American Airlines Premium Economy class: Travel in optimal comfort at a low price

The idea is to create a class between business class and economy class. In this way, they meet the needs that their customers have raised, who find it necessary to have more space and increase their comfort during the flight, without having to resort to travel in Executive. Apparently, the airline gave its arm to twist and designed this new class, which promises many benefits to passengers.
The entry into service of Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner, the flagship of the American Airlines fleet, on the daily non-stop Paris-Dallas route allowed passengers to experience all the benefits of the new Premium Economy class. Since then, this cabin has gradually been installed on almost the entire American Airlines international fleet. Thus, passengers taking US airline flights can already book their trips in this cabin on most routes served by the US airline.

Recalling that American Airlines is the first American airline to offer this new travel option on international flights, for several years, the US carrier has deployed a massive investment program of more than $ 3 billion to improve every aspect of its service, on board and on the ground, among the major axes of this program, the entry into service of a brand new Premium Economy cabin.
Features of the new Premium Economy class.

Advantages over economy class

The most characteristic of the new Premium Economy class is the leather seat and the space, which will be approximately 96 centimeters per customer. In addition, the airline has indicated many other benefits of traveling using their new bet. Among them stand out: the possibility of using a personalized and on-demand entertainment service, the possibility of requesting more functional headphones with noise reduction, better catering service, free consumption of drinks, free Wi-Fi. Free and worldwide fi throughout the flight, priority on boarding, possibility of checking two checked bags, individual touch screens larger than those existing and with more possibilities,… This new class of travel will have been integrated in the majority of the national airline’s aircraft. In this way, these aircraft will have classic Business class, a total of three rows of Premium Economy class, which will have seven seats per row, in total, and Economy class. The US carrier should be able to integrate this service into Airbus A350 aircraft as well. In this way, it will be able to offer a global and more complete service to all their international travel customers.

For many travelers, American Airlines Premium Economy Class is one of the airline’s best deals. This class is different with its regular seats which offer more legroom. In addition, passengers will receive additional assistance with their luggage and will have priority for boarding. On long flights this can make a significant difference in the time it takes to get to your destination and can really give you an edge over the rest of the ground traffic.

When looking for your seat in this class, you should take a look at these to see which one will best suit your needs. If you need any special medication or a wheelchair, you can have it with these seats and you will also get priority boarding as you will likely be the only non-stop passenger on the flight. Moreover, you can pay extra for this service and it will be done quickly and efficiently.


This class offers passengers a little less legroom compared to those traveling in Business or First class, but still offers plenty of room for their accessories such as cameras, laptops, phones. laptops and other personal effects. This is a good option if you rarely or infrequently travel on international flights, as you can save money on frequent flyer miles by choosing this class instead. However, the seats aren’t as comfortable as their business class counterparts, and it can become quite a pain having to stand on a seat every few hours. That said, most flight passengers don’t complain about this seating arrangement, although frequent travelers tell you that boarding and checking in can be inconvenient.
In Premium Economy, passengers benefit from a leather seat with a spacing of 96.5 cm between two rows of seats, more legroom, an adjustable headrest and footrest, an individual entertainment system on demand and a larger touchscreen, not to mention a connection socket and a USB port.

Passengers traveling internationally are provided with noise canceling headphones and travel kits. They are also offered enhanced menus, as well as free alcoholic beverages (wine, beer and spirits).
Are you traveling to New York, New Jersey, Paris, Athens, or any other destination served by American Airlines, and wondering how to book a Premium Economy ticket? Then read this article to get the information you need. You should know the basics of reserving a seat in this cabin before flying.

Booking a flight can be confusing, especially if you don’t have enough information about the type of flight. If you don’t have enough information, you can’t make the right decision about where to travel and with what flight. Traveling in economy class is not bad because one stop is cheaper than the other. To get the most out of your economy class trip, one leg should be purchased at the regular price of the plane ticket, even if the other leg is slightly more expensive. You will need to pay the extra money when the other leg is paid at the hotel.

Types of flights

There are three types of flights available on premium Economy airlines. The three types of flights are long-haul, medium-haul and low cost. Long-haul flights cross the world, while medium and low cost flights cover only a smaller area. You will find that there are airlines like American Airlines, which serve many cities in the United States. Some airlines only serve large cities and others less popular cities.

Best choice for airplane seat

When looking for seats on an economy flight, you will notice that some seats recline and others do not. Reclining seats provide more legroom while non-reclining seats provide less space. Reclining seats are more expensive than non-reclining seats. You should go for reclining seats if you can afford it. If you are traveling for business trips, you should go for executive seats as these seats are specially designed for business travelers.

The added benefit of business class tickets is that airline agents give you priority business class seats. You would pay an additional 71 cents per mile in this class compared to economy class. Business travelers have more legroom, larger legrests, and taller armrests. It would make your trip comfortable.

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