American Airlines AirPass: Lounge access, in-flight privileges and more

American Airlines Airpass allows you to customize a mileage plan that's right for you. When you travel, miles are deducted from your customer account. Since miles are only deducted when you travel, no refunds or exchanges are necessary. With the option to always purchase additional miles, you can customize the perfect Airpass plan for your own travel needs. You will receive a monthly statement, which will show the status of use of this program, miles flown and miles remaining.

All Airpass tickets are electronic, giving you access to all of our latest high-tech services that help you get through the airport faster and easier. If you are traveling within the country, you can now:
- Obtain your boarding pass before arriving at the airport with in-flight check-in on the website one hour before departure, select the “Reservations” tab and go to check-in by flight.
- Use self-service machines to check in, change seats, and even request an upgrade. More than six hundred machines are available at airports across the United States.
Simply swipe your AAdvantage Executive Platinum, AAdvantage Platinum, Gold, or any major credit card, and then follow the onscreen instructions.
- Obtain your boarding pass while checking your baggage at curbside check-in or self-service kiosks.

And be sure to use the flight status notification on so the company can send you informative messages about your flight's departure and arrival times. If you need personal assistance or wish to speak to an agent, you can check-in at any of their First Class and Business Class counters, regardless of what class of service you are traveling in.

The Airpass program offers
  • Prepaid air travel at a fixed rate;
  • The convenience of traveling at any time;
  • Benefits for AAdvantage members;
  • Accompaniment trip;
  • Special VIP privileges when traveling, such as: Free Admirals Club membership, first or business class check-in, priority waiting list for upgrade privileges.
The various membership privileges
  • Assistance with reservations, seat selection and boarding pass issuance on all American Airlines, American Eagle and American Connection,
  • Free coffee, tea, soft drinks, juices and light snacks are provided,
  • Showers are available in some places,
  • Conference rooms and special business equipment such as fax machines, photocopiers, personal computers, audiovisual equipment, telephones, courier and catering services, speakerphones and presentation boards are available. in certain places.
Other VIP benefits of Airpass membership include
  • Check-in in first or business class and priority boarding;
  • Special AAirpass telephone numbers;
  • Travel with companion feature that allows a companion to join you on your flight;
  • Access to the online account.

Sign up for the American Airlines AirPass program

Your membership in this program entitles you to travel to over 250 American Airlines and American Eagle destinations worldwide, including the United States, Europe, Japan, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Mexico.

Everyone is eligible. By calling the Airpass special number on 0844.369.9899, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, one of the highly trained representatives will be happy to sign you up and launch you into another world of travel.

Once the reservation is made and validated, you must register for the program, either online when you check in on the flight, or at the airport. You can go to a self-service device or a kiosk to receive your boarding pass. It's that simple. If you prefer, you can also check in first class or business class, whichever class you have booked.
AirPass American Airlines is one of the many airline solutions made available by the American carrier along with its sister company Delta Airlines, which is a pioneer in providing air travel nationwide. The airline offers two unique offers to its customers: the American Express Platinum Pass and the American Air Pass (aka AirPass). These services are aimed at travelers who already have plane tickets and who do not need a loyalty program for more than twelve months.

American AirPass service gives frequent travelers access to over 140 destinations worldwide. As with most other airlines, AirPass charges additional fees for mileage flown as well as for flights that include stopovers. The company states that the fares for qualified aircraft travel only in first class and / or business class.

If you are traveling to the UK or the rest of Europe via international airlines such as British Airways or EasyJet, the 'contact airlines on AirPass' feature will allow you to book your fare directly online. This service is offered exclusively by American Airlines, which is one of the six major frequent flyer carriers in the world. Certain limitations apply to this service. It is not available for any other airline flying in the region. If you book with a participating carrier, you can use the easy flight search engine provided by the US national carrier to locate your AirPass flight and book it online.

Some of the best North West airlines depart from Seattle have a great Northwest Airlines deal program. Other carriers serving the Seattle area include Continental Airlines, American Airlines, Northwest Airlines, US Airways, and Delta Airlines. A few low-cost carriers serve Vancouver Island, one of the least populated places in the United States. There are also direct flights from Portland to Seattle.

You can also visit the AirPass website for reservations and additional information. Discounts are not available on all flights. Benefits include: no ticket required, priority boarding, priority seats, no lost baggage, no penalties for changing seats mid-term, no refund, no traceable miles, no age limit and no dates prohibition. You have flexibility in your reservations and the options are based on your needs. You may want to make a single stopover or you may want to make several. You can even pay a little extra and get an aisle seat or a window seat, depending on your needs.

As the world continues to become more and more competitive, it is more important than ever that consumers have more choices when it comes to finding cheap flights. One thing is certain, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, US Airways and other major carriers cannot ignore the growing need to provide convenient, affordable and flexible air travel. AirPass is just one way for passengers to get the low cost air travel they are looking for.

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