American Airlines Business Extra: Reward Yourself for Taking Flights for Business Travel

American Airlines Business Extra (formerly American Express Travel Club) is the business travel arm of the airline where companies can enroll and earn travel rewards (in addition to the points earned by your employees). Points earned depend on many factors such as flight time, the value of the plane ticket purchased, the number of people who need tickets, the date and time of departure, the route taken and much more. . There are certain restrictions on earning rewards. For example, if the flight was booked through an authorized agent, or if the customer is a frequent flyer, they may no longer be eligible for reward points. However, American Airlines does not limit the number of awards that one could earn. They will only award the accumulated points.

There are different methods of earning rewards with American Airlines Business Extra. The most common method is to earn miles. Each time you fly on American Airlines, a certain number of miles are deducted from your account. As a business traveler, you earn up to twice the number of miles already placed in your account. These miles are redeemable for any purpose you assign to them. Those miles earn you one point and once you have 100, you start earning one point with every flight you book with American Airlines.

Another way to earn points with American Airlines Business Extra is through “round trip” sales. There are actually many airlines that offer this type of sale. As a member all you have to do is call or visit their websites to reserve your spot and you will receive a confirmation notice which will give you details on how much you can earn. With so many points up for grabs, it’s no wonder that many people prefer to use American Airlines Business Extra instead of the more popular carriers.

There are also several other ways to redeem your points. If you are interested in purchasing airline tickets, there is a specific program that you may want to check out. This is called “the accumulation of miles with travel discount”. With this program, you actually earn miles that you can redeem. As long as you use those miles to purchase airline tickets, you can earn an equal amount of cash back, as well as a perk like a free business lunch with your employer.

For frequent travelers, they may prefer to earn a point which will allow them to earn free first class seats on flights. American Airlines Business Extra offers first class seats to suit any budget. You can upgrade from economy to first business class for only a fraction of the cost of purchasing economy class. There are even routes that offer first class at a price just below first class! This means that if you travel frequently, you can still enjoy a first class airline ticket at a reduced price through American Airlines Business Extra.

There is also a way to redeem your miles

If you’d rather redeem them for something other than miles, another great option is American Airline Business Extra Miles with Reward Code. With this option you choose to redeem your points for an actual reward code. Some of these rewards are actually for free travel to destinations around the world. Others will give you cash back or a discount certificate on your next purchase. Either way, American Airlines Business Extra can help you earn real money with this amazing program.

Business Extra is an online travel rewards program that offers rewards to savvy small businesses with more than two employees who travel on US carriers. There is no annual fee to enroll in the program, no minimum annual spending requirements, and the rewards are automatically transferred to your checking account. Unlike many other business credit card programs, there is no age limit, annual fee, or blackout dates. To receive Business Extra rewards, you must be an American Airlines employee or participate in certain partner airline programs.

How do I get Premium rewards?

Like many other major credit card programs, you can earn points for your premium rewards by making purchases at select participating locations including American Airlines, Continental Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Air Canada and Caribbean Airlines. You earn one point for every dollar spent, one point for every dollar you earn, two points for the first mile, and unlimited points for miles flown. Some hotels offer free upgrades to first class for a limited time. For American Airlines, you will receive a Business Extra credit card with an unlimited credit limit that can be used for flight upgrades as well as cash back when you dine at an American Express branded hotel, car rentals and tickets for certain sporting events.

In order to get the maximum rewards from Business Extra, it is important to travel on a scheduled flight with available seats. It is also important to plan frequent flights if you want to get premium points. If you’re planning a trip to multiple destinations, you’ll want to take advantage of the loyalty programs offered by American Airlines and Delta Airlines. Each airline offers a defined number of additional points for flights booked with its official partners.

American Airlines is known for offering some of the most affordable airfares on the market
American Airlines and Delta Air Lines are working together to offer corporate rewards programs that give frequent travelers greater purchasing power. These two airlines also offer a number of exclusive routes that are not open to competitors. They make flights more affordable which makes it very tempting to travel with them.

If you are addicted to business travel, you should definitely consider the benefits of the aadvantage program offered by American Airlines. As mentioned above, American Airlines offers a benefit program for those traveling on their business flights. But they also offer priority boarding and baggage handling services to their most valuable customers. Plus, you can enjoy priority seating and early departure, while being great value for money. And you get an annual percentage of the total cost of the flight.

Contact (Phone numbers / Emails)

U.S. and Canada
– Contact Business Extra customer service at 800-457-7072 or email, 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. (CT) Monday – Friday.
– Contact Meeting Services Desk at 800-433-1790, 7:00 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. (CT) Monday – Friday and 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (CT) Saturday and Sunday.

Mexico, Caribbean and Latin America
– Contact Business Extra customer service via email at

Hong Kong
– Contact the Sales Support Center toll-free at 800-906-256 or email, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (HKT) Monday – Friday.

– Contact the Sales Support Center toll-free at 0808-221-481 or email, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (KST) Monday – Friday.

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