Buy American Airlines Gift Cards Online

An American Airlines Gift Card is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel, including yourself, you can buy a physical card and have it mailed, or a virtual card sent by email with your personal message.

Check your gift card balance

Your PIN protects your gift card. If you received a plastic gift card, be sure to scratch the four-digit PIN on the back of the card. Above, enter the card number and PIN code exactly as they appear on the back of the gift card. Identify yourself to your customer account using your gift card number, followed by the PIN code.

Using American Airlines Gift Cards

You quickly learn how to use the benefits of American Airlines Gift Cards because they are so easy to use.

Once issued, you will notice that there is a gray film covering the four-digit PIN (located on the back of the card), this must be duly scratched to avoid any risk of erasing it.

Otherwise, if you have ordered a virtual card, it will be sent to you by email containing your PIN code which can be retrieved with a single click. And you can start using it to buy gift cards, for that you just have to enter it in its required box during the purchase operation.

Other solutions to buy American Airlines gift cards

You can also purchase American Airlines Gift Cards by joining its Customer Relations Department which is operational Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The American company provides its customers with a gift card sales service in all Admirals Club lounges, and travel agencies and centers belonging to the national airline of the United States.
The American airline’s customers can now purchase the perfect gift – the American Airlines Gift Card that will allow their family, friends and loved ones to plan a well-deserved trip.

American Airlines records record sales of gift cards every year. They are now on sale on the site, allowing customers to give their loved ones a gift card to travel to more than five hundred destinations.

These cards, can be personalized with the message of your choice, and are also an ideal choice for companies looking for a way to spoil their employees to celebrate a special event, all delivered right to your inbox.

The cards are personal, valid for one year and not transferable. They can be used to benefit from additional services such as an à la carte menu or additional luggage. Offered on the website of the American company, they are printable or sent by e-mail to the recipient and are credited with an amount chosen by the buyer.

Can a gift card buy a plane ticket?

Have you heard of this kind of gift card but didn’t really know what it is? The Airplane Ticket Gift Card is a prepaid voucher to be used for booking a flight. The beneficiary therefore chooses the time of booking their flight. The latter can freely adjust the destination, the number of passengers, the dates and times of the trip. It’s a bit like other gift cards, for example for clothes. We choose the clothes that we buy with a predefined amount upstream.

Giving a gift card for a plane ticket allows you to prepay an amount decided by the instigator of the gift. Then, the recipient of the card chooses his destination according to his availability. This solution guarantees that the gift will be successful. Does your loved one like travel? Does he / she need to leave to get away from the everyday? For a birthday, a wedding? To forget a difficult confinement having imposed a deleterious living climate? Now is the time: giving a plane ticket with a gift card will make your loved ones feel good.

The gift card for a plane ticket gives access to a wide choice of several hundred airlines. It can also be used several times: you can buy several plane tickets with the same gift card.

The operation of the gift card is simple: for the buyer, the only difficulty lies in setting an amount. Is your loved one dreaming of going to Mexico, Turkey or Spain? A flight to the chosen destination exceeds your budget? Fortunately, the American Airlines website lists the types of trips that can be made according to the price ranges. A paella in Barcelona for $ 60, the Istanbul souk for $ 120, the skyscrapers of New York, etc. This gives a good estimate of accessible destinations according to such or such amount.

The operation of the gift card is in all respects similar to any other gift certificate. The beneficiary flies with the company of their choice. He chooses his own destination, and that when he knows his vacation dates. The other advantage is that you can offer a gift card for multiple plane tickets.

How to give a plane ticket as a gift?

If you are the buyer of the gift card, the principle is simple: it is a plane ticket comparator, Ulysse Travel, which delivers the precious sesame to you online. You choose the delivery method, to print, to send by e-mail or by post. We would recommend the print-at-home card option. It’s less paperless than an email, and it’s fast.

You then determine the amount of the gift card, from $ 30 to $ 6,000. To personalize your gift, write a short note to the recipient of the gift, and fill in the sending details on the Ulysse website. Following your transaction, you will receive a confirmation email.

So why go through American Airlines to offer a gift card for a plane ticket? The answer is simple: because the American company offers an easy tool, which allows everyone to be satisfied. The transaction is simple and you are sure to please. In addition, the gift card gives access to several hundred destinations operated by American Airlines around the world.

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