Citi AAdvantage Gold: Find out the number of miles required to achieve this status

By becoming a Citi AAdvantage Gold cardholder, the passenger can be upgraded for free by booking a full price ticket on various American Airlines flights.

This is because you can get an upgrade even if you are traveling on a reduced fare, however, you must use a 500 mile upgrade. You have the possibility to request your upgrade when booking your plane ticket by calling customer service (Page service client) at least 24 hours before your flight departure time.
In addition to the upgrade, Gold members are the first to board the plane, and before that, they can check-in in minutes with additional assistance at the airport. They have access to an area where they can check their flight and baggage quickly.

When it comes to security clearance, these members use a priority security check lane, and ultimately can board their aircraft using a priority boarding lane.

Sit on seats with extra legroom

These are seats that offer an additional six inches allowing you to relax comfortably by relieving your legs during the flight. These seats are usually located in the first row of the cabin, giving you the option of getting on and off the plane quickly.

This service is provided free of charge to subscribers with the Gold card.

Reservation of an additional seat

Passengers who achieve this status can reserve one more seat on the plane by paying half the price offered to other travelers. However, the reservation must be made in advance (at least 24 hours before departure).

For those who prefer to sit in window seats, they can choose Preferred seats for free when booking their flight online. You may prefer to reserve Main Cabin Extra seats, this option is granted to you by American Airlines without paying any fees.

Get 25% bonus miles

Your opportunity to earn extra miles and achieve the required amount to unlock a service or get a free plane ticket.

Earn miles traveling the shortest routes

500 miles will be paid to you after each flight reservation, even if you are traveling on short haul routes.

Free access to the Admirals Club lounge

This lounge offers premium passengers traveling with American Airlines anywhere in the world a break where they can relax, refresh themselves and taste the best of American, European, Asian or African cuisine before taking their flight.

The Admirals Club of the Oneworld alliance company offers passengers at Charles de Gaulle airport many services: relaxing showers, high-speed Wi-Fi and free snacks produced exclusively for American Airlines by family provider IMG. Local cheeses, baguettes of fresh bread, …

Take advantage of the services provided by the oneworld alliance

These are the services and benefits of a collection of the world’s best airlines serving nearly 1,000 destinations in over 150 countries around the world. As a Gold member, you will enjoy oneworld Ruby status, which is recognized by all oneworld member airlines and some thirty affiliated airlines. When you travel on lines served by carriers belonging to this alliance, you will enjoy the same priority check-in privileges and preferred seats as the carrier. You travel with offers to its Ruby status customers, and any miles you earn are eligible.

Extend your Gold status

Keep all of the benefits that AAdvantage gives you for years to come. You are able to keep this card by earning 25,000 miles or elite points. Otherwise, you can travel on 30 routes in twelve months of the calendar year.

Eligible miles include minimum mileage guarantee, where applicable, for members of AAdvantage elite status. Eligible miles do not include Class of Service bonus miles, other participant miles, or any other bonus miles.

The Citi Gold American Airlines card is issued by Bank of America. It can be used in any of their locations around the country and is valid for travel within Citi territories. These cards are not widely known, despite their great advantages. They have high annual fees compared to other credit cards. Still, many experts recommend them as a great way to start building credit card history, especially if you plan to use the card for travel.

Citi cards are used by American Airlines, Overboard, Delta, United, US Airways and many other participating operators around the world also accepting American Express, Diners Club, Discover, HSBC, MasterCard and Visa cards. Cards can be used for regular card purchases, cash advances, airline miles, online purchases, gift cards and more. This is the exclusive card distributed by American Airlines. This card provides air credit that will help passengers book with discounted fares and more.

This card has advantages that make it a popular card for frequent flyers and airline passengers who hold the card. It provides access to an air travel rewards program that offers cards with reduced airfare to long-term customers and regular cardholders. There are no annual fees, security fees or membership with this card.

Benefits of the Citi Gold American Airlines card include earning loyalty miles and other perks. Cardholders also have access to online account management and tools that help them plan their trips. The card also offers special programs and benefits that will help cardholders who travel for business or pleasure earn free or discounted airline tickets.

Gold cards are backed by the consolidation and development company American Airlines AAFCD, which is part of the AMEX company. AMEX is one of the largest credit card issuers in the world. This company is committed to helping its cardholders by offering innovative products and services. AMEX is also involved in the marketing and sales of travel products.

The Citi Gold American Airlines card offers benefits and features that appeal to many frequent travelers and business cardholders. This card is offered by Citi Bank. These cards are issued at their face value. They offer an attractive introductory APR of 0% for up to three years on purchases and balance transfers. The card can be used to pay bills online, book airline tickets.

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