Duty Free: A wide range of products at airports and on American Airlines aircraft

Duty Free Americas is the leading duty free retailer in the Western Hemisphere. DFA offers a wide selection of perfumes, stylish clothing and casual watches, gifts, jewelry and travel items from the highest quality brands, as well as items that are generally subject to significant duties and taxes.

Duty Free Americas reaches millions of travelers every day with its vast assortment of products. Throughout its history, this brand has been committed to offering a wide variety of retail formats to meet the personal needs and tastes of vacationers and business travelers.

This company is made up of several operational divisions. These divisions include: corporate, airports, northern border, southern border and distribution centers. This organizational structure allows it to focus its resources on the unique opportunities and requirements of each market. It also allows it to maintain market-specific identities and quickly take advantage of every opportunity for expansion as it occurs. Each division has a distinct and distinct mission to make a significant contribution to the overall success of Duty Free America.

Duty-free shopping offers international travelers the opportunity to save money on a variety of products, from alluring high-end jewelry to premium liquor and tobacco. However, many travelers don’t know how duty-free shopping works or how to get the most out of the experience.

Let’s start with a simple explanation: A duty refers to a tax or charge imposed on goods by government entities. Traders who import goods and sell them to consumers who leave their country are not subject to a duty on these products. This allows sellers to pass the savings on to their customers, giving them the opportunity to acquire fantastic products at great prices.

Travelers can find duty-free shopping and products at international airports, border towns, ports, cruise ships and even on international flights basically in all places that welcome international travelers.

What is duty-free shopping?

Duty-free and duty-free purchases are available for customers traveling abroad, that is, leaving the United States for foreign destinations.

If you are traveling internationally with American Airlines, you can purchase tax-free items without paying sales tax (called value-added tax or VAT in many countries) or duties imposed by the United States. United, on many other products. The savings from Duty Free Shopping can be significant.

Duty-free savings compared to domestic US prices (savings may be greater compared to domestic prices in most other countries):

Perfumes and cosmetics 15% to 20%
Luxury gifts, accessories, watches 10% to 25%
Confection and other edibles 10% to 25%


To be eligible for duty-free purchases, you must:

– Leave the United States (generally for more than 48 hours);

– Take the items with you to another country (as required by US law, you will receive your items when you leave the country, board the plane or cross the border);

– Most countries have restrictions on the amount of duty free goods you can bring.

Duty Free Shop Locations

To search for a specific store, you can either click on the state or enter the city and / or state in the search field, then click on the location of the store you are interested in.

Duty Free Americas, Inc. operates stores in the Southern Frontier Division under the UETA name. The northern border division was formerly known as Ammex Tax and Duty Free.

Where can you learn more about a country’s franchise policies?

A good place to start is to contact the country’s customs or border patrol agency. You can also try calling duty-free shops, airlines or travel agents located in the country.

How Much Goods Can You Bring to the United States?

In most cases, there is a monthly limit of $ 800. Typically, family members living in the same house and traveling together can bring a total of $ 1,600 in duty-free goods into the country each month.

How long do you have to leave the country to shop tax free?

This restriction also varies by country. In the United States, you generally have to leave the country for a period of at least 48 hours.

Why are there tax-free products?

Most governments give traders a reduced tax or “duty” on items that will not be consumed or used in the country. Merchants then pass these savings on to customers in the form of duty-free purchases.

What can you buy in duty free shops?

Duty-free shops around the world carry a range of spectacular products including jewelry, luggage, handbags, watches, chocolates, candy, electronics and children’s goods. You can even find great deals on designer brands like Givenchy, Seagrams, YSL, Nestlé, and Hugo Boss, among dozens more.

By shopping tax free, how much can you save?

The savings you will get from your duty-free purchases depend on the product and the country, but they can be up to 50% off the retail price. Bigger items, such as luxury jewelry, generate the largest total dollar savings.

Find Duty Free Items?

Look for duty free shops in places where there are a lot of international travelers, such as airports, border crossings, ports, and cruise ships. Some airlines even sell tax-free products on board international flights.

Are the duty free products defective or in imperfect condition. Duty-free merchandise is of the same quality as products found in regular retail stores. The only difference is the huge price savings.

Contact Duty Free customer service

By phone: 888.388.9373

Postal Address: DFASS / Retail Travel 555 NE 185th Street Suite 101 Miami, FL 33179

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