Pets and Assistance on American Airlines flights?
American Airlines does not accept the carriage of puppies and kittens on board its flights. Animals must be more than four months old to travel on its planes.

Animals under four months of age have generally not received the necessary vaccines to protect team members and clients.

The American company supports the rights of customers, people with disabilities, with a legitimate need for qualified service or service animals. Vaccines are only allowed for one emotional support animal and must produce documentation to verify their health and immunization. Trained service animals are always allowed.

American Airlines requires that a service animal must be a trained dog or cat or in certain limited circumstances a miniature horse, while emotional support animals are limited to a dog or cat.
Untrained animals can pose safety concerns for team members, clients, and service and assistance animals.

The airline said the goal of the changes is to protect customers who have a legitimate need, as well as the team members who work every day to keep all customers safe. Call the customer service of this company forty-eight hours in advance for any reservation.

Who is eligible to travel with an emotional support animal

Anyone with an emotional disability can legally qualify for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). However, you must be certified as emotionally handicapped by a psychologist, therapist, psychiatrist or other properly licensed or certified mental health professional.

Other conditions to be fulfilled?

Animals you carry on American Airlines planes must be well behaved and able to fit at your feet, under your seat, or on your lap (belly animals must be smaller than a 2 year old). If the animal is in a kennel, it should slide under the seat in front of you with the animal in it.

Compliance with IATA regulations

The majority of the options offered for transporting animals in the hold comply with the regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This describes all the instructions and technical specifications relating to the specific categories of products allowed within the devices. When traveling abroad, the transport of pets must be carried out in accordance with the health requirements of the country of destination. The know-how of the personnel on board the aircraft is essential to make this possible.

When American Airlines refuses your pet?

Of course, second category dogs are allowed on freight flights operated by the national carrier of the United States. However, sometimes animals are refused boarding. In the majority of cases, the owner does not obtain boarding clearance.

In addition, airlines such as American Airlines refuse to transport certain animals. Thus, first category dogs are prohibited for transport in the hold or cabin. These animals will not be granted boarding clearance and will be turned away at the airport. The flight ban for certain breeds of dogs is enforced to protect the safety of passengers on board.

Transport your animal in the cabin?

Air transport of animals is subject to a number of veterinary requirements. First, the animal must be over four months old (two months on flights to the United States and to Puerto Rico). It is also essential to be interested in the phytosanitary conditions of acceptance of the country. The medical file of the animal is also required by the airline: an anti-rabies certificate of less than one year and more than one month, a health book or the passport of the animal, a certificate of tattooing or ” microchip identification and two copies of a live animal transport discharge.

The animal in question must travel in the company of an adult. The transport of animals in the cabin is prohibited for certain destinations such as Mauritius.

Air travel: Where will my animal travel?
Air travel seems like a real headache for people who are unable to separate from their pets.

Transporting an animal by plane: What do you prefer, the cabin or the hold?
It is nice to have your dog by your side on a flight to the other side of the world. The administrative and health requirements of airlines, however, discourage pet owners. Where will the animal travel? Will he be safe? These are questions tourists regularly ask when traveling by plane. Animals can travel both in the hold and in the cabin. You just have to find a deal with American Airlines.

Do you have a crate or bag for transporting your pet?

A crate will be better suited if the transported animal is put in the hold. This helps to ensure their safety throughout the journey. Crating the animal is recommended for transiting dogs on long-haul flights. On the other hand, the bag is more suitable for snub nosed cats carried in the cabin. This technique is particularly recommended for passing bulldogs, pugs, pekingese and boxers. In addition, two people each traveling with animals must be separated. It is essential that they are separated from each other for the maintenance of safety in the aircraft.

Animal registration

There is no possibility to register your pet online. This procedure must be completed from an airport check-in counter.

The health certificate provided to the agent must be issued a maximum of ten days before your departure.

Are there any fees to pay?

American Airlines agrees to carry service animals on board its planes free of charge, however, it charges a fee for passengers traveling with pets on air routes connecting domestic destinations (within the United States) or flights serving Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Colombia and Central America. They are supposed to pay $ 125 for the carrier of their animal on board.

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