Traveling in a group with American Airlines: Get a quote online

American Airlines Group & Meeting Travel offers special rates for ten or more passengers traveling to a common destination. Its group travel packages include group incentive trips, corporate meetings and leisure groups.

Booking plane tickets for group travel

American Airlines is an airline renowned for the quality of its services and its aircraft. Enjoy the comfort in its new machines and the various entertainment available on board. Are you planning to go on vacation with your family or friends? Do not hesitate to choose it for its special rates dedicated to the group traveling together to the same destination. Using the website, it is possible to purchase American Airlines airline tickets over the phone by contacting your travel advisors.

How to book plane tickets for a group?

For your business trips to various destinations, the American company offers you an unrivaled business class experience. You can continue to work on board with the equipment installed especially for you. With the national airline, you can travel peacefully with your work colleagues. You will be on time and arrived at the same time. Dial the customer service number so that their account managers can book a flight by phone on your behalf.

Buy plane tickets over the phone for a group?
Want to motivate your team by offering them a trip to one of the destinations served by American Airlines? Contact the travel advisers of the United States company, they will allow you to book plane tickets over the phone. You will no longer have to travel, the agents are at your service every day from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
How do I book an American Airlines flight for a group?
Whether you are traveling with American Airlines or other Oneworld members in large numbers to a common destination, you can obtain the Special Group Travel Fee and Service.
American Airlines Phone Number: Group Flight Booking

Want to contact American Airlines by phone to learn more about its services? Travel counsellors are always available to answer your questions from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. If you plan to travel in a group, you can call them for an American Airlines airline ticket reservation by phone.

Contact American Airlines to learn more about group fares and to determine if group and meeting travel is right for you.

Each member of the traveling group can earn miles

Make American Airlines AAdvantage Miles Work For Your Business Miles are a great way to reward your customers, donors or employees. One of the most powerful motivators is the promise to actually travel. One of the easiest ways to use travel as an incentive is to reward your customers with miles.

Businesses based outside of the United States should contact the local American Airlines sales office to inquire about the various travel options and services offered by the national airline.
Group size

At least 10 passengers traveling together at a similar rate are required. Sometimes it is difficult to book a group of more than 100 passengers on a single plane. We will then offer several additional scheduled flights or specially charter a jumbo jet for your group through our commercial aviation department.

Organize a long-term group trip?

If your request is specific, American Airlines will be able to position your group on the day the company opens sales and benefit from a better rate.

All your group requests are different and tailor-made, which is why each proposal corresponds to a unique offer.
Choosing American Airlines' services for group travel means that you benefit from a flight that meets your needs at the best price, maximum optimization of your flight time, a contact person available 24/24 7/7, a representative at the departure of the flight and guaranteed discretion.

With the price of airline tickets steadily increasing, more and more people are interested in purchasing airline tickets for group travel. However, not everyone knows how to book cheap airline tickets for this type of trip. Tickets can be booked at discounted rates when purchased in bulk. In addition, purchasing a plane ticket in a large group may also offer you discounts on the total price of your ticket. How to book discount plane tickets for a group is very important. The tips below will help you get discounted rates on your group plane ticket.

If you belong to a large group, it is advisable to book flights together. If you don't book group flights, you certainly won't get the discount. To get cheap plane tickets, you need to make sure that everyone in your party is traveling on the same plane. Booking flights together also ensures that you are traveling on the same day.
You should do your research on the number of passengers who will be traveling to your destination. If you are traveling as a family, you can book flights together for a lower cost. However, if you are traveling with friends or colleagues, only five people should travel together. When traveling in a group, the cost will obviously be lower than it would be for each person traveling alone.

Before purchasing airline tickets for a group trip, you should have a rough estimate of the number of people who will be traveling with you. This will help you find the right amount of discount you need to claim. It is also important for you to book your tickets with a reliable travel agent, who has experience with large groups. The agent will be able to offer you information on obtaining group plane tickets, which will save you money. The Internet is a useful tool when searching for group plane tickets; you should use it to check the websites of different airlines and compare the prices of each ticket offered by them.

It's always a good idea to plan your trip in advance, as the prices for flights for a large group tend to be lower than the prices for a single flight. You can book flights for groups online or through a travel agent, and you need to compare the prices they offer. If you are planning to travel to New York with a large group of people, you should book your tickets in advance as ticket prices can increase quickly.

The best way to enjoy all the benefits of group travel is to book your plane tickets for cheap flights at the right time. If you are planning to travel during peak season or on certain days, there are some great offers available for you.

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