What is American Airlines Mileage Multiplier?

This service helps AAdvantage members increase their mileage balance quickly by offering them the option to purchase additional miles. However, be aware that the miles purchased do not allow you to achieve Elite status.

Where and when is this service offered?

It is in fact offered to all members subscribed to the Aadvantage rewards program with an eligible flight. To multiply your miles, you must select and add the service when checking in for their flight on aa.com and visit the My Reservation page, or use self-service check-in kiosks (at exception of Argentina, Venezuela and Ecuador) together with an eligible flight. An eligible flight includes travel within the next 24 hours on American Airlines or American Eagle. Note: For the Miles Multiplier to be offered to you, your AAdvantage number must be included in your reservation at the time of your transaction.

Do bonus miles purchased count toward elite status?

Although in addition to your total available award miles balance, bonus miles do not count towards elite status or AAdvantage Million Miler status.

How soon will the bonus miles be credited to your account?

Miles will be credited to your account within 48 hours of purchase. In most cases, Mileage Multiplier miles will be credited to your AAdvantage account prior to your arrival at your destination.

How will the bonus miles appear in your account?

Bonus miles will appear separately from your flight on your summary statement with the description “Miles Multiplier”. You can view your balance at aa.com.

If you have not purchased these miles when registering, you can still participate in this offer. Before your flight departs, go to aa.com and review your reservation or go to the self-service airport check-in kiosk and select either reprint boarding pass or ‘Baggage check-in option. You will then be presented with the Mileage Multiplier offer.

The Mileage Multiplier option may not be available, but in which cases? There are indeed several circumstances in which the Mileage Multiplier may not be available, including, but not limited to:

– Your AAdvantage number was not included in your reservation;

– You check in for your flight at a self-service kiosk in Argentina, Venezuela or Ecuador;

– Our systems are undergoing maintenance or not available.

What happens if my flight is canceled or rerouted? Be aware that even in this situation, you will still receive the bonus miles purchased, whether your flight is canceled or rerouted or not. However, you should be aware that bonus miles purchased through the Mileage Multiplier offer are non-refundable.

Other questions that members of this loyalty program ask themselves, they want to know if there is an annual maximum on the number of bonus miles that can be purchased through the Mileage Multiplier offer. And indeed, there is no limit to the number of bonus miles you can purchase through this offer.

There are other ways to purchase additional AAdvantage bonus miles. You can buy them through the buyAAmiles program, or gift AAmiles or you can share existing miles through the share AAmiles program. Visit the aa.com website for more details.

Do all AAdvantage members on the reservation need to purchase Mileage Multiplier miles? No, you can choose to purchase bonus miles for one, some or all of the AAdvantage members in the reservation. The choice is yours. And be aware that there is a minimum number of miles that can be purchased. If the base miles associated with your flight (s) are less than 500 miles, you will be offered to purchase a minimum of 500 mile multiplier miles.

Do Mileage Multiplier miles expire? If you keep your account active, you can keep your miles indefinitely. Any mileage earning or redemption activity retains your miles for an additional 18 months. Learn more about the terms and conditions.

If you have any other questions regarding the purchase or multiplication of miles, please feel free to contact American Airlines’ AAdvantage customer service.

Multiply your American Airlines AAdvantage miles by 5

MasterCard and Visa cards are affected. It does not apply to business or corporate debit or credit cards. To participate in the promotion, it is essential to register by telephone by calling the customer service of the American company. Registration is valid on any date within the Multiplica x5 Boulevard Asia y Grifos Campaign will validate all the consumptions made in the category and participating establishments during the period of validity of the campaign. Customers belonging to the AAdvantage program will receive bonus miles. The multiplication of miles will be made on transactions made at merchants accepting Visa and MasterCard; and in establishments registered in Visanet and MC Processes in the following category: Service Stations which have a point of sale accepting Visa and MasterCard. It does not apply to online consumption, applies to national and international purchases.

Regular miles to be consumed in participating categories are included in the 5 miles awarded by the promotion. Companies that do not participate in the multiplication will continue to accumulate miles on a regular basis. The accrual ratio of purchases will be 1 USD or the daily exchange rate in Soles per 1 mile. The campaign cannot be combined with other Accelerated Growth promotions. Cash withdrawals, debt transfers from other financial entities, A maximum of 5,000 AAdvantage miles will be credited to your account.

This voucher includes purchases made with Additional Cards and with all Cards participating in the campaign. To participate, the client must not be in default or overdraft. If he has at least two valid credit cards, the miles he receives will be for the total accumulated between cards, but credited to the card with the highest consumption.

The promotion fund is 1,500,000 miles. American Airlines, AAdvantage, and the flight symbol are trademarks of American Airlines, Inc. The US airline reserves the right to change its loyalty program at any time without notice, and to close it with six months notice. . American Airlines is not responsible for any products or services offered by other participating companies.

Neither the US carrier nor its AAdvantage program are financial service providers. For more information on the terms and conditions of the program, visit aa.com, or contact their customer service for more information on rates, commissions and fees, see the rate in the branch network and on the scotiabank website com.pe.

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