American Airlines First Class: Comfortable beds so you can stretch out completely

There are many reasons why American Airlines customers choose First Class travel. Many point out that the exceptional service and the little extras, like blankets and better food, ensure an enjoyable travel experience. On a longer trip, these little extras allow passengers to arrive in a good mood and relaxed atmosphere, ready to begin their day’s activities or vacation without hassle or undue fatigue.
Many business passengers find that first class travel helps them get the most out of their trips. For many passengers who travel for pleasure, first class travel is an enjoyable luxury that adds to the quality of their stay.

If you’ve always avoided first class travel because of the cost, it’s time to look at your high-end travel options again. American Airlines offers a best-in-class travel experience at almost every price point. Some travel packages offer the advantage of traveling first class, at a reduced price, for example. Look around and talk about it on the website referencing the American airline’s offers, you might be surprised at how many trips are included with a first class ticket.

To enhance your travel experience, American Airlines is upgrading its fleet to be among the first in the industry to offer you fully reclined seats with full aisle access on several new aircraft.
If you’re traveling in first or business class between New York and Paris, for example, you can now enjoy the unmatched comfort of fully reclined seats on every American Airlines flight, ensuring a state-of-the-art travel experience. Thanks to the strengthened relationship between American Airlines and several airline operators including British Airways and Iberia, the American company offers nearly three times more fully reclining seats on flights like New York-London or Miami-Madrid than any other airline partnership.

American Airlines offers seamless flight options and convenient schedules, making it easier than ever to travel to Europe and other continents.

Discover comfort from coast to coast

The American company is revolutionizing comfort, whether you are traveling abroad or from coast to coast. You can now enjoy its fully reclined seats in First and Business Class with access to all corridors in First Class.

Enjoy a world-class travel experience

From new cabin interiors and updated equipment, to expanded in-flight entertainment options and increased seat comfort, experience innovation at its best on its aircraft equipped with a three-class configuration, offering fully extended seats and direct aisle access from each seat in First and Business Class.

Find out how you travel in enhanced comfort on hundreds of new airplanes and updating existing aircraft to give you a more modern, comfortable and connected experience. Book a flight now on one of the latest additions to your fleet and see how the American company is changing the way you fly.

If you’re traveling First Class, you’ll appreciate the American brand’s flagship suite seat that converts into a 6ft 8in fully extended bed with fold-out armrests for easier access and more sleeping space. You have aisle access at every seat, which means easier access for getting around the cabin. You have international Wi-Fi capability allowing you to stay connected anywhere in the world. Universal AC power outlets and USB ports are placed on each seat which is also equipped with a 17 inch touch screen monitor offers more than 180 TV programs, …

When traveling in American Airlines First Class, you get an enhanced food and beverage offering with modern china, more menu choices allowing for greater personalization. We offer you amenity kits that double as tablet cases, filled with care products supplied by a high-end brand, Dermalogica.

You can relax in fully elongated seats with direct access to the corridors in first and business class, and with up to six inches of extra legroom.

Enjoy a world-class travel experience aboard American Airlines planes. From new cabin interiors and updated amenities to extensive in-flight entertainment options and increased seat comfort, our aircraft is state-of-the-art in every sense of the word.

Equipped with a three-class configuration, they have a number of special features that ensure:
– Comfort in each cabin
Fully elongated first and business class seats with access to all corridors and additional main cabin seats provide more legroom.

– Relaxation
Personal entertainment in the seat with screens at each seat.

– Modern atmosphere
Unique lighting, dramatic archway and ceiling design create a feeling of spaciousness
Relax on mattresses that provide optimal back and full body coverage, a light day blanket, premium duvet, slippers and a pillow.

The American company introduces a new level of comfort with Business Class seats fully lying flat, offering aisle access from every Premium Class seat.

First-class kits are packed with items for your health and comfort, ensuring you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. The first class kits double as a tablet case and are filled with rejuvenating skincare products.


AA Flagship Lounges: Dedicated to first class passengers


Stay productive in the air

When traveling aboard the Premiere cabin, you use privacy dividers, power ports, and tray tables to create your own workspace and. When you’re done working, your seat converts into a six-foot, six-inch bed with fold-down armrests to give you even more room to lie down and sleep.

Traveling in comfort, a choice or an obligation?

Let’s be honest, although we don’t mind traveling in eco class at all, we wouldn’t be against, once in a while, traveling with a little more comfort, even outright in business or first class. Not you ?
To find out exactly what you are paying for, we have looked at the service, comfort and options of each class. However, this can vary from company to company, from aircraft to aircraft, and whether it is a short or long haul flight.

Whatever your preferences, rest assured, we’ve got you covered. By searching for your flight online on the American Airlines website, you can refine your results by the type of class you want. If you are doing your search from a computer, simply click on the “First Class” button above the search bar and select the class of your choice. In the app, you will be able to choose the class in the window also allowing you to select the number of passengers, take the test during your next flight search.

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