American Airlines Flagship Lounge: High-end hotel amenities at US airports

American Airlines provides its privileged passengers with a private Flagship Lounge at Miami International Airport and JFK New York and several other airports in the United States. A lounge that caters to its international passengers traveling in First Class to Europe, Asia, Central and South America and Mexico City, as well as to passengers traveling in First class on full tickets fare on US transcontinental flights offering three classes of service.

Located just past security, the Miami Flagship Lounge spans more than 330 square meters and can accommodate up to 62 people seated. Travelers have access to all of the Business Center’s facilities, including 2 workstations, 2 computers with high-speed internet access, a photocopier and a fax machine. The lounge also offers a solution for printing all types of documents, offered by Printer On, allowing requests to be sent in advance by e-mail from any location, and to retrieve the prints requested at the Show. Four private shower stalls are available to travelers who wish to cool off before continuing their journey.

American Airlines passengers also have Flagship Lounge at 4 other international airports: Chicago O’Hare, London-Heathrow, New York-JFK and Los Angeles.

American Airlines will improve passenger reception with a complete redevelopment of all Flagship lounges at its intercontinental hubs, and the opening of two new Admiral’s Club in Houston and Orlando.
American Airlines, which created the first airport lounge in New York in 1939, will thoroughly review the Flagship lounges and their services. A first in the country, it serves formal meals with full covers and seasonal menus for elegant dining, in New York-JFK precisely, Philadelphia, Miami and Dallas-Fort Worth; ingredients will be locally sourced, and meals supervised by a New York chef and reserved exclusively for First Class passengers. Lounges will be redesigned starting this spring at JFK again, Los Angeles and Chicago-O’Hare, with larger spaces, more modern furnishings – and room for more passengers. The enhanced Flagship Lounge experience debuted in Dallas then Miami and Philadelphia, and next year First or Business Class passengers traveling across the Pacific or Atlantic to the heart of America south or on the A321T transcontinental will have access to these lounges.

In the Admiral’s Club lounges, American Airlines will continue the refurbishment started last year at the Houston-George Bush and Orlando airports; modernized furniture, dynamic lighting and improved access to power sources are some of the changes that will be visible, as has been done in Sao Paulo and Phoenix.

The Oneworld alliance company also marks the start of work at London Heathrow this month, with the Arrivals Lounge area being renovated with private showers, drinks and snacks, and laundry service.
The US carrier has invested more than $ 3 billion in every aspect of the travel experience, American Airlines Marketing Director, whether at airports or in the cabins of the world’s most modern fleet. This service has become available at airports handling American Airlines aircraft. Remember that the company will put its new Premium class into service this year on intercontinental routes.

US airlines are not known to offer lounges of particular interest to their passengers. With the exception of a few lounges considered flagship stores, the offer is often small and the services offered could not be more basic. Taking advantage of its Instagram account, the airline company American Airlines yesterday offered its some 295,000 followers to discover three 3D simulations of what will be its lounges of tomorrow.

Thus, the American company claims to invest in the future of its lounges, affirming that they will now become real places for its passengers to recharge their batteries and relax “before the next leg of their trip.

American Airlines is undertaking a major renovation of its flagship lounges.
The American company will renovate the flagship lounges of the airports of Chicago (ORD), Los Angeles (LAX) and of course New York (JFK).

But that’s not all. In fact, three new lounges will be added to the existing flagship lounges at the airports of Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW), Miami (MIA) and Philadelphia (PHL).

In addition to the cosmetic changes scheduled by American Airlines for these lounges, the airline has made many promises to improve passenger comfort. It will thus be possible to discover:
– Additional spaces to promote passenger relaxation
– A new catering offer
– Premium brand beers, wines and spirits
– Additional outlets and private spaces
– As well as additional employees in order to offer the highest level of service possible.

Access to the US airline’s flagship lounges will also be granted to passengers booked in Business and First cabins on transcontinental flights operated by Airbus A321T, as well as on transatlantic, transpacific and South American flights.

The launch of the Flagship Dining service

American Airlines is the first American airline to offer a true gourmet dining service free of charge, at the table, in its Flagship lounges.

Indeed, a reserved area will allow the passengers concerned to enjoy a menu designed by a Chef and composed of fresh, seasonal and locally inspired dishes.

This refined catering service will be available in the American company’s Flagship lounges located at:
– Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW)
– New York (JFK)
– Miami (MIA)
– Los Angeles (LAX)

It should be noted, however, that this service will only be offered to passengers traveling on international and transcontinental lines and served by tri-class aircraft.

However, by offering this new service, the airline is making a real leap forward and thus raising its standards.

American Airlines acquires a redesigned Flagship Lounge in Los Angeles

The national airline has inaugurated a new Flagship Lounge business lounge in Los Angeles, which also marks the launch of the Flagship First Dining concept.

As the New Year begins, airlines are showing off their good resolutions to business travelers. It is in Los Angeles that American Airlines unveils its Flagship Lounge: a completely renovated space, offering no less than 1,500 m² of infrastructure dedicated to business travelers. The grand opening of this new lounge marks the introduction of the new Flagship First Dining service at LAX, allowing passengers to enjoy a real meal served at the table, like in a grand restaurant.

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