Taking an American Airlines plane during pregnancy?

That’s it, you are pregnant! The moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived. The great traveler in you wants to treat yourself to one last childless trip before moving on to family travel.
Normal, but by the way, how long can you fly while pregnant?

When it comes to pregnancy and air travel, we read and hear a bit of everything and its opposite. From advice based solely on personal experience to official recommendations that are sometimes misinterpreted, the information remains, in the majority of cases, fairly basic.

How long to take a plane while pregnant?

You can travel safely until the 34th week of pregnancy. The only problem: the regulations vary depending on the company.

How long can you fly American Airlines when you are pregnant?
The limit set by the US company is 37 weeks of amenorrhea (ie until the beginning of the 9th month) for a typical pregnancy, since from then on a woman can give birth at any time. The limit is 32 weeks for women who are pregnant with twins.

Even though everyone is exposed to light radiation during a flight, occasional flights do not pose a risk to you or your baby. There is no evidence to show that taking the plane would be responsible for miscarriages, premature labor or triggering water loss. If there is therefore no need to worry, it is nevertheless better to consult your doctor before a trip, especially if the flight is long.

Policies about women planning to fly pregnant differ from carrier to carrier, and sometimes also, depending on the type of flight planned. As with the rules for air travel for babies under two, it’s always best to check directly with the desired carrier, no matter what the neighbor has been through.
However, most airlines impose a flight restriction on women in late pregnancy: a time limit beyond which, theoretically, you will not be able to board. There is no single international guideline on this and each carrier sets its own policies.

American Airlines calculates in days before the expected date of delivery (expected date of delivery) and restricts flights within 7 days of DPA for domestic flights under 5 hours, while the period extends to 30 days before DPA for international flights. Call the US company’s customer service (Page Service client) for additional information.

Please note, however, that flights beyond this period are not recommended, but that it is still possible to fly with a medical examination and a letter attesting to the stability of the pregnancy and the absence of special risks. This letter must be signed within 48 hours of departure.

Compression and hydration stockings

There is no official recommendation for air travel for a pregnant woman. The High Authority of Health in the United States believes that pregnant women should be informed of the apparently higher risk of venous thrombosis during long-haul flights, although it has not been shown that this risk is greater during pregnancy.

The authority also advises pregnant women to walk around as much as possible during the flight and to hydrate properly. Nothing is said about the maximum advancement of the pregnancy, except that most airlines accept pregnant women until the thirty-sixth week of amenorrhea.

Each airline sets its limit

To add to the complexity of the situation, airlines set their own limit. And each company has its own vision of things.

American Airlines specifies that it is best to avoid travel during the last month of pregnancy, as well as for the 7 days following your delivery.

In the event of a single pregnancy without complications, travel is not permitted beyond the end of the 36th week of pregnancy. For a pregnancy without complications of twins, triplets,… Travel is not authorized beyond the end of the 32nd week of pregnancy.

In general, a woman who has never given birth prematurely and whose pregnancy is proceeding normally can travel up to the 36th week of pregnancy inclusive, and up to the 32nd week in the case of a multiple or at-risk pregnancy particular. In most cases, a medical certificate is desired from the 28th week of pregnancy.

American Airlines therefore sets a limit of 36 weeks for a single pregnancy without complications, of 32 weeks for a multiple pregnancy, and specifies that a medical certificate is desired from 28 WA, in all cases: rule, after all, quite common.

Air transport being what it is, you could find yourself in front of a completely different indication from another carrier or in front of a different system of calculation, … do not forget, either, that the rules can change at any time, without prior notice.

American Airlines has partnered with Pregnancy Miracle to provide the most relaxing travel experience for a pregnant woman on an airplane. This is one of the first times that this has been possible. Pregnancy Miracle has developed special technology and policies that will keep a pregnant woman comfortable in any environment during her pregnancy.

First, American Airlines will provide additional services to meet the needs of a pregnant woman. These include tilting seats, wider aisles, easier access to business class, and even priority boarding. All of these new improvements will allow a woman to make the most of her time in flight. Pregnant women won’t have to worry about tidying up their bags or checking their fluids for full because they will do everything automatically.

The other option available is to purchase an individual seat. This way, a pregnant woman will have more comfort and freedom to move around throughout the flight. There will be plenty of legroom for a woman to stretch out and have a good time relaxing. If a woman uses a wheelchair, it is even better for her because she can rest her legs on the armrests and not rest them on the seats. However, this will not be the best option for a pregnant woman who uses a staircase. She may find that she is squeezing in every seat or worse, her legs are in the aisle.

Once a woman gets on the plane, she will be able to enjoy all the amenities available. There will be large televisions in each seat so she can watch her favorite programs while she waits for her ride. The food on offer will also be excellent and the drinks will be refrigerated. All of these features are designed to help a woman have the best possible experience while traveling.

Every pregnant woman should check with her travel agent if she offers this type of service. It will help you get the most out of your vacation and ensure that you have the most fun. Even if you have no special needs, it is never unnecessary to inquire about this service when making your reservation. In fact, you may find that you can improve your seat if needed due to the size of your stomach.

When a pregnant woman boards an airplane, she will have a different kind of experience than if she were not pregnant. It’s important that you take the time to think about your options and do everything you can to ensure you have the best possible experience. You can relax and have more fun once you reach your destination. Then you can look forward to your next family vacation and wonder what you’ve been missing out on by not taking the time to consider a cruise.

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