American Airlines: Apply VeriFly for your health passport to travel legally on international flights

American Airlines is now the first American airline to introduce a health passport for all international travel to the United States.

The airline is integrating a system to provide the results of a negative coronavirus (COVID-19 / Covid-20) test, as well as other documents required for international travel to the United States through an App.

The VeriFLY app, is a mobile health passport that helps customers understand and verify their travel requirements.
American is expanding access to application as required by US government. All passengers aged 2 and over traveling to the United States from any international location must test negative for COVID-19 within three days of departure.

About VeriFly Application

Customers can now use VeriFLY to optimize their trips from the United States to several countries, including Jamaica, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. To date, thousands of American Airlines customers have traveled using the app.

After downloading the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, customers create an account, enter their destination, and download the required documents, such as a negative COVID-19 test.

The company recommends that its customers review their travel conditions to their destination, including any passport or origin restrictions.

This type of health passport will become reality on January 23 for international passengers of American Airlines traveling to the USA: its VeriFLY application is then downloadable, bringing together in a "one-stop-shop" all the information allowing international travelers to "understand the restrictions and requirements of their destination. It will also allow the company to easily verify whether a passenger meets government requirements to board a given flight. Passengers will enter the necessary information, including a negative test result, and the app will then notify passengers if they are eligible to travel to their destination.

The Oneworld alliance company has been testing the app since November 18 for passengers traveling between Miami and airports in Montego Bay and Kingston in Jamaica. The test has since been extended to people traveling to Colombia, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. The app will be available for use when the US pre-entry test requirement comes into effect.

A digital health passport to the rescue of business travel
Could the resumption of business travel materialize with the launch of CommonPass, an electronic health passport? Created by the Commons Project foundation, the project benefits from the support of the World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation. And many find themselves dreaming of a return to a more normal world of travel.
Business travel is adrift with covid-19. And it is not the few travel bubbles that are dramatically changing the situation. While waiting for a hypothetical vaccine, several big names in the industry are therefore working on a way to revive the travel business.

There is thus a pilot digital health passport project, the CommonPass. The initiative goes to the Commons Project Foundation, a public non-profit organization based in Switzerland. This organization is supported by the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum.

CommonPass : End uncertainties related to health status

According to the Commons Project, the CommonPass is offered to air passengers who undergo a covid-19 test by a certified laboratory. After uploading their negative covid result to the app, the traveler will complete various health screening questionnaires that incorporate other information requested by countries.

If the test and the information provided comply with the rules for entering the country, the CommonPass will generate a QR code, equivalent to a travel authorization. This code can then be scanned by the airline and border migration services. Passengers without a mobile phone can also print this code.

The project has garnered the approval and support of many public and private partners around the world, including the governments of 37 countries. There is even the very finicky United States Customs and Border Protection and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American authority in charge of pandemic management.
For governments, the CommonPass is a reliable way to assess the health of travelers. It also makes it possible without difficulty to change the entry conditions according to the advancement of knowledge and research, in particular with the arrival of new tests or vaccines.

For passengers, the most significant benefit is taking the guesswork out of travel before a trip. Uncertainties regarding the various regulations in force; still uncertain about a possible quarantine on arrival in a country.
American Express Global Business Travel is one of the most recent major travel influencers to support this initiative.
Four countries and two companies are actively working on a full-scale test: the United States, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and Singapore. Selected volunteers on United Airlines London-Heathrow / New York and Cathay Pacific Hong Kong / Singapore flights will try out the new system in the coming weeks.

If the results are convincing, we can hope for a rapid entry into force of the CommonPass. The goal is to be able to start offering this application on a large scale before the end of the year, describes a spokesperson for the Commons Project.

The CommonPass is also free, which is good news for travelers. It is a non-profit company. It is therefore there to help revive the travel industry, added the spokesperson for the foundation.
The digital passport could quickly make travel “bubbles” or “corridors” obsolete. The choice of these corridors often remains incomprehensible with an often random operation. Above all, the CommonPass would finally allow the start of normalcy to a breathless tourism industry.

14 Replies to “AA VeriFly app”

  1. David Oatway

    I have wasted an hour trying to use Verifly. I am flying from Mexico to the US. There is a line at the Oaxaca Airport for Verifly. But the application will not recognize the US or Orlando as valid destinations. There is no way to contact get help.
    I have been on hold for half and hour when American Executive Platinum desk transferred me the American App support. The agent in the App support told me that they have no information about VeriFly, and are frustrated too. This is unacceptable customer service.

    • ronald l hanson

      Right on David O.
      I am trying to use the app for 1st time,
      and it starts me in London with BA.
      Uninstalled and reloaded, still no
      success. Hopeless IT.
      Ron in US

  2. Aubrey Searles

    I am trying to return to the US after testing positive in the Dominican Republic. Will an official Dr.’s note clearing me to travel be accepted?

  3. Casandra I. Jones

    I have an account but it’s trying to verify my email address for some reason. I am trying to check in to my flight that leaves tomorrow morning, 12-28-2021 but the app is not working.

  4. Jamey Schmitz

    Today is September 3, 2021. Our flight from DFW to LHR leaves on October 8, 2021. When I try to enter our flight date, the latest choice is September 30, 2021. When will I be able to enter our flight?

  5. Diane H

    I used VerFly for the first time when traveling from Pittsburgh to Heathrow. This app ONLY verfies your flight from the location in which you board for the flight to the foreign country. So, no…it did not work for Pittsburgh, I still had to show all my paperwork in Pittsburgh, BUT it worked 1-2-3 perfect in Chicago where I boarded for the flight to Heathrow. Maybe that will help. (And all my seats that I paid for, etc. were 100% perfect)

  6. Steven Larsen

    This app is GARBAGE and a complete waste of time. There are only three default airports of departure to choose from, and none of them are mine. It’s ridiculous.

  7. Tracey MOLEY

    I have downloaded this app. Added my pic, it will not allow me to enter any more info….non responsive. Beings I was told by AA airlines I bneded this, and I fly in 3 days…I am more than concerned !!

  8. Barbara Frankos

    I have not been able to check into our flight today from San Diego to Athens via Chicago.

    Because VeriFLY does not list nor accept the San Diego airport.

    I did enter and complete all Covid requirements for the trip from Chicago to Athens.

    I’ve tried to contact VeriFLY. No response. I called American Airlines, was promised a call back and never received that call back.

    Planning travel is stressful enough without trying to navigate an app that is ineffective. I am so stressed that we are not able to check into our flight. I am so stressed that we won’t be accepted on our flight. I am stressed that we won’t get the seats that I selected and paid for.
    Why won’t someone who can help me help me???

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