American Airlines Oneworld: Register and gain access to a multitude of benefits on the ground and in the sky

The Oneworld loyalty program has become increasingly popular with travelers. The club is very popular with all passengers and business travelers.

American Airlines is one of the most popular carriers for people traveling to and from the United States. Anyone booking flights to their destinations should take advantage of the special discounts that will be available as a result of booking people through the Oneworld alliance.

When you join this rewards program, one of the benefits of membership is the ability to earn up to one thousand points in order to upgrade your current flight reservation. The goal of the program is for you to start earning more miles from your trips. Therefore, you should look at all the possible routes to get to your preferred destination and try to get the best deal to earn the maximum miles. The offers for this program can be lucrative and there are many flights available with different destinations to suit your needs. The benefits include free flights to beautiful destinations like Paris and Rome, as well as cheap accommodation and tickets to popular cities around the world.

The other type of bonus offered by the Oneworld loyalty program is the possibility of winning up to three hundred reward certificates. These award certificates are redeemable for tickets to cinemas, air shows and nightclubs. If you have not yet joined this program, you may not be able to take advantage of these offers, but if you have a credit card, you will have full access to all the benefits of this offer. You can enjoy bonuses in terms of mileage points, airline miles, and rental cars, as well as discounts and free stays at certain hotels and resorts. The opportunities are endless.

Alliance members who book at the end of March each year will have the opportunity to earn four times as many miles for their card to prove their loyalty to alliance partners including American Airlines. They’ll also get ten percent off mileage bookings by the end of March, which isn’t bad. This offer will only be available between now and the end of May.

The third type of bonus relates to airports in oneworld alliance destinations. Every time a customer uses their card on a flight that lands in New York or another destination like Beijing or Tokyo or Paris, they earn a significant amount of miles. It’s like being rewarded for the miles you use instead of cash or other rewards.

American Airlines is a member of the oneworld alliance. The American company thus offers the full range of services and benefits associated with the airline alliance (code sharing between member airlines and use of miles from loyalty cards throughout the alliance network).

The millions of members of the AAdvantage loyalty program will be able to benefit from its services on all flights operated by the alliance, ranging from the accumulation or use of miles to access to more than 600 airport lounges when they fly with one of the partner airlines. . Platinum Executive Platinum status is equivalent to Oneworld Emerald, FlySmiLes Gold to Oneworld Sapphire and FlySmiLes Classic to Oneworld Ruby. Subscribers to the American Airlines reward program will of course be able to do the same on its flights and at its airport lounges.

Members of this frequent flyer program will be able to accumulate miles by traveling on airlines belonging to this alliance and redeem them for travel rewards.

Frequent Oneworld travelers will enjoy the full range of benefits and services when traveling with American Airlines. The millions of members of the AAdvantage loyalty program will be able to earn and redeem rewards on all airlines that are members of this alliance.

Senior members of the US airline’s reward program will have access to the oneworld network of 650 lounges around the world, and other benefits, including priority check-in and boarding.

Platinum status will offer its holders the privileges of oneworld Priority Emerald, namely access to first class and business class lounges, priority first class check-in, priority boarding and an express lane on certain lanes of security.

Holders of the AAdvantage Gold card will be entitled to oneworld Priority Sapphire privileges, including access to Business Class lounges, Priority Business Class check-in and priority boarding.

Members of the American Airlines loyalty program can take advantage of the alliance’s exclusive benefits to more than 1,000 destinations around the world.

With the integration of American Airlines into Oneworld, the most awarded airline alliance in the world, the group strengthens its presence within the alliance and allows to offer exclusive benefits to the members of the AAdvantage loyalty program through the world. During its first year in the alliance, the American carrier has connected its passengers to more than a thousand destinations on all continents and given them access to more than six hundred VIP lounges at airports around the world. By being a member of this alliance, the US carrier offers its passengers more convenience and connections with other alliance airlines to destinations such as New York, London, Madrid and Sydney. In addition, thanks to this alliance, he is certain that they will find the same benefits and the same quality of service on all member companies.

Benefits granted to AAdvantage members

Indeed, the number of advantages and the quality of services provided to passengers differs according to their status. They have access to exclusive benefits aligned with a global priority level.


Benefits and Privileges Ruby Sapphire Emerald
Fast check-in (priority) Yes Yes Yes
Last minute seat selection Yes Yes Yes
Priority in the waiting list Yes Yes Yes
Wait for your departure at the Business Class lounge Yes Yes
Fast boarding (priority) Yes Yes
Additional kilos of luggage Yes Yes
Fast baggage handling Yes Yes
Full support at the airport Yes
Check-in from a First Class counter Yes
Wait for his departure at the First Class lounge Yes


When you choose to travel with oneworld, you can rest assured that your elite AAdvantage status will be recognized as you explore some of the world’s best destinations. Recently named the Best One-Time Flight Alliance, it gives you more of a smooth and rewarding global travel experience than ever before.

Enjoy the benefits of Oneworld

American Airlines and the other Oneworld unique world airlines work together to provide you with the ability to earn and redeem miles on all eligible flights of a Global member Airline worldwide.

More Opportunities to Achieve Elite AAdvantage Status: Miles earned on a Global Member’s flights are eligible, recognition of your status, including special benefits when you travel on any of the member airlines’ flights around the world.

Smoother transfers at the main airports of the alliance network

The ability for frequent Emerald travelers to check in additional baggage for free, or if your ticket mentions a weight allowance, an additional 40 pounds when traveling with a global airline on qualifying flights

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