American Airlines Cargo: All information on the services provided by the American company

American Airlines provides air cargo service on virtually all flights it operates within or outside the United States. With more than a loan fleet of one thousand aircraft and more than three thousand eight hundred daily departures, it provides one of the most comprehensive cargo networks in the industry in the world.

Global freight service is right at your fingertips, but before booking your service, you must first find out about:

The start-up
There are a few things you need to know before shipping. Follow these steps to get started with AA Cargo.

Shipping a pet or other animals
You should review the documentation requirements, useful tips, and learn how to make a reservation for a pet or other animal.

Security requirements for all senders
Information provided to shippers must be reviewed to meet security requirements established by the US government.

Shipping instructions and information
Prior to any reservation of a freight service provided by American Airlines, the customer is expected to review important information on a variety of topics, from general packaging to documentation and payment methods.

Track Freight Shipments

There is a possibility to track your packages online, all you need to do and enter an air waybill number to display the current status of your shipment, or track it to ‘to ten shipments.

Other freight products offered by the American company

American Cargo products give customers more control over factors such as priority boarding and faster connections when needed.

Online, you can get driving directions and hours of operation for AA’s freight facilities and priority parcel service locations.

Contact the customer service of this operator for any reservation or request for information
Call American Airlines Cargo customer service for pet and cargo reservations, or call 1-888-539-6764 for priority parcel service assistance.

Sign up for American Airlines Mycargo service

For any customer forgetting their ID or having difficulty signing up for the account, or if they cannot remember their User ID or if User ID has been disabled, they should contact American Airlines Support Cargo either by calling the phone number 1-888-539-6764 or sending an email to
American Airlines Cargo serves customers with an extensive range of services, including pet transportation. Passengers can schedule pet transportation by using the services of American Airlines Cargo’s “Pets Can Fly” program. Through this program, an animal enthusiast will be able to schedule a flight to the destination where he or she would like to take their pet with them. This service requires a VIP status. If you book a flight using this program, you will have to pay a one-time processing fee and you will then be able to select a specific airline to ship your pet to. You cannot schedule your pet transportation on any other airline.

American Airlines Cargo provides many different services for customers who want to transport their animals between flights. Many of these services are offered on a first come-first served basis. You can schedule your flight to take you to any destination up to the number of days you desire. For example, if you wish to bring your animals on board for the night you will only need to check the number of days you wish to stay. If you would like to bring your pets on board for several days you will be required to check the number of days you require. You will not be able to schedule multiple trips on the same day.

The main benefits that come from using an American Airlines Cargo service is the ability to send and receive live animals. As long as you meet all the requirements of the company you will be able to transport your pets through American Airlines cargo. The company will also accept fragile live animals and even turtles through their special service. If you have a special need such as a service animal, you should discuss this with your vet. The company is also known as an animal carrier broker.

How to send parcels online to save time and money

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What if my delivery is late or got lost on the way?

The seller remains responsible for the goods and anything that may happen to them if the carrier is not mandated by the customer.

Contact the seller or the air carrier

The first solution is of course to contact the seller or the carrier by phone or email (many sites offer an online parcel tracking service), article L 216-2 of the Consumer Code also indicates that the consumer is entitled to terminate the contract, and thus request a refund. The law also provides for penalties ranging from 10% to 50% of the amount of the purchase in the event of late repayment.

What if the seller asks you to redirect to American Airlines?

Unless the consumer has appointed a carrier different from that offered by the seller, full responsibility for the transport is borne by the latter. Article L. 221-15 of the Consumer Code specifies that it is the seller’s responsibility to actually deliver the order once it has been validated.

How to request a refund?

Usually, merchants will offer a refund on the online platform where the purchase was made. If no such measure is planned, the customer can send him a complaint by mail. Several models are available on the internet. It is also recommended to contact consumer defence associations. Without a response within eight days, it will then be necessary to send a formal notice to the seller by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

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