The Citi Aadvantage Silver Card: Give yourself access to unlimited privileges

One of the most missed perks of this credit card is precisely the one mentioned above, the 3000 EQD (Elite Dollars) bonus that helped re-qualify for a higher elite category. Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Red and its Silver version offered their customers to earn this elite amount every calendar year in which they spent at least $ 25,000 per year.

The new revamped Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard offer brings 60,000 welcome miles to American Airlines. But beyond the number of miles offered, the card makes some significant changes, especially for those who took advantage of the $ 3,000 elite bonus by spending $ 25,000 per year.

This was one of the preferred benefits for travelers as it reduced the number of flights required for annual payments to requalify in the elite category with American. For the lowest category only 3000 EQD are needed, continuing with Platinum which requires 6000, Platinum Pro 9000 and previously it was 12000 for Executive Platinum, but now it is 15000. This advantage has completely disappeared except for the business version.

On the other hand, the card brings interesting advantages in its new offer.

Earn 60,000 Welcome AAdvantage Miles

Barclays has one of the easiest welcome bonuses to find on the market. The red AAdvantage Aviator card promises to give us that many miles right after our first purchase and payment of the $ 99 annual subscription. Yes, one purchase and the annuity and voila.

Since this card is available in the United States and Puerto Rico, using AAdvantage miles makes sense due to its wide availability worldwide, of course adding to the possibility of earning through a long list of business partners.

The sixty thousand miles can be easily earned by simply paying taxes and fees from anywhere in the United States. You can also travel in the Business cabin for a one-way trip to Europe or even for fifty thousand miles, you will have multiple options to cross the Atlantic and join the old world in an economy cabin.

In the United States, sixty thousand AAdvantage miles like those offered by Barclays Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard are equivalent to almost five domestic flights, but can be extended up to eight for some destinations with reduced mileage redemption. Usually the domestic cost of each flight is twelve miles and five hundred miles.

The Barclays Aviator Red card gives access to new advantages

This card now offers a $ 25 rebate on obtaining WI-FI on board American Airlines, a benefit that will begin to diminish as free Wi-Fi becomes available on all flights in addition to an accompanying certificate, for $ 99 + welcome tax, but keep something in mind, depending on what browser you are using, what link you find and where you receive the offer, this welcome perk may not be listed. In the worst case, speak to someone at the airport or American Airlines as it is often presented as unique, but it is not.

Enjoy a multitude of benefits by acquiring the Aviator Aadvantage Silver card

By obtaining this card, you get price protection for up to 60 days, you can purchase insurance for up to 90 days and get satisfaction guaranteed insurance (return protection) for up to 60 days. You also have the option of requesting a delayed baggage claim, obtaining rental car insurance, and getting a refund for hotel theft. You benefit from luggage protection insurance, and travel cancellation insurance.

Is this card for you?

The sixty miles can be easily justified in exchange for the annual cost of $ 95 because you can get several thousand dollars worth of flights in exchange for the annuity alone. When it comes to travel within the country, if you don’t have an Elite category and travel to the United States, you will avoid paying for baggage and approach the benefits of the card relatively early.

Mileage accumulation is standard, and here it does not match the renewed Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard.

What you can do after you have this card for over 90 days. There is no additional signup bonus, but you can get $ 100 credit to cover the cost of Global Entry, which is kind of a cool mini bonus.
Holders of this card earn ongoing rewards at the following rates: 3 miles per dollar spent on American Airlines, 2 miles per dollar spent on hotels and car rentals, and 1 mile on all other purchases. These fees are better, but the annual fees are much higher. And, again, you cannot apply for this card directly.

Each year, you maintain this status if you spend $ 20,000 or more, you will get a Good Travel Companion Certificate at a cost of $ 99 plus taxes and fees.

If you have this card, it allows you to have two companion certificates for $ 99 each (taxes and fees not included).

The accompanying certificate is valid for an eligible return ticket in domestic economy class and you will have one year to use it. The taxes and fees that you will pay, in addition to the required $ 99, vary from $ 21.60 to $ 43.20, depending on the terms of the card. You must go through the services of American Airlines to avail the benefit. Other restrictions apply.

You can save on baggage fees and on-board purchases

Even if you don’t earn or use the Companion Certificate, you and other passengers on the same booking can save on travel costs.

Elite Mastercard holders can get one free checked baggage on AA domestic flights, along with up to four companions. This will save everyone $ 60 per round trip. You’ll also get preferred boarding for yourself and up to four companions, which is a great way to feel more stylish even when traveling by bus.

If you have this status, you can provide up to eight of the closest and most expensive with free checked baggage and priority boarding, virtually guaranteeing that you’ll be the one to cover the cost of flights to the next destination bachelorette party. . At least you can keep the extra miles if someone forgets to refund you.

There are also discounts once you get on board. With the AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard, you’ll earn up to $ 25 in cash back in the form of statement credits on in-flight Wi-Fi purchases each anniversary year. We double this credit to $ 50.

And if a cocktail makes it more enjoyable to check e-mail from work on your return trip, you can get 25% off food and drink purchases on board with this card (you will receive your savings in the form of credit on your statement). This status goes even further with a statement credit of up to $ 25 per day for onboard purchases.

Convert your pocket change into miles? It’s possible

The optional Flight Cents program allows you to round purchases to the nearest dollar and use that extra money to purchase AAdvantage miles. You set a limit of $ 1 to $ 500 (or opt out by keeping your limit set at $ 0), and additional currency for all purchases up to that limit will be reserved until the day before your cycle ends. billing. With what you’ve saved, you’ll buy miles at the rate of 0.5 AAdvantage miles per cent. In other words, it’s a cost of 2 cents per mile.

Is this price per mile a good deal? The answer is a resounding “maybe” because you can buy miles at a lower rate during promotional periods, and the discount you get varies depending on how many miles you purchase. Either way, buying miles from a frequent flyer program (rather than earning them by taking flights or using a credit card) is usually not the smartest strategy, as the cash price per mile is often much greater than the value. you get when you redeem the miles.

Uptonic Values American Miles at 1 cent each. This is a benchmark value, taken from real-world data on hundreds of economical routes, not a maximized value. In other words, you should aim for rewards redemptions that offer 1 cent or more in the value of your US miles.

Link your card with another American Airlines credit card to earn more

American Airlines is unique in that it offers co-branded credit cards from two different issuers: Barclays and Citi. This means that you can have multiple cards that contribute directly to your AAdvantage account. And because the AAdvantage Red World Elite Mastercard gives you its big sign up bonus after just one purchase, you don’t have to worry about meeting two spending minimums at the same time.

Pair this card with, for example, the Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard and earn even more miles, thanks to its equally generous signup bonus, but also thanks to its richer everyday spending rewards.

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