Oneworld – American Airlines Emerald: Discover the privileges of the most advantageous status

Each time you travel on an Oneworld flight, you earn points and Elite points until you hold that status, with which you can access premium one world lounges around the world. You can use your miles points to purchase award airline tickets and gift them to the person you want them to accompany you on your trips on American Airlines planes, without having to include them as a beneficiary on your loyalty card. You have priority on waiting lists at the airport, identify yourself as an AA customer at check-in counters or when purchasing or booking your ticket and you will be given priority on the list of waiting for your flight. You can upgrade to a higher class than the one reserved in exchange for your miles. When you buy an Economy class ticket with a flexible rate for direct flights operated by the American company, you have the possibility to access Business class using your miles, subject to availability in the reservation class in the Business cabin, book through your American Airlines service center.

If any of these circumstances occur, contact your service center to request a duplicate of your card or you can print your card image through the US company’s website.

What do you need to achieve Emerald status? If you are a customer of the Aadvantage program, you are systematically registered and subscribed to the Oneworld program. Apply for your card once you have 80,000 miles in your subscriber account, and immediately enjoy its benefits. Convert your miles into purchases, you will have fun spending them. This status will also be granted to you if you make 120 reservations in a calendar year with American Airlines or any other airline belonging to that airline alliance.

When the flight is long, the hours inside the plane can seem endless if there is no preparation before boarding. Being able to have privileges such as choosing a seat and relaxing in a VIP lounge makes the trip much more comfortable. Airlines that are part of Oneworld, the largest airline alliance in the Americas, offer these benefits, in addition to endless entertainment such as fun playlists and movies that will make the time pass faster.

Discover some tips for planning a long flight and enjoying some of the privileges that your loyalty card and Emerald status can offer you:

– Choose your seat
For those who prefer a window, looking at the clouds, or a hallway, feeling more free to stand up, this detail makes a big difference. The choice of seat is one of the advantages of the alliance, in the status of the card of the categories Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby. In addition to early check-in, access to VIP lounges and preferential boarding.

– Prepare your body
One day before the flight, plan to spend time at the academy, walk, or do some sort of exercise. This will help you not to succumb while sitting or lying down. Make sure you get a day of sleep so you don’t get on the plane exhausted and end up with a sore body.

– Relax in the VIP lounge
Whether it’s for a snack or for work before your departure, having a comfortable place to wait for the dispatch call is essential. The Emerald and Sapphire Status Loyalty Card gives access to over 650 Premium Lounges and VIP Lounges, some of the best in the world. Subscribers to the Oneworld rewards program still enjoy the additional free baggage allowance and expedited security checks at various airports.

– Check your chargers
Charge all your electronics and don’t forget to bring your battery back-up for the long haul. Having an external charger is an interesting backup.

Bring personalized entertainment. Power your laptop, tablet or cell phone with music, movies and e-books. While the member companies of this alliance have rich programming on board, it’s always fun to have that book or movie nearby that you wanted to see for months on end but didn’t have the time to. Paper books are also a good demand to take your eyes off the screen.

– Take care of your diet with Oneworld
One study pointed out that foods high in carbohydrates, such as noodles and whole wheat bread, make the body more adaptable to the pressure of airplanes. According to the study, higher insulin levels calm and make it easier to sleep. If you wish to be served first, or if you have a dietary restriction, as a frequent traveler associated with member airlines of this program, you can book a special meal. You only have to ask 72 hours before boarding. There are several types of meals you can order depending on the airline you are traveling with, so check before your flight.

The loyalty program with its Emerald status offers subscribers loyalty miles for travel, free hotel stays, priority boarding passes. It is a program that offers its customers various incentives to retain them. Members with this status have access to special offers and tools that allow them to maximize their benefits while having an enjoyable travel experience. The benefits of being a loyal Emerald customer are numerous, ranging from free hotel stays and free airline tickets to priority boarding passes for meeting friends and family. There is no membership fee required to join this club.

Joining Oneworld and getting the Emerald Card is a great opportunity to enjoy exclusive benefits when traveling with American Airlines or other alliance members. Whether you want to take advantage of frequent flyer offers or are looking for ways to maximize your benefits by using free priority boarding passes, Emerald has it all. Whether it’s free hotel stays or free plane tickets to exciting destinations, joining this loyalty program and getting the Emerald Card is the perfect way to explore the world while having fun.

Once you become a member, you have unlimited access to all program features, including priority boarding, lounge access, and loyalty miles. When you become a member, you will automatically gain access to Emerald status once you reach the required number of miles to unlock it.

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