American Airlines: Cheap Tourist Car Hire Online

The airline American Airlines and the platform Avis and Budget have signed an agreement of indefinite duration to offer passengers the American company access to the best car rental deals in the United States and around the world, allowing to touch more customers through a wider selection of destinations, rentals and suppliers.

From now on, these two companies will take over all of the US company’s online car rental services. The ability of these two companies work together with the US national carrier to help diversify and reach more customers by improving their offering and value for money.

Why rent a car with American Airlines?

If you want to move around freely on your vacation, but feel lost among the many car rental deals, trust American Airlines. Specializing in your vacations, the company not only helps you find the best hotels and flights in the world. You can also find an inexpensive, simple and reliable car rental service to travel around the country in complete freedom. The site offers you the best prices from a wide selection of companies. All you have to do is select the model that meets your needs and your budget, then book it directly online. Your vehicle is ready and waiting for you for an exceptional vacation. Freedom, simplicity and economy are waiting for you.

Car rental for everyone, individuals and professionals

Whatever your requirements, find the ideal car for you by browsing the many offers on Whether you are planning a relaxing trip with a few friends, going on an inexpensive vacation with your whole family or wanting to rent a car to discover a romantic destination, make the most of your stay by choosing from a wide range of range of models: city car, sedan, station wagon, minivan, SUV… From a large family vehicle to a mini car for small budgets, the American operator has not forgotten anyone. And if you are a professional traveling for your work, you can benefit from a personalized and optimized offer at a great price. Thanks to the car rental service at the airport, you also save time when you arrive in the country.

A stay in complete freedom thanks to a rental car

Discover popular destinations such as Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, New York and Berlin, and explore them at your own pace with an inexpensive car rental. Stop when and where you want, whether it’s for an impromptu tour or a simple souvenir photo. Recharge your batteries as you travel through the surrounding countryside at your leisure. Whether it’s a weekend trip or a longer trip, you will be able to filter, sort and compare the best prices from a wide selection of reputable companies. Save yourself hours of painstaking research by going directly to the American Airlines website, where offers from around the world are gathered. Find, compare and save with just a few clicks!

Quite simply, a cheap car rental service

Renting an inexpensive car is a snap with Amze. Define the places, dates and times for pick-up and drop-off of the vehicle yourself. By the way, don’t forget that thanks to this service, you have the option of returning your car to a location other than pick-up, for greater flexibility. Then choose the desired model. Finally, refine your search by selecting one or more special equipment. Think for example of a navigation system which, whatever the destination, will certainly make your life much easier. If you are going with little ones, opt for a car equipped with a baby or child seat. For your skiing holiday, be aware that we also offer vehicles equipped with chains and ski racks.

Since the US carrier began working with Avis and Budget, it has seen its market share grow dramatically every year, far beyond the natural growth in passenger numbers. In the first three years of each partnership, the number of bookings made by consumers who previously used competitors tripled.

For American Airlines, providing its customers with a seamlessly integrated digital experience that gives them access to the very best in selection, quality and price is essential. The American company chose these two companies because of their unrivaled expertise in global travel technology.

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