American Airlines Cargo: Track your package online

American Airlines provides its customers with the latest parcel and courier services which are now available on their web portal. The benefits of American Airlines Parcel Tracking are that they offer their customers real-time tracking service, real-time tracking updates, and email or instant alerts as soon as an international package arrives is delivered to the hands of their customers. The latest package options offered by the US company are worldwide package delivery. With this service, an authorized representative will travel to the destination, collect the package, and then fly to the recipient without having to make additional efforts for customs clearance. Another great option with American Airlines is the parcel service delivered to Spain, which is very similar to the Iberia Air service. Track the routing and shipping of your package here.

With all these options, American Airlines has become very competitive in the global air cargo transport market. They are also able to provide their customers with real-time updated tracking information for packages in transit. Once an international package is delivered by the US carrier, it can be tracked online using the American Airlines tracking number which provides the exact time the package was picked up from the delivery location. . This gives the customer a full idea of ​​the location of their package at all times.

Another advantage of using this company’s parcel tracking is that they offer same day delivery service for their packages. Most UK parcel tracking companies use the same technology that American Airlines uses for their tracking system. Most of these companies also offer free shipping for some of their plans if you buy online. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t call these companies and book your next international package before it’s too late. Overall, American Company is just one of many parcel delivery companies that provide reliable and prompt service to their customers.

When your shipment is due to be on the next flight, you should think about finding out where to drop off and pick up.

With Priority Parcel Service (PPS), you can monitor the status of your package with peace of mind, American’s reliable counter-to-counter product is available in more than two hundred destinations around the world.

PPS offers:

– Highest boarding priority

– Fastest transit time

– Shortest acceptance connections and retrieval for US domestic shipments

– No prior reservation required

The various PPS shipping parameters

Place of departure Destination Weight Limit Size limit
United States

(including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands)

United States

(including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands)

Up to 100 lbs (45 kg)

by piece



Dimensions should not exceed 90 inches in total per piece, with no limitation on one side

United States

(including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands)

Any international airport

(except Japan)

Europe / United States, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands  

All other shipping points

Up to 70 lbs (32 kg)

by piece


Meet time requirements

National shipments to the United States
Sending point Minimum time before flight departure
Dedicated PPS installations 30 minutes

(60 minutes for dangerous goods)

Airport ticket counters 60 minutes
Terminal cargo




2 hours
90 minutes
60 minutes
60 minutes
Recovery Point Availability after flight arrival
Dedicated PPS installations 30 minutes
Airport Baggage Service 2 hours
Terminal of cargo 2 hours

Dedicated priority parcel offices are located at the following airports: DFW, LAX, SFO, ORD, JFK, LGA

International shipments
Sending point Minimum time before flight departure
PPS office or

American airport ticket office

60 minutes – Correspondence service in the United States

90 minutes – Non-stop international service

Recovery Point Availability after flight arrival
Cargo terminal 4 hours
Cargo terminal 2 hours – Connection service in the United States

4 hours – Non-stop international service


Transport and dispatch of Special Products

– Animal expeditions

PPS is the fastest way to get animals to their destinations. For more details on shipping animals.

– Dangerous goods

Dry ice is the only dangerous good authorized as a PPS

– Money back guarantee

Receive a 50% refund if your PPS shipment is not made as booked.

When you choose an online parcel tracking service from American Airlines, you enjoy several benefits. This type of service is very easy to use and convenient for most people. It allows you to see exactly where your packages are at all times and whether they are being delivered when you expect them to arrive.

One of the advantages of this service is to be able to view all your packages in real time. Once your package is picked up and transported, your tracking will only begin to update. Once an item is delivered, a message will appear on the computer screen that will give you the delivery details. If you need to track the status of your package, all you need to do is log into your account and view the shipment details. You can also view the address it’s shipped to and even get a map showing the delivery route.

Another advantage of this service is that you can place an order online and have it shipped anywhere in the world. When you place an order online with a courier, shipping details are sent by post, and they usually charge an additional fee for having to send the shipment through physical channels. With online parcel tracking, you can have your order number sent to an email address, so you can track the shipment wherever you are. You won’t have to worry about spending extra money on extra shipping costs or extra time trying to make your payment.

Another advantage of electronic parcel tracking services is that they are available for all major shipping services and for multiple parcels. When using this service, you can have tracking on: vehicle loads, household packages, freight shipments, and even UPS and FedEx shipments. Many websites offer free trials, so you can immediately track your shipments! Even if you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for a free trial and start sending packages without limits until you find a secure and reliable package carrier.

In addition, there are many tracking management systems that can integrate with your online shopping cart. In this way, the same information needed for a secure online payment is also sent to your magento administrator. You can view all your packages, track their shipment, and even edit information. Magento does all of this quickly and easily. There’s even a “PayPal button” you can click to instantly transfer funds from your bank account.

Most people love online shopping, and with online packages you can enjoy even more ease and convenience. It’s easy to track packages, find a delivery location, and even cancel or change your order online. Your online parcel tracking can work with PayPal, Google Checkout, and many other methods. Using a tracking system like ePayer Express Post is easy and works for both new and established businesses. Your online store can run much easier when you have the best package management system and built-in tracking. You can also rest assured that your business is in good hands.

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