American Airlines Delayed Flight: What Compensation to pay to Injured travelers?

European regulations offer consumers several compensation options, from replacing the flight at the company’s expense when the inconvenience occurs, to reimbursement.

Indeed, European regulations are more favorable to aggrieved consumers in terms of travel even if they are traveling with a non-European company such as American Airlines. But often people do not take the steps to be reimbursed or compensated, no doubt discouraged by the process and the time to spend on a plane ticket or for a delay of a day or two in a suitcase of clothes.

The European court still insists on the importance of taking the step, even with minimal inconvenience. Indeed, admitting that a passenger in New York suffers a delay of up to five hours to reach Berlin, he can claim the payment of compensation of 600 euros, the amount depending on the time of arrival at destination and not the price of the plane ticket.

The number of passengers who experience long flight delays is increasing every year.
As a reminder, according to the provisions of European regulation n ° 261/2004, in the event of a flight canceled or with at least three hours of delay not justified by extraordinary circumstances, travelers can claim a fixed compensation varying according to the distance to be traveled and the length of the flight. magnitude of the delay. It amounts to € 250, € 400 or € 600.

Based on an average compensation of € 400 per injured passenger, Air Indemnité estimates at more than six billion euros the amount that companies operating flights in Europe would normally have to pay to more than sixteen million travelers. This is a long-term trend, since each year the number of people eligible for compensation for delayed or canceled flights (overbooking excluded, because it is difficult to estimate reliably) increases by around 15% each year (approximately 2 million more per year).

Surprise strike: get compensation from American Airlines

Due to a social movement that can suddenly start, the traffic of American Airlines is disrupted. If your flight is canceled, remember to claim compensation from the American company.
The company Air Indemnité, which helps travelers claim compensation following delayed or canceled flights for various reasons, defends the rights of thousands of passengers each year, recovering around ten million euros in compensation.

The Court of Justice of the European Union considers that even an illegal strike is not an exceptional event. Concrete consequence? Even in the event of a last-minute social movement, European companies will be required to compensate. On this new legal basis, which applies to all previous strikes, and within the limit of three years of limitation, Air Indemnité is ready to reopen and defend thousands of old cases.

Compensation of 250 to 600 euros

Whether your flight was outright canceled or replaced by another flight that made you arrive more than three hours late, you are eligible for compensation. For flights of less than 1,500 km, the compensation will be 250 euros; € 400 for flights of 1,500 to 3,500 km or more than 1,500 km within the European Union; and finally 600 euros beyond 3,500 km.

At Air Indemnité, we are obviously campaigning for this solution. As a first step, its legal experts help people find out whether they are eligible for compensation for free. An online service allows passengers to be informed, in real time, of their eligibility or not. Only if the client has received compensation, the startup receives on average 30% of the sums received.

Do the paperwork online? The French company offers this type of service. In fact, all you have to do is do the online procedures to help lawyers design your claim file, and get compensation.

American Airlines Plane Arriving Long Delay: How Can You Get Compensation?
You were about to go on vacation, but no luck, your flight is delayed or even canceled altogether. Do not panic, it is possible to assert your rights and get compensation.

American Airlines is obligated to inform you of your rights. When a flight is canceled, the airline is required to offer its travelers either a refund of the full price of the ticket within 7 days, or a re-routing to your initial destination under the best conditions. For long delays, you are also entitled to a meal and refreshments, hotel accommodation if the wait is overnight, for example, and transport between the airport and the hotel.

Delayed flight: what support?

If you decide to leave anyway, you can claim compensation. This compensation is calculated based on the distance traveled by your flight and the number of hours late on arrival.
For flights of less than 1,500 km, compensation is only due if the delay is at least 2 hours. This compensation amounts to € 250.

If the flight distance exceeds 1,500 km, compensation is due if the delay is at least 3 hours. The sum is then € 400.

For journeys over 3,500 km, the delay must be more than 4 hours and compensation is € 600.
If you forfeit your trip, American Airlines must inform you of your right to a full refund within one week of the date you filed your refund request.

The AI service was launched with the aim of helping air passengers who are victims of overbooking, delayed flights or canceled planes to simply obtain the compensation they are owed in accordance with European legislation and case law. Registration is completely free and allows you to quickly check whether your file is admissible or not. If admissible, you will receive your compensation, deducting commission for organizational costs, no later than 30 days after the receipt of funds from the airline.

How do I get compensation for flight delays?

When you are late and cannot travel for whatever reason it is very disappointing and disheartening. Many people have actually experienced a prolonged delay due to errors in their airline’s internal flight planning or computer errors. There are several ways to get compensation for this. Some are described below.

Travel refunds are often possible and made on time when your American Airlines airline needs to cancel or delay your flight for a number of reasons, such as weather, safety concerns, or mechanical failure. However, with regard to obtaining compensation, you file your claim for compensation for flight delay, you can file a claim from one day to five years from the date of your delay or cancellation. Usually, getting compensation depends on where you started.

How to get compensation for a flight delay? Another way to file a compensation request is to make a new reservation. If you have already used your vacation time, or if your airline has not offered you compensation as stipulated in Regulation 261 / 2004CE, you may be able to file compensation for delay or cancellation. The change of reservation is to request that your ticket allows you to take another flight. This is also useful in cases where you are going to be late for your return flight and your original departure time is still correct.

What is flight delay compensation? In general, there are three main types of delay compensation. One is the actual compensation. This is the most common and will provide money for the cost of the plane, layover time, and any services or amenities provided. This will only apply if you were entitled to receive compensation for delay or cancellation.

The second type of flight delay compensation is minimum waiting time compensation. This will pay for the at least 3 hours you would spend waiting on a flight, taking off to change your luggage, or sitting in seats that are already vacant. This is often the cheapest option. You can get up to a maximum of 600 euros for a wait of more than three hours without a valid reason. There are many circumstances in which this amount may apply, for example if you are traveling from a different state, or if you change your plans and need to travel to the same destination, or if you are delayed for at least three hours.

The final type of compensation for delay or cancellation is missed connection compensation. If you are a passenger who has been denied boarding at the airport due to a lost or delayed connection, you may be entitled to compensation for loss or inconvenience. A complaint form is required when filing this case (complete it online). You must be able to prove that the loss occurred due to a connection failure, by reporting the incident within twenty-four hours of the loss or by providing evidence that the delay caused you to miss your connection. For each year that EU law applies to US airlines, the compensation can increase by an additional twenty-five percent, making it a good investment. Your best chance of getting paid is to follow directions and always contact your lawyer if things start to look risky.

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