Lost, Delayed or Damaged Baggage with American Airlines: Your Rights

A few weeks into the summer, you are probably making your last flight reservations. Take your precautions, and find out now about your rights in the event of disputes (lost or damaged baggage, etc.).

When traveling by plane, it may happen that your baggage is not at the arrival airport. Whether it is lost, delayed or damaged, the airline is obligated to pay you compensation up to a certain limit. But what are the modalities?

Late baggage

Baggage is considered to be delayed if it is not present when you disembark but is delivered to you afterwards.

If, when you get off the plane, you notice that your baggage did not arrive on the carpet even though everything has been unloaded, you must report it to the counter of the company that operated the last flight. She will register your complaint and search for your baggage.

If you cannot find a counter, contact the airline as soon as possible (by phone, for example) to inform you that your baggage is missing and obtain a file number. Do not wait until you get home to take this step.

If during the period of absence of your baggage, you have had to purchase basic necessities, you can claim reimbursement from the airline on presentation of invoices for these products.

For this specific case, you have 21 days from the date the baggage was made available to make a written complaint to the carrier. If the claim is not made within this period, your action against the company will not be admissible.

Lost luggage: what solution to recover your suitcases and your objects

First of all, American Airlines apologizes for the mismanagement of its passengers’ baggage and understands their concern and the inconvenience caused. The American company invites its aggrieved customers to fill out this form relating to the delay in delivery of a baggage will allow it to intensify the searches in order to locate their lost baggage.

If the airline recognizes the loss of your checked baggage or if it has not arrived at its destination within 21 days of the date it should have arrived, it is considered lost. You can then claim reimbursement for your lost property and baggage.

In this case, you can claim compensation up to a limit set at € 1,330. Be careful, however, be aware that in the event of loss of luggage, companies do not reimburse lost personal property based on their new value, but often carry a discount.

To obtain reimbursement for your goods, you must send a written request to the company, enclosing the invoices for the purchase of lost goods. If you do not have these supporting documents, the company can offer you compensation based on the weight of the luggage lost (approximately € 20 per kg).

Damaged luggage

If, upon receipt of your suitcase, you notice that it has been damaged or destroyed during transport, you are entitled to demand from the carrier reimbursement of the price of your suitcase and the damaged goods.

To do this, you must send a letter to the company within 7 days of receiving your suitcase, giving as much detail as possible of the damaged goods (photographs of the damaged goods, purchase invoices, etc.).

If your baggage in the care of American Airlines has been damaged or even lost – that is, if it has not arrived at its destination within three weeks of the date on which it should have been delivered or if he arrived late, she must compensate you. She is responsible for checked baggage until it is delivered to the conveyor belt.

It is up to you to prove your damage (especially in the event of delay) and the value of lost or damaged items. Compensation may not exceed 1,000 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), the rate of which varies like that of a currency (1,000 SDRs = approximately 1,150 euros), a ceiling calculated per passenger.

This limit may be exceeded if you have made a special declaration to the carrier when checking in your baggage. In this case, you will have to pay a supplement (for example $ 50 for a declaration of value of $ 5,000 on the company American Airlines). In this case, the carrier will be required to pay up to the amount declared.

For your damaged or stolen hand luggage, insofar as it travels under your care, it will be more difficult for you to question the liability of the airline. It will be necessary to prove a fault on his part. For example, a failure to close the luggage compartment which would have caused an object to fall and damage it.

Compensation from insurers

With your high-end bank card (gold, partinium, etc.), you will certainly benefit from luggage insurance. If not, take a look at the insurance that airlines sell as an option with the purchase of your ticket, as well as those offered directly by insurers.

Always check the compensation limits and how they are calculated: per event, per piece of luggage, per person, per family and sometimes over a period (for example, no more than one claim over 365 days). Taking into account a delay in the delivery of baggage will only give entitlement to compensation after a certain number of hours (for example, more than 6 hours or beyond 12 hours, 24 hours).
Only the so-called basic costs (clothing for example) will be reimbursed and you will most often be asked for proof of expenses. You can earn 100 euros with the American Express card.

What to do in case of litigation?

If your company refuses to compensate you in the event of lost or damaged baggage, you can file a complaint online with the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) or contact the travel tourism mediator to find a solution to the amicable.

25 Replies to “AA: Lost, Delayed or Damaged Baggage”

  1. Raymond Case

    We had luggage that was lost for a couple of days and when we received it 1 piece had a wheel ripped off. I logged a claim over the internet thru your website within 1 day of receiving our luggage and no response. I uploaded photos and everything.

  2. alan jones

    we arrived in san jose costa rica from JFK with no luggage . the claim # is sjoaa35393012 & sjoaa90652151 we need them delivered to Hotel Cuna del Angel , 9km al sur de blaua dominical punta renas puertocito 60403 puertocito dominical 60403 phone # 27874343
    All the other phone #’s we were given to call just disconnected
    please confirm that we can expect the luggage tuesday AM to alan jones at 614 888 0888

  3. Sandra A Morgan

    My AA flight #2610 from DFW to CVG (Cincinnati) was delayed several times on Feb 23, 2022 and finally canceled. My bag was checked in on the AA2610 flight. Before the flight was canceled, the gate changed from A10 to A11 then to gate D17. I have since re-booked the flight and need to know which terminal do I need to get my luggage from – terminal A or D? I have not been able to get in touch with anyone from American Airlines. On hold for hours.

