How to redeem your Oneworld miles?

Each airline has its own mileage plan. You can redeem your miles with American Airlines or with other airlines in the One World network. When you have a certain number of miles accumulated and you want to change them, you just need to contact the frequent flyer service of the airline with which you have the miles, they will guide you to be able to make the exchange according to the destination. that you have chosen, with this alliance, you will have more than a thousand destinations to choose from.

Why is it important to know how to redeem AAdvantage miles while flying with American Airlines?
AAdvantage is the United States flag carrier’s loyalty program. It is considered to be one of the largest airlines in the world, both in terms of the passengers carried and the size of its fleet. In addition, it offers daily direct flights to Miami (Florida) and Dallas (Texas). It is a member of the oneworld alliance. Finally, American Airlines has an agreement with Banco Bci. Thanks to this alliance, bank customers accumulate AAdvantage miles for the use of their credit card.

Redeem miles for oneworld and partner flights

AAdvantage miles can be redeemed on AA flights and other partner airlines online ( ). Those integrated into the US site are Air Tahiti Nui, Alaska Airlines, British Airways, Cape Air, Fiji Airways, Finnair, Hawaiian Airlines, Iberia, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas Airways, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian Airlines, S7 Airlines and Sri Lankan Airlines. This means that there are other air carriers that are not available for online exchange, among them, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, WestJet and LATAM Airlines.

Does this prevent exchanges with another airline? No, although research and exchange require another procedure, which is longer but no less efficient. You need to check flight availability on another airline, then call American Airlines to make the exchange.

What should you do if you redeem AAdvantage miles?

In the case of wanting to exchange, it is advisable to carry out a preliminary research with the search engines on the site of American Airlines. There the origin and destination are entered, along with the dates, which will indicate the availability of seats to be exchanged on each flight. To show you the results, you must be registered (free) in the frequent flyer programs of these airlines.

Why this preliminary research? Because you need to know the flights and the number of seats available for exchange. On the AA site, travelers see much more complete availability, with a different type of mileage rate. In case of exchange with another airline, availability is more limited. American Airlines does not notify you of flights and availability to use when the miles or points are from another frequent flyer program. Also, once this research is done, the advice is to make the exchange as soon as possible because availability may vary from day to day.

How does the redemption of AAdvantage miles work with American Airlines? The itineraries on do not appear to be able to be redeemed online, so you will inevitably have to do this over the phone. The idea is that when you call, you’ve already seen flight availability and desired dates, and estimated how many miles the exchange could be. Do this quickly once you’ve checked availability, as it can even vary from day to day.

When booking, you should have the information of the flights you are interested in at hand. The important data are the date, time, flight number and the airline you want to use. This will make your call easier and more efficient.

Would you like to take advantage of Oneworld program maps? It’s easy and it’s free. But first, we understand that many of you are probably thinking “American Airlines is the most reliable air service.” And in all fairness, they have a very solid reputation, especially in the business world. However, there are plenty of other great airlines out there and we’ll tell you how to get the benefits from the US airline and other alliance operators.

It looks like American Airlines is trying to beef up customer service, so they’re now offering free checked baggage as a reward for upgrading to business class. Now it’s amazing. How they can give you that added benefit is beyond us, but it makes sense when you think about it.

If you don’t like flying business class, you probably won’t get this coach upgrade. So you need those kilometers. You can earn these miles using the same loyalty programs that American Airlines has in place. All you have to do is sign up and get your new card, then redeem the miles stored in it to buy one or two tickets per month, just like you do with American Airlines. And since these companies are in partnership with American Airlines, you will also automatically receive a percentage of the price of your tickets if you travel one or more times for this airline.

But did you know that American Airlines also offers cards that are not associated with American Airlines? You too can take advantage of these great offers. And once you have the American Airlines cards, you will get an amazing benefit. To benefit from it, all you need to do is log in online and apply. You’ll be approved almost immediately, which means you’ll get instant perks like free hotel stays, gift certificates, and other discounts. Plus, there are additional American Airlines credit cards that you can get if you qualify.

It can be hard for many of you to think of miles when looking to get a ticket, but it’s actually one of the best ways to save money. If you have a business flight to take, you may be able to change American Airlines to another airline, such as Continental Airlines. When you change your flight, you will still get the miles within American Airlines. You can now pay the difference on your next flight.

If you are traveling for business reasons, you may even be eligible for a significant discount. Again, if you get an American Airlines credit card, you will get discounts on purchases in the United States. Also, keep in mind that when you change your airline miles with the US carrier, you will only get points with AA.

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