Earn miles and redeem them for award tickets & hotels

It is now possible to accumulate AAdvantage miles, the American Airlines loyalty program, on all flights operated by the American airline and its partners regardless of the rate chosen to book a plane ticket for any service (baggage allowance, the new uniforms have also appeared.

Giving all its customers the opportunity to benefit from its loyalty program, is for this carrier further proof of the expression of the strength of the United States company, a new step which is part of the continuity of its customer commitments for a simple and clear commercial offer.

Aadvantage frequent flyer program subscribers can earn 250 or 500 miles one way, regardless of destination or length of trip. The number of accredited miles on the subscriber’s account must correspond to the rate they have chosen.

American Airlines changed its AAdvantage loyalty program, with mileage gains being calculated on the price of the ticket and no longer on the distance traveled. The purchase of airline tickets with these same miles will also change, some routes requiring less while others including those to Europe will require more. Remember to provide your membership number each time you book a flight.

The American company still promises to offer a simplification of the qualification process for higher status as well. The biggest change will of course be the modification of the calculation method to accumulate miles: it will be based on the price of the ticket. By traveling on flights marketed by American Airlines, Advantage members will earn miles based on the price paid (base fare + mandatory taxes, excluding government taxes) and their status. You can earn 5 miles for every US dollar spent on the base fare + mandatory taxes. Gold status members will earn 7 miles, Platinum members 8 miles, and Executive Platinum members 11 miles. On most flights marketed by partner airlines, this calculation will be based on a percentage of the distance flown and the booking class purchased.

Regarding the use of miles, the Oneworld alliance company announces that certain levels of redemption of miles for airline tickets will see discounts of up to -40%; members will be able to continue to book award tickets every day of the year, without exception.

Access to the elite status of the AAdvantage program is possible in two ways: the Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM) or the Elite Qualifying Segments (EQS), with the same thresholds as currently (access via the Elite-Qualifying points will be abandoned The more members pay for their ticket, the more EQM they will earn, and EQS will continue to be earned on each qualifying flight segment.

Earn Miles all day, every day

To start earning Miles, members can go to their Frequent Flyer accounts, then browse a list of fantastic deals at fashion stores and other stores. To purchase from participating brands, log in using account information and navigate to the partner brand website to complete the purchase. For every dollar spent, members can earn up to twelve miles.

Platinum or Gold cardholders can earn even more miles by shopping online or at stores and outlets of brands partnered with American Airlines. Before making the purchase, customers have the opportunity to calculate their eligible miles on the portal, based on the transactions made.

Members can choose from over hundreds of partner brands in the US, UK and several other countries, in multiple categories including fitness, health, electronics and more. Buy the hottest fashion clothes online from popular brands and collect as many miles as possible.

Millions of American Airlines AAdvantage program members around the world can earn and spend mileage points for a variety of rewards, including airline tickets on partner airlines, flight upgrades, hotel stays, tickets, hospitality at sporting and cultural events, trips and experiences at reduced prices.

What are the miles for?

In order to retain its customers, American Airlines has implemented a mileage system. This allows more frequent travelers to afford plane tickets from time to time.

The concept was originally simple: for every mile you flown on an airplane, you earned a mile that was worth about a dollar. On average, every ten trips, so you then get one free plane ticket. Airport taxes remain chargeable to you.

The principle of miles was therefore rather advantageous, especially for executives. If they take enough business trips, they can travel almost for free on their private vacations.

Use your miles to upgrade to Business or Premier

As for upgrades, the AAdvantage program allows elite status members free of charge upon request on domestic flights under 500 miles. Members of Executive Platinum status can receive free upgrades upon request on all domestic flights, without restriction. Gold and Platinum members will be able to benefit from 4 upgrades on flights under 500 miles for each 12,500 EQM credit earned during their membership year at that status. The cost of an upgrade on a flight under 500 miles is $ 40 (online, at the airport, or through a reservation agent).

Executive Platinum members will receive 4 upgrades valid on all flights after qualification. They also have the option of obtaining 4 additional upgrades depending on their flight: 2 for every 50,000 EQM accumulated above the 100,000 EQM threshold up to 200,000 EQM.

Traveling by plane is a great way to see the world and by traveling with American Airlines there is a great program that allows you to earn miles. Air miles are points that you can convert into free products and services, and sometimes airline tickets. It’s not as easy as some people think earning loyalty program miles or even saving money on your new purchases.

If you choose to accumulate miles by signing up for the Aadvantage program, you will have the opportunity to accumulate miles and convert them into award tickets, upgrades, … Although you might think that sounds like a good deal.

The award winning loyalty program, Aadvantage, has introduced a thousand new ways to earn miles while shopping online with popular brands. Members can now visit the US airline’s website where they can choose from hundreds of brands and shop while earning miles that can be used towards discounted airline tickets and other rewards.

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  1. Enrique Pantaleon

    I have some questions regarding my american advantage points. Please direct me to the correct department.
    Thank you.

  2. M. Teresa Pantaleon

    I have been an american advantage member for over 35 years.
    I’m writing to request to retrieve my american advantage points. My card was inactive for a while which resulted in losing all my hard earned points. I have accumulated almost 90,000 points. I’ve been saving these miles to a well deserved trip only to lose it all due to a technicality. If I reached the wrong department, I would appreciate you to refer me to the correct personnel.
    Thank you very much in advance for your help.

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