  4. Raul Delgado

    During my flight from Huntington WV to DFW, my worst experience ever,n I always fly AA have been for over 25 yrs. Anyway on this flight I fell on my flight from Huntington WV to Charlotte WV, I tripped on a silver plate that hold the rubber floor down, then when I arrived in Dallas (my destination) my baggage was damaged pretty bad, I reported it n they gave me a letter n told me ti return it with my empty baggage within 30 days, which I di. I left my baggage there (at AA), they told me to check back with them in 2 weeks at which time they will decide what to do, hopefully to replace my baggage. Well once I got home I realized that my watch was missing from my baggage. This watch was a gift from my daughter, the AA agent told me to check with lost n found n if not there to fill our a claims report on my missing watch. I have to file a report. I’m searching the internet to find where I can locate lost n found n file a report if nor there. I’m really hoping my watch is at lost n found because it was a gift from my daughter. I’ve always flown AA, I like their service n have never had any problems with then, until now. However, I’ll continue flying AA.

  5. Diane Bezeau

    I flew home to Detroit from Dallas last night but my luggage did not. Checking online it says checked in and in Dallas. I was given a phone number to call today but I got an answering machine both times I tried and was on hold 48 minutes and 44 minutes. My name is Diane Bezeau, Flt 2508 Jan 8th 8:37 pm. PNR: GVOLTL Bag Tag # 4001011454 Cell Phone is . Where is the luggage and I want it delivered to my home. 203 Riverview Ave.Monroe, MI 48162 Thank you!

  6. Lily Patricia Dickey

    Our American Airlines flight from Houston to DFW at 1:30 on December 3 was delayed several times , and we had to cancel due to the next flight being 6am the next morning. We were able to get a flight with United Airlines which carried us to DFW then Durango, Colo. When arriving were told our luggage was lost. We did however get it the next day, my jewelry was missing. What do I need to do?

  7. Linda Brock

    Lost carryon Channel black soft suitcase on rollers, with valuable jewelry, medications, samsung tablet/ serval connectors, carton Misty Lights cigarettes/ toiletries/ make up/skin care/brown/black Sandles/Gucci black sandles, four sets of clothing (Three dresses, three pairs pants, undies) curling Iron, and etc. Attendant on duty said overhead carryons were full and It had rollers and I had to check it at ramp. I explained to him all my meds, jewelery, toiletries were in the carryon, but he took it from me and put a red tag on it, and did not give me receipt/baggage claim #. He just told me to go ahead and board so I did. This was in Amarilla, Texas! I spent 2 q/2 hours having lost and found station in Houston ZAH looking for it. All they gave me was Baggage Irregularity Report. My flight # GBWVLZ Aug 14.

  8. Ralph Tureau

    Flight 2355 from Miami to New Orleans. Suitcase did not arrive. AA said they would deliver it to my house today 8/4/21. Not here. It is a large light maroon bag on wheels.
    Ralph Tureau
    11117 Hwy 431
    St. Amant, La. 70774
    (225) 715-4041

  9. nicholas aloisio

    How Do I get reimbursed for my luggage that was destroyed by your handler Flight # 1101 chicago To Tampa 7-29-21

  10. nicholas aloisio

    My suit case was damaged on Flight # 1101 Thursday 7-29 21 Chicago to Tampa How do I get reimbursed for the suit case. Totally destroyed !!

  11. Virginia sue Mayberry

    delayed bagagge at dfw airport sunday 25 have not received it i was told it would be delivere tuesday 27 Whered is my bagagge/

  12. John McNeil

    Our suit case was damage on the flight from HI to Norfolk . How do we claim and where do we send this claim too.

  13. Mindi K Smith

    Where is the address to send the letter for my son’s gun case that was destroyed? I am super disappointed that we had to wait nearly two hours to get this cleared, and then it is smashed like it’s nothing. Need address. Everything with American is so hard and frustrating. We have to be patient, but they can take their time, brakes, and not give a shit about others’ property.

  14. Sandy Chan


    如你們同事沒有遲到上班,航班不會延遲開,我兒子也能接駁2nd legs 航班,所有不必要的費用也不會產生。


    Ticket number from Dallas to Los Angeles @ 1602381119932
    Due to flight delay departure at Dallas arrival Los Angeles can’t catch CX0881 to Hong Kong
    Rearrange a new schedules by AA Hong Kong Hotline staff from Los Angeles -> Korea -> Hong Kong @ this ticket number 0012157137951

  15. Bibi white

    My suitcase was damaged on the flight from Miami to Georgetown Guyana American Airlines 2203. And a 3 hours delay sitting in the plane. Looking for lost baggages.

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