A rich entertainment program available to American Airlines passengers

When it comes to in-flight entertainment, you'll find more choices than ever on your next flight. Sit back, relax and let us entertain you. Catch up on a favorite TV show, finally watch the movie your friends have been talking about or play a video game.

Movies, TV and more, entertainment programs available at every seat

On each of our new and refurbished aircraft, you'll have access to the latest personal entertainment on board. You can choose from different entertainment options on the screen of the folder in front of you: Up to 250 movies, up to 180 TV programs, 18 American Airlines radio channels, up to 20 games. These entertainment options will be available door to door. Once you've got your seat, you can start enjoying your selection. The company offers this entertainment free of charge on all international flights as well as in all first class and business class cabins. The master cabin offers a choice of free or special entertainment packages for purchase.

The innovative Samsung Galaxy TabTM, featuring a 10.1 inch display, enables a personalized viewing experience. First and Business Class passengers will enjoy this convenience on select international and transcontinental flights where onboard entertainment is not available. You can expect a variety of entertainment options including: new movie releases and classics, blockbuster shows and games, best-selling book clips.

Bring your own equipment

Browse the American Airlines library, in mid-flight, and have access to movies and TV shows that can be streamed to your Wi-Fi enabled device. And, if you don't finish your movie or TV show while in flight, you can continue to watch the rest of your show for up to 24 hours after you land.

Current devices that will stream these entertainment options include: Laptops, iPad, Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, or any tablet that runs iOS or Android OS 3.2 and above

American Airlines is transforming its fleet by purchasing hundreds of new planes and updating existing planes to help you travel comfortably. Expect new seats, more legroom, more power in flight, and larger overhead lockers to make it easier to store your carry-on luggage.

First class amenity kits

They are packed with items for your health and comfort, ensuring you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. They double as a tablet case and are filled with rejuvenating skincare products, and the business class kits contain refreshing cosmetics and more.

Night turndown service

This service is intended for first class customers. Relax with quilted mattress toppers, light day blanket, premium duvet, pajamas, slippers and pillow. Business class travelers heading to an international destination aboard its planes can dress up with a premium duvet and pillow to monitor their flight as well.

Fully flat seats

American Airlines introduces a new level of comfort with Business Class seats lying fully flat, providing aisle access from every Premium Class seat.

A flagship suite

Are you traveling in First or Business Class? Enjoy all the features of the Flagship Suite lounge. Use privacy dividers, power ports, and tray tables to create your own workspace and stay productive in the air. When you're done working, your seat converts into a six-foot, six-inch bed with fold-down armrests to give you even more room to lie down and sleep.

An additional main cabin
Looking for an affordable way to enhance your master cabin travel? Now on almost all of the American company's aircraft, Main Cabin Extra offers up to six inches of extra legroom and early boarding so you have plenty of time to stow your luggage. A little extra makes all the difference.

American Airlines streams Apple TV + for free on its planes

There aren't many people on planes, but those who fly American Airlines routes can now watch the handful of content from Apple TV +.

The airline has signed an agreement with Apple to distribute its content during the flight. Apple TV + subscribers are not the first targets since they can download series locally on their device before boarding.

On the other hand, for the others, it is enough to use the app of the airline company or the screens integrated in the armchairs. Access to Apple TV + programming is completely free and you can find almost everything.

Entertainment on American Airlines flights to transform your trip into a truly relaxing one

Airplane entertainment is designed for long distance travel. It should provide passengers with a form of diversion during long flight hours. Entertainment is almost always available on American Airlines aircraft regardless of route or length of flight. Entertainment on long-haul flights is especially important for passengers who have families with young children. Many airlines offer individual screens giving access to films, programs, cartoons, etc.

This offer generally refers to the general entertainment available to all passengers during their air travel. In the early years, the average airplane contained only a kitchen, and today on most airlines there are a variety of seats, including main seats, secondary seats, business seats, and a seat behind the flight attendant. There are also several types of entertainment for passengers. Some planes offer an in-flight television, others have a DVD player. On some carriers, passengers can even purchase their own small video game console.

Entertainment options for long-haul flights include in-flight television, movies, access to Internet service providers, and game consoles. This type of entertainment is available for the duration of the flight, or for as little as three hours.

American Airlines is one of the largest airlines serving the United States and to hundreds of destinations on four continents.

The American company offers the best collection of films in the world and up to 1,200 free channels on demand. Its objective is to satisfy a real customer need by opening up to passengers the luxury of cinema on board and, in doing so, by extending the entertainment after their flight, by allowing them to experience the best of cinema on board. To make its cinematic experience more exhilarating, the service also offers a wide range of snacks.

The American airline offers an innovative type of in-flight entertainment through its Business Class lounge. The lounge offers greater comfort to accommodate a greater number of passengers. This is where passengers can relax, while watching a movie. In addition to this, there are separate areas for other leisure activities. In this new business class lounge, passengers can even store their personal belongings.

The entertainment areas for business class passengers are very well designed. To make sure you have a good seat for watching your favorite movies and TV shows, with an extra seat back that can be easily detached. This cuff can then be attached to the seat, keeping you comfortable in your favorite seat. You can even buy a small carry-on bag and place it on the back of the seat. The bag can be used as a shoe bag.

On American Airlines flights, meals are served to passengers provided they have paid the cost of an additional meal. You can have your choice of full meals or snacks served on the flight.

During takeoff and landing, all passengers must drink in the designated area provided by American Airlines. The drink will be placed in a special cup. All meals should be served in separate seats for this reason.

On board an AA operated flight, you can take advantage of the premium entertainment offerings available. Whatever your taste, you can find something pleasing to watch on the journey. There are two large lounges located in the front part of the aircraft. You will be seated right next to the cockpit in an airplane seat and enjoy an incredible view from that seat. The seats themselves are comfortable and provide excellent leg support.

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