Banned items in baggage: What American Airlines refuses to carry on board its planes

American Airlines prohibits a number of items from being carried in the cabin of an aircraft. What items are considered “prohibited in the cabin”? The following items are often found in checked baggage as well as in the cabin of an aircraft. American Airlines requires all passengers to adhere to this list of prohibited cabin items.

Some prohibited items are determined by the airline. American Airlines requires that flammable liquids, fireworks, aerosols, drugs, alcoholic beverages, ammunition, fireworks (including fumes, fireworks, high explosives, bombs smoke and smoke cartridges), knives or weapons (including firearms) must be stored inside the aircraft only. These items can be checked, but are not always comfortable for long distance travel. You can check in your baggage for these items at the airport if you have any problems. However, American Airlines prohibits passengers from taking large electronic devices such as laptops and cell phones in the cabin baggage hold.

Electronic devices such as watches, jewelry, hearing aids, cameras, GPS systems, laptops, cell phones, video game systems or other similar items are generally prohibited in the cabin as long as they do not conform to size, by the weight, power and model of the item. Your checked baggage can be checked in, but not hand baggage. American Airlines will inspect your baggage for compliance, but may refuse to release your baggage if the item is a safety concern. In order to avoid any delay in boarding, you should always check your baggage for items prohibited at the airport. Many travelers reported being denied boarding due to inappropriate checked baggage.

Another directive from American Airlines is to ensure that your personal belongings do not exceed your carry-on baggage allowance limit. The airline will refuse to allow you to board if your personal effects exceed the authorized amount. Your luggage will be inspected and weighed, and will be held until you have reached your destination. You will also need to remove any prohibited items from your baggage.

American Airlines does not allow oversized personal items in the carry-on baggage compartment. However, the airline will allow personal items in the cargo area (under the seat) for your convenience. If you have a large personal item, such as a diaper, you will need to take it on the plane with you as hand baggage. You will also be billed for this privilege.

American Airlines requires you to follow its policy. The airline has detailed information on what to do and what to remove. You are also responsible for checking your baggage in accordance with its policies. It will deny you boarding if your baggage does not meet its specifications. Failure to adhere to its baggage policy may result in you being withdrawn from the flight and charging you additional fees.

Changing Duty Free Rules When Flying in the United States

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will allow duty-free liquids to pass the security checkpoint in carry-on baggage if it is properly packaged in a tamper-evident security bag (STEB). Learn more about this new TSA rule.

You must report all dangerous goods to the airline. Failure to do so violates US federal law. Offenders can be punished with a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison and $ 250,000 or more (49 USC 5124).
Learn about special precautions when traveling with batteries and battery-powered devices. Call customer service.

Additional restrictions may apply to the items below. Please see the hand baggage page.
Many common objects can be very dangerous in flight. Changes in temperature and pressure can cause leaks, toxic fumes or fires. See the full list of prohibited items at Items listed as restricted will be confiscated by the TSA.

Restricted items: What American Airlines refuses on board its planes or can accept with conditions

Products Note

Meat, cheese, sausages, lard, etc.

The European Union (EU) restricts the transport of certain animal products within the EU. Please check in advance to make sure you meet these restrictions.

Battery (9 volts, AA, AAA, C, D, alkaline, carbon-zinc, silver oxide, zinc-air, lithium, lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride) Lithium, Lithium-Ion Battery Guidelines: Spare lithium and lithium-ion batteries of any type are not permitted in checked baggage. Spare lithium, lithium-ion batteries for devices such as laptops, mobile phones and cameras must be packed in hand luggage with the terminals covered / insulated.


For safety reasons, we recommend that you remove the batteries of the devices in your checked baggage and place them in your hand baggage in separate plastic bags.


Damaged batteries will not be accepted for transport.


Batteries for automobiles, boats or airplanes will not be accepted for transport.

Cutting Instruments: Metal knives (of any length or type), cutters, ice picks, straight razors In the hold only :


Plastic cutlery and safety / disposable razors are allowed in carry-on baggage.

Defense sprays: Mass, tear gas, pepper spray Strictly forbidden
Dry ice: Dry ice for packaging perishables 5.5 lbs / 2.5 kg or less for packaging perishables may be carried on board in a hard plastic or thick polystyrene container, provided the packaging is ventilated. The ticket office or gate agent must be notified.
Explosives: Fireworks, Gunpowder, Rockets / Flares, Swingless Golf Club Loading Strips) Swingless golf clubs without bands are permitted.
Firearms / ammunition: Handguns, rifles, shotguns Accepted in the hold:


Can travel only in checked baggage and must be declared to agent upon check-in.


American Airlines does not accept firearms in checked baggage to / from the UK (except for military / government personnel with appropriate documentation).




Only in the hold: Only small arms ammunition for sporting purposes is allowed in checked baggage, the amount cannot exceed 11 pounds / 5 kg. Ammunition must be securely packaged in the original manufacturer’s packaging or wrapped in fiber, wood, metal, or other packaging specially designed to transport small quantities of ammunition.

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