American Airlines AAadvantage eShopping Program: How Do I Recover Missing Miles?

A great way to earn miles is through your shopping portal: AAdvantage eShopping. What is that? It’s a website that earns you miles with just one click.

Although most of the stores he has an agreement with are from the United States, this site is very worth considering. If you’re planning to travel to the United States and already knows what purchases you’re going to make, for example, miles are added when you sign up for a digital newspaper or magazine subscription.

However, you may not earn AAdvantage miles on your online purchases, but why and when does that happen? There could be several reasons:
Make sure you are logged in to the AAdvantage eShopping wizard by making sure your subscription number is displayed in the drop-down menu below the program logo. Otherwise, click on the “Login” tab to identify yourself to your account.

If you see another person’s AAdvantage number next to the number displayed in the drop-down menu under the AAES logo, you will not earn miles. To restore it to your account, follow these steps: In the AAeS next to its logo, you will find a drop-down arrow. Select “sign out” next to the membership number displayed in the drop-down menu. This will disconnect the other member from the program. Then you will see a “login” button. Click on it and you will be able to reconnect to your customer area. Try your chances of recovering lost miles by asking for help at program assistants.

Why haven’t you accumulated AAdvantage miles at the rate displayed on this program’s slider? When I made purchases in a retailer’s store, through their catalog or when purchasing a gift card?
Only online transactions are eligible for the miles offer displayed in this program offering assistance to earn maximum miles when you consume at partner boutiques and stores. Making purchases in a retailer’s store, through their catalog, or when purchasing a gift card may earn miles at a different offer rate. Please visit the AAES Support website to check the offers available at all retailers.

It was said earlier that flying and not earning miles is like losing money out of your pocket. Remembering that all miles are valuable, any opportunity you have to accumulate miles and pass them up is such a shame, especially when you think about making the trip you want.

So what happens when you forget to report your frequent flyer number to the airline before you travel? Are you missing out on this opportunity to earn miles? Hopefully not. In most cases, you will be able to request retroactive accumulation and thus add the miles flown.

How do I request the retroactive accumulation of miles?

This is an option that almost all loyalty programs offer. This is not only for the cases where you forget to indicate the frequent flyer number before the trip, but it is also a form of complaint when, despite entering your number, there is a system error and miles are not credited correctly.

What information do you need to claim miles already flown?

Usually, American Airlines will ask you for the following information: Passenger’s first and last name; Booking code and ticket number; Date, origin and destination of each section performed; Cabin class; Fare class and boarding pass image.

Most of this data is easily obtained from the email you receive when purchasing the ticket. There you will find details of each section traveled, dates and fare classes, as well as the booking code and electronic ticket number. What is important to emphasize is to have photos (or keep the originals, of course) of the boarding pass. There are cases in which the airline will ask you for proof that you have taken your flight (you have completed your check-in), and the best way to prove this is to keep copies of boarding passes.

How do you ask American Airlines to return you lost miles?

The process is pretty straightforward. Just do a little research on your frequent flyer program site where you are a member and where you want to credit the miles, log in with your details and start the process.

Claiming missing miles is one of the most popular features of the E-Shopping program. If you are traveling with your whole family, you can use your card to pay for airline tickets, hotel accommodation, car rental fees, and meals. There are many popular places that offer discount plane tickets and other travel related services. Most of these companies have great deals on the miles issued on your credit or debit card. In fact, you can get by without using your regular credit card to book tickets, as many websites offer miles on debit and credit cards.

When you book your plane ticket on an airline’s website such as, the website will ask for your contact details. You will then receive a confirmation which will include a link you will need to click to complete the transaction. If you did not receive a copy of this email or if you did not complete the transaction within the allotted time, call the customer support number provided on the website and request a complaint number. This number is usually printed on the top of your credit card or on the app.

By making purchases on the website, you have the possibility to claim your missing miles. However, if your travel plans include connecting flights, you may not be able to use your regular credit card to book tickets. Many companies that offer airline miles do not sell their cards to people who are not traveling. You may be refused, especially if your account has not been active for a while. However, if you do need to travel and need to book a flight, you should be looking to collect your miles in order to enjoy the rest of your trip.

When you have finally found a solution to recover your missing miles, the next step is to enter your claim information. You can enter your claim form by hand or by using a pre-formatted option. Either way, make sure all information is entered accurately. There is no reason to go wrong with your missing or stolen miles claim, so don’t take any chances. Make sure all the information is correct, otherwise you will not receive the refund you need.

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  1. OCNS Inc

    I ordered a Drill from aadvantage eshopping Merchant in February and the points were not credited to my American Airline Miles account.

    Please help.

  2. Yauling Chueh

    I ordered three items from Bloomingdale’s from AA shopping and receive them by two shipment. But one the first shipment credited the miles right after receive the package, but for the second package I received, I did not receive any email from AA shopping for miles I should earn. What do I do?

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