Period of validity of Aadvantage miles: When do they expire?

A member of the Aadvantage program had the unpleasant surprise of having several thousand miles points withdrawn due to expiration due to the absence of transactions on his account for several months.

How do American Airlines miles expire?
What if it’s been a while since you traveled on an American Airlines route and were a member of its Aadvantage or Oneworld loyalty program? Surely you have miles that are about to expire.

Expiration of miles: Deadline

Indeed, if we do not travel for a period of 18 months, well the miles accumulated in a previous flight disappear. It is the principle of the validity date of miles that the American company applies to guarantee that part of the miles distributed are not reused (otherwise they would lose a lot of money), they apply validity periods of eighteen months in which your miles are valid without having to re-travel with the company.

Once that date has passed, well your miles simply expire. All miles accumulated so far will disappear and your mileage balance will drop to zero.

How do I know the validity date of my miles?

There is a simple way: just go to your Aaadvantage account and view the information.

How to extend the validity of my miles?

The only way Onew world offers is to take a new flight from an alliance company before your miles expire. Please note, the flight must be a flight that allows you to accumulate miles: specific rules apply on certain air routes. Also, it is good to travel before the miles expire, not to buy your ticket. Once you travel, your miles will automatically be extended for 18 months.

As a reminder, at American Airlines Any account movement, whether it be accumulation, redemption, purchase of miles, etc. renew the total balance for 18 months. With AAdvantage, simply having activity on your account once every 18 months renews all miles.

Renewing the validity of miles: It’s quick and easy

Nothing is more hateful to a traveler than having your hard earned miles in your account expire. We know that there are programs for travelers that do not allow renewal, others are less flexible and some are very benevolent.

The case of American Airlines is undoubtedly one of the simplest in terms of renewal. Basically, any movement in the account, whatever it is, renews the mileage total for 18 months.

Those who have and earn points on a monthly basis with Santander cards in Argentina, for example, have nothing else to do and their miles will never expire. Now, if they expire, it is very easy to renew them quickly, simply and above all for free.

The first thing you need to do is register for free on AwardWallet and log into your AAdvantage account.

How do you avoid the expiration of your mileage points?

There are many ways to extend the expiration date of your points & miles:
– A credit card affiliated with the loyalty program
If you use a credit card affiliated with your loyalty program : the miles points accumulated by your purchases allow you to extend the life of your account.
– Using your rewards card
But you can also extend the life of your loyalty program by using the card at an affiliate store.

Traveling on a Star Alliance airline

Finally, you can also extend your account by flying on a Oneworld airline. However, it must be a paid flight and not made with your miles. However, using your miles helps extend the life of the account.

There are many opportunities to extend the life of your points & miles and prevent them from expiring.

You are never safe from a devaluation of your loyalty program or, like my reader, from forgetting and therefore losing your points & miles! So my advice: use them quickly.

When do Aadvantage miles expire and how can you reactivate them?

Advantage miles expire three years, five years, seven years or ten years from the date of issue. Business miles do not expire after you reach a certain point number. One more thing to note, Advantage miles expire on your credit card statement, so you may need to pay additional membership fees if you wish to redeem the miles on your statement. There are other loyalty programs that offer different expiration dates.

Aadvantage miles expire and you need to know where your expiration dates are to redeem your reward points before the deadline. The frequent flyer program also has a special annual mileage feature that allows frequent travelers to earn bonus miles on their purchases.

These bonuses are not available to all frequent flyers, so you should make sure you read the terms of the frequent flyer program you choose. The annual mileage expiration feature can help you track your mileage, which will let you know if you qualify for eligibility.

Do the miles you buy or receive have an expiration date?

Miles purchased under the buyAAmiles and giftAAmiles programs, like all other AAdvantage miles, will not expire until you earn or redeem miles at least once every 18 months.

The expiration date of miles will be extended by 18 months whenever a member posts valid activity in the account when earning or redeeming miles.

Miles transferred with the shareAAmiles program, like all other AAdvantage miles, will not expire until you submit valid activity to the account at least once every 18 months.

The expiration date of miles will be extended by 18 months whenever a member posts valid activity in the account when earning or redeeming miles.

Reactivate your miles by calling American Airlines customer service, or requesting online, directly in your customer account in the Aadvantage Frequent Flyer.

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    Do I have to use the miles before they expire or just redeem them before they expire even if it is for a flight after the expiration date.

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