemnities, private or professional, are to be negotiated with Citigroup services, which will provide the necessary information on the capital and the premium rate.

Membership and major assets

The Diners Club card offers various advantages for the general public. It is a card that is aimed at modest customers as well as very “select” customers by its VIP formula.

To be able to access this “Club”, it is important to check with Citigroup or your usual banker so that the services are “tailored” to your needs. It is only after knowing your expectations that the Diners Club card, yours, will be developed to your complete satisfaction.

Customer service can also be reached by phone for those who live far from their central headquarters, but it is possible to register via the internet by downloading the form to fill it out and sign it. Next, you must attach the requested documents and send them to Citigroup, whose site email address is www.dinersclub.com

The Diners Club card will give you several specific advantages. Apart from the services and benefits provided by this payment method, the card has interesting features.

The card facilitates various payments and payments in the United States as in other countries.
12 million establishments around the world are attached to Citigroup and operate in all areas: car rental, high-end department stores, hotels and restaurants, air terminals and train stations … The sums used will be taken from your account with a 45-day deferment and the expenses will be communicated to you by an accurate monthly statement. You will be able to spend without any threshold.

An advantageous program, Club Reward, a reward for your loyalty, will allow you to earn a point of 5 Euros with each purchase made with the Diners Club bank card. An additional card in addition to your card will be offered free of charge to your relatives. Likewise for a lost or stolen card, it will be replaced free of charge.

The Diners Club card is, if we can say so, an à la carte formula for the insurance that will be granted to it.

Other advantages and privileges

Diners Club Rewards also has some special offers during the holidays. Redeem at least fifty, 2,000 Club Reward points for American Airlines plane tickets at a one-to-one ratio and you’ll earn 2,500 bonus AA points. Redeem Club Rewards points for British Airways Executive Club miles and you will receive 50% additional BA miles. Other offers include double points on all purchases at the Diner’s Club restaurant.

Access to the lounge at the airport is not a necessity when you travel often, but it is very convenient. Today, there are many types of lounges that provide access to excellent restaurants and other amenities for business travelers. Lounges at airports are becoming very popular with passengers as well as business travelers. Some of these lounges offer access to exclusive shops and golf courses using the Diners Club card.

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