Checked baggage on American Airlines flights: How many pieces and what are the size limits?

Are you looking for some solutions to transport your checked baggage on your next flight? First, you choose the specific item (s) you need to bring on your flight. Then you neatly organize all of your belongings, placing them in the appropriate bags according to their size, so they don’t end up in the wrong place.

What types of baggage (size and weight) can I take with me in the hold? What is the maximum weight allowed by American Airlines? Is there a charge for checking baggage? If so, what are the prices?

Here you will find information on the weight and size of checked baggage authorized by the American company. You can check the allowed weight and size of a piece of baggage for the US airline.

As the airline offering continues to grow and diversify, the traveler has difficulty knowing this information, which can alter their plans. Sometimes, in fact, it is better to pay a more expensive ticket to save the cost of a baggage allowance.

The baggage allowance applied by this company depends primarily on the travel class. First class passengers are permitted to travel with three pieces (three-cabin aircraft) of 32kg / 70lb for each, and a total dimensions of 62 inches (158cm).

If the trip is in Business class, the maximum number of bags to be checked in in the hold is 2 pieces. Passengers in Economy Premium class are entitled to the same baggage allowance except when flying on routes serving Alaska and Hawaii).

In the main cabin (Economy), you can carry two pieces of luggage in the hold, but the second room is often not free.

American Airlines will go towards more restrictions when traveling on a flight serving Mexico, a destination in the Caribbean, Central America or South America. On these routes, you are not able to carry an overweight item (over 70 Ib), nor an oversized item (+62 inches).

If you plan to travel with additional baggage, you cannot carry more than two pieces in the hold.

On the other hand, American Airlines offers its passengers the possibility of checking in up to ten pieces of baggage by purchasing baggage supplements at the airport or online (baggage supplement page) on its website where the prices are much cheaper.

You have the option of carrying up to ten items in the hold on a domestic flight or traveling on a transatlantic or transpacific route. However, if your flight starts or arrives at a destination in Brazil, South America, Central America, Mexico or the Caribbean, your hold allowance is limited to 5 pieces of baggage.

Benefit from the same deductible granted to Business class passengers when traveling in Premium Economy class?

American Airlines is an exception, and allows certain passengers to travel with three heavy (checked) bags of which the first bag is free when traveling on a domestic route but in possession of the AAdvantage Aviator and Citi / AAdvantage, AAdvantage Gold card. This right also applies when flying to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Salvador, Haiti, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

You have up to two free pieces of baggage in the hold if you are an, Platinum Pro and AAdvantage Platinum holder or Oneworld Sapphire member. And you are entitled to the same baggage allowance when flying to Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, South Korea and Uruguay.

Passengers entitled to three pieces of checked baggage are those traveling in First or Business class, and their aircraft consists of three cabins, and also those who have the AAdvantage Executive Platinum card. This deductible is also granted to active military personnel traveling with their identification documents.

The US carrier entitles Executive Platinum and Oneworld Emerald members (traveling in First Class) to carry additional baggage in a three-cabin aircraft. They are allowed to check in four pieces of checked baggage.

Baggage supplements: The costs to be paid when traveling with additional baggage in the hold

Region – Number of additional bags A Bag ($) Two Bags ($) Three Bags ($) Four Bags ($)
National flight 30 40 150 200
Mexico 30 40 150 200
Haiti 0 70 150 200
Cuba 0 / 30 0 / 40 150 200
Caribbean 30 40 150 200
Panama 0 / 30 40 150 200
Central America 30 40/55 150 200
Colombia 0 / 30 55 150 200
Ecuador 0 / 30 40 150 200
Guyana 30 40 150 200
South America 0 / 45 65 150 200
Transatlantic 0 / 75 100 200 200
Transpacific 0 0 200 200


Passengers not entitled to free baggage in the hold

These are Economy Basic class travelers who fly from or to Panama, Colombia, Ecuador; they must pay a fee of $ 30 for each piece of checked baggage.

A charge of $ 45 per piece is applied to flights departing or arriving at an airport in a country in South America (except Colombia, Guyana and Ecuador).

Passengers taking American Airlines flights serviced to or from Honduras must pay an additional charge ($ 55) if they wish to carry a second piece of checked baggage.

Single digit dimensions refer to the limit on additional width, height and length.

Purchase priority baggage delivery

If you are concerned that your checked baggage will not be delivered to you on time, you can always ask your airline to provide you with a prompt delivery service. This service will ensure that your suitcases reach you in the same condition as it was shipped.

Try to plan your trip in advance and make sure everything fits as much as possible in the space given to you on the plane. This year, many airlines have started implementing new policies regarding checked baggage, especially on shorter flights where there is less room to pack. Before your trip, make a list of everything you will need to take with you, including items that are frequently lost or damaged, and the prices for those items. Also note any policies regarding lost or damaged baggage, and how often this occurs at certain airports. You might want to pack lightly to avoid paying an arm and a leg for your ticket, but it’s a good idea to pack light for the same reasons you would for taking more luggage on a long flight.

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