American Airlines Cargo Service: How to Transport and Ship Your Pet by Air?

American Airlines Cargo (AAC Cargo) leads the list of worldwide cargo carriers at New York s JFK International Airport by tonnage, as well as in Los Angeles, California. This impressive growth is largely attributed to growth at JFK and has been a part of a continuing commitment to New York, a market the company has proudly served for over 80 years. American Airlines Cargo continues to grow each year with new destinations and more efficient ways to offer customers new options. The cargo airlines have also made great strides in customer service and safety over the years, particularly in regards to their fleet safety record. With these efforts, American Airlines Cargo is now considered one of the most well run airlines in the world. Make an online reservation for shipping your pet with American Airlines Cargo.

Pet travel is a growing segment of the airline industry, and American Airlines Cargo is an important player. In fact, all of the airline companies are now offering pet transportation services, with many even providing special plans and packages specifically tailored for this type of travel. In addition to handling freight shipments, American Airlines Cargo also partners with other carriers to offer convenient ways to transport your pets between airports.

Some of the airline companies that offer pet transportation services to and from the airports include American Airline with their partnership with Pet Mate. With the assistance of this partnership, air travelers are able to request information regarding special considerations for military members or their pet companions when flying. The application can also be used to request alternative modes of transportation if you’re traveling with pets. Furthermore, military members can utilize the special military discount code for pet travel available through American Airlines Cargo. The code is good for a certain number of trips.

American Airlines Cargo partners with other airlines to provide customers additional benefits

The pet carrier for dogs and cats can be checked as carry-on luggage, which is convenient for frequent travelers. However, the pet carrier for smaller pets will only be accepted as carry-on luggage. This restriction is in place in order to prevent the pet from escaping when it’s placed in the cargo area. For long haired or large sized pets, it’s encouraged that they be checked as passengers.

There are several ways that American Airlines Cargo accommodates pets travelling by air. Several flights allow pets to stay overnight, sometimes up to twelve hours. There are also non-stop flights that allow pets to ride along next to the passengers and be viewed on a monitor as they are being transported. For long distance flights, you can use your credit card to pay for the cost of the flight and then pay the balance in cash when you reach your destination. The limit on cash payments is usually five percent of the total amount of fare that you paid for the entire trip. For any other information regarding shipping your pet on an American Airlines aircraft, please direct your request to

Phone number: 1-800-227-4622 (72 hours before travel)

For frequent fliers, American Airlines Cargo has a special flight called “riolets” that offers great flexibility. If you fly out of Houston Love Field, you can take advantage of the special service and fly back to Boston. In this case, you are not required to put your pet on hold at the Houston airport. You can drive to Boston and then board the plane using the regular flight. You can also fly into Los Angeles and drive to Santa Barbara. Your pets can stay in the baggage compartment with you and then fly out to any destination that you desire.

American Airlines Cargo has some of the most accommodating cargo facilities for your pets. The aircraft allows for individual placement according to the size and breed of your pet. The large animals such as dogs and cats can be placed shoulder to shoulder in the cargo area, while smaller pets such as rabbits can be placed belly to belly on seats evenly spaced throughout the aircraft. No matter where you fly, your pet can be comforted in an area that is equipped for their size and breed. As long as they are kept clean and taken care of, you can rest easy knowing that they will be traveling safely between flights.

American Airlines Cargo does not place restrictions on the number of pets that you can take with you on a flight. However, there are some restrictions on the types of carriers you can use. If you are flying with large dogs or extremely tiny cats, it may be best to take them in the baggage compartment with you. This will ensure that they will be taken care of during the entire trip as well as ensure your overall well-being.

American Airlines Cargo has further expanded its animal policy

They now allow you to bring dogs, cats, ferrets, horses and exotic animals on board for a small fee. These types of animals are called petals. If your pet is part of the extended Sainte-Croix, Saint-Thomas or Saint-Martin categories, you will have to pay an additional st. Cross entry fee for each animal.

There are several reasons why American Airlines Cargo does not allow pets on airline passengers. Airlines must check-in your pet on an animal hold carrier or in the hold with your seat belt on. If you are checking in a pet, you will need a signed contract stating that you have the proper papers to take the pet with you on the flight. The airline will also need a copy of your pet’s original passport. I highly recommend that you get a copy of your pet’s original passport just to make sure.

The main reason American Airlines does not allow pets on its planes is for safety. Many travelers are unaware that pets may be prohibited entirely on some flights or only allowed in certain areas of the airport. American Airlines Cargo only allows you to bring one animal with you. Once you have a list of airports that have this restriction in place, you can call the American Airlines Cargo website and see if your pet will be allowed on the flight you plan to take.

American Airlines Cargo’s policy regarding pets flying on their flights also states that they do not allow pets to board their aircraft unless you have checked them in with your baggage. If you choose to check in your pets, you must also prepay the cost of the trip via a charge on your bill. American Airlines Cargo does not travel with pets in passenger cabins. If you wish to travel with your pet, you will need to book your trip through American Airlines Cargo.

The only condition that American Airlines Cargo allows in its cabin is that your pet cannot be tied up or gagged. They also do not allow animals to be held in the hold longer than they should. If you have a small pet with you, be sure to check with your airline in advance to find out what type of cabin your pet will be accepted in. You will find this information useful if you need to travel with your pet again.

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