SimplyMiles: A program to earn bonus miles with American Airlines without flying

Earn miles every day, without even realizing it. This is new and you will see that it could revolutionize the world of travel and your budget.

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To join this program, you need to enter your AAdvantage registration data in the required fields

Do you know the principle of this program?
Few people are familiar with this great principle of air transport. The principle ? Every time you make a purchase from American Airlines partner stores and boutiques, you receive miles on the AAdvantage rewards program. Then you can exchange them for a free plane ticket or other products offered by the American company.

The program is only accessible to members who reside in the United States and also have a valid Mastercard.

Earn miles for daily shopping

The principle of SimplyMiles is based on the same model as the cash back sites, the latter offer to go through their site to make purchases on the net. For each purchase, a small amount is transferred to their account. Here it’s the same principle, except here it’s miles that you can then use on airlines.
If you often shop on the internet, this is a good way to travel cheaper.

The American Airlines site has negotiated with hundreds of merchant sites. When you make a purchase via their site or their plugin, miles will be returned to you systematically.

Even more convenient, install the extension that the site offers for your browser, thus, when you browse the net, it will automatically tell you if you are on a partner site. If you pay online with a MasterCard, you will easily earn miles.

SimplyMiles is a great way to quickly access award tickets (tickets paid for with miles) on American Airlines and Oneworld partner flights. The program is even more beneficial for Youth members, who accumulate miles by purchasing online from boutiques and brand stores partnered with the national airline of the United States.

Buying a pair of sneakers for $ 100? SimplyMiles offers 2 miles per dollar spent, so you’ll earn 200 miles. If you pay with your MasterCard, you will earn between 2 miles per dollar spent.

Earn miles with American Airlines using your credit card?

Paying for a trip simply by shopping online is now possible thanks to the Simplymiles program.
Earning airline miles by shopping online is what the program launched by the American company offers to its passengers residing in the United States, on which registration is free. Enough to travel smart, as American Airlines has tightened the conditions for granting these awards in recent years.

More than eight partner stores

To make its users happy travelers, the site has partnered with no less than eight e-merchants: AARP Real Possibilities, IHG Hotels & Resorts, SUN Basket, Teleflora, Best Buy, CVS, Olive Garden, American Airlines Vacations.

A credit card is almost essential if you travel, and if you buy on the internet. In addition, the MasterCard earns you miles after each purchase transaction you make on the airline’s website or its airline partners and ground partners including booking hotel nights, car rentals and much more other stuff. It’s amazingly simple, safe and effective.

The airline miles that the American company offers you as a loyalty program are an attractive bonus if you travel a lot, and can in the long term significantly reduce your travel costs.

You can even earn miles without ever flying, is that interesting?

For an intercontinental flight in economy class you will receive an average of three thousand miles, you will receive more than double in business class.

This is great, because there are always new promotions reserved for you as a loyal customer: this makes it relatively easy to find continental plane tickets from ten thousand miles. In other words, for four intercontinental journeys, you will be entitled to one continental air ticket. And you will find intercontinental flights from thirty thousand miles.

You can also exchange, if you wish, your miles for an upgrade to a higher class of flight, hotel nights or gifts that you can choose in online stores, all thanks to your payments that you make at using your MasterCard.

The only condition to benefit from it is that you are a member of the Simplymiles program. And the good news is, it’s completely free and extremely easy to set up.

The SimplyMiles aadvantage program was launched by American Airlines just a few years ago. At that time, only a few major airlines in the United States offered airline ticket reward programs. American Airlines quickly jumped on the bandwagon, offering a special program called SimplyMiles. The advantage was simple and yet very effective. American Airlines wanted to attract more customers and therefore made every effort to promote this program.

There are currently over two hundred and fifty different airports in the United States. This makes the travel experience very difficult for the traveler. The most important thing for any traveler is peace of mind. When trying to decide where to go or what to do, you want to be able to plan your time and then jump on a plane and fly. SimplyMiles was designed as a program that allows people to plan their trips in advance, then go ahead and fly when they want.

When you sign up for the SimplyMiles Advantage program, you will receive a card that can be used anywhere American Airlines flies. This program works much like many other cards that the American Airlines rewards program provides on the market today. You earn points which you can use to purchase your plane ticket with the card. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for free tickets.

American Airlines started with a very small aadvantage program. They rewarded customers who spent a certain number of miles for their plane ticket with a free ticket. It worked well but was rather vague. Therefore, they started to offer a much more defined loyalty program.

With SimplyMiles, you can earn miles which you can redeem for free tickets. These miles can be used for future flights using the card. You earn one point each time you use the benefits of this program, and you can redeem those points for a future flight or hotel for free. The benefits are endless. You no longer need to rely on airline rewards programs to save on your flight costs.

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