Flying American Airlines with a newborn or child

Your baby is only a few months old, but you are about to take an airplane trip. From what age can you fly with a baby? Under what conditions and how much does it cost?

At what age can a baby fly?
You can travel by plane with a newborn from two days old with American Airlines. Sometimes it’s even better than a long drive. But if your baby was born prematurely, it is better to seek the advice of the paediatrician, and if you are not really forced to make this trip, rather wait until the child has received his first vaccines.

How can you be sure that your baby is traveling in good conditions?
It is better to do it well in advance. Know that you will board with your children first. When making your reservation, make it clear that you are traveling with a baby. If you have reserved a seat for your baby under 2 years of age or older, you can insert your own car seat in it to make it comfortable during the trip. This, provided that it is approved and that its dimensions do not exceed 42 cm (width) and 57 cm (length). Some companies offer parents of infants more comfortable places, a hammock or even a bed (up to 11 kg) on long haul. Check with the company you are traveling with. When checking in, remember that you are accompanied by a toddler.

At the airport, also report that you have a stroller: some companies require you to put it in the hold, some let you use it until you enter the plane, or even consider it as hand luggage. Here again, it is better to check with the company beforehand to avoid unpleasant last minute surprises.

Plane: which stroller and luggage are allowed for Baby?
American Airlines allows children under two years of age traveling on your lap to have carry-on baggage. In any case, checked baggage is not allowed if the baby does not have its own seat. It is not allowed to carry a stroller or a car seat free of charge in the hold unless he has his own plane ticket.
It should be noted that American Airlines allows the carriage of cribs free of charge for babies under 19 Ibs.

Baby on a plane: does the duration of the flight matter?
Prefer short flights, it’s easier to manage. However, if you must travel on a medium or long haul, take an overnight flight. Your baby will be able to sleep 4-5 hours at a stretch. Either way, bring some toys that will help pass the time.

Bottle, milk, baby food jars: do you need to bring something to feed your baby on the plane?
Your child’s milk, baby food and change kits are accepted when going through security gates and boarding the plane. Other liquids, if they are more than 100 ml, must be placed in the hold. Also, the company can certainly provide you with small jars. Anticipate and educate yourself. Plan “extra” meals to deal with any delays on the plane, and don’t forget to bring a pacifier or a small bottle of water to reduce pressure variations during take-off and on landing. You can bring medicines for your baby that is necessary for his health.

Plane: Isn’t baby likely to have earache?
On takeoff and landing, the change in altitude causes decompression in the eardrums. The problem is, your baby can’t decompress. The only way to prevent him from suffering is sucking. So give him the bottle, breast or pacifier as often as possible. If your child has had or still has a cold, do not hesitate to have his eardrums checked by your doctor. And clean his nose a few minutes before landing and taking off.

Is the American Airlines plane ticket for my baby free?
As a general rule, children under the age of 2 benefit from a reduction ranging from 10 to 30% of the adult price. In some cases, American Airlines does not charge infants for their seats, apart from mandatory airport taxes. One condition, however: that he travels on your lap and that you have declared his presence there when booking your tickets. The child will then be on your knees, attached with a suitable belt. Another possibility is to install a car seat in a place, but in this case, parents will have to pay the price of a normal place for a child.

If your baby turns 2 during your stay, American Airlines invites you to reserve their own seat on board for the return trip only and others for both trips. Finally, an adult is allowed to accompany a maximum of two infants, one of whom may be on his lap and the other must occupy an individual seat at the child rate.

For passengers wishing to carry their children on their knees, they must first contact the customer service of the American company in advance (48 hours) to add them to their reservations.

On an airplane, doesn’t the baby risk being cold with the air conditioning?
Yes, the air conditioning is always on an airplane, so it is best to take a small blanket and a cap to cover it as your baby is more sensitive to the effects of air conditioning in airports and on board.

What papers to take a plane with a baby?
Your child must have their own identity card to travel outside the United States. To go to other countries, you must carry a passport in his name but you must do so well in advance because there is a period of one and a half months.

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    I would like to know how traveling with an infant is? I also selected my seats but when I completed the transaction it said the seats were available. I would really like me, my husband and daughter in the same row so we can help her get comfortable for the flight. Also what documentation do I need to provide for her to fly?

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