Oneworld Ruby Status: Key Benefits for Subscribers

Traveling with Oneworld is a real lifelong gift. Book a flight with American Airlines and your points will start to accumulate. As soon as you are ready, convert them to flight with the US company or an eligible affiliate member. And every time you take an eligible flight, you earn points until you achieve Ruby status.

Miles on numerous airlines, preferred seating, and access to over 600 lounges are just a few of the perks of traveling with One World.

For American Airlines and all airlines that are members of this alliance, their mission is to provide the best service to their travelers, to make their travel experiences so enjoyable that they win their hearts and become loyal users of their airline. With this in mind and in the comfort of travelers, several airlines have come together to create a single alliance: One World, where satisfying its customers is its main purpose.

Getting the Ruby Card: What’s the procedure?

It gives you access to multiple benefits, as well as a massive network of connections and destinations that will get you where you never thought possible. To be a member of the One World program, you just need to belong to one of the memberships offered by the airlines associated with the alliance and that’s it.

Regardless of which cabin class you purchased your ticket in, if you are a member with a Ruby card, your benefits are:
– Access to preferential check-in in Business Class,
– Access to preferential seats,
– Priority in waiting lists.

To reach the Gold Representative Ruby level in oneworld, you must fly the equivalent of 7,000 EQM in 3 months and pay a registration fee of $ 100. And to reach the Platinum level representing Sapphire in this program, you must steal the equivalent of 12,500 EQM in 3 months and pay a registration fee of $ 180.

For example, if you register before June 16, 2021 and complete the required ADE, you will have the status until February 2022. And if you register between June 16 and December 31, the status will be valid until February 2023.

And if you wait until June 16, the registration fee increases to $ 140 and $ 200, respectively.

The other advantages and privileges granted to subscribers:
– Access to priority check-in at the Business Class counter;
– Access to preferential seats or to advance seat reservations;
– Priority on waiting lists.
What advantages do you have as a Oneworld Ruby member?
As a OneWorld Ruby member, when you fly with American Airlines, you get the following benefits:
– Preferential check-in (Business Class counters);
– Priority of boarding;
– Selection of preferred seats at time of booking and “Main Cabin Extra” at check-in;
– The first piece of baggage shipped in the hold free of charge per person (for passengers who are in the same reservation).

The benefit of the first bag shipped for free is one of the most valuable. Today, AA’s economy fare for flights within North America does not include checked baggage, and the first piece of checked baggage costs $ 30. In addition, as long as you are all included in the same reservation, you will have the first bag included per person. In other words, if you are 4 people flying to the United States and you carry four suitcases, you pay nothing.

Have access to VIP lounges

With Ruby status, you cannot access VIP lounges. Only if you have Oneworld Sapphire status, you can access these spaces.

Choose your favorite seats on the plane

On a domestic flight within the United States, American Airlines allows you to choose your seat at the time of ticket purchase, unless you are traveling on a base fare. However, most seats are blocked or offered at an excessive cost.

As we can see, for free, we can only choose medium seats, or failing that there is more availability from the twenty-eighth row. That’s okay at all, but if you have Ruby status, after entering your membership number in the reservation, as explained above, the seat map is updated.
There are still paid options, but it’s the seats that the American company calls Main Cabin Extra, which offer more legroom. These seats can also be chosen free of charge for Aadvantage Gold members, but only during check-in. Either way, you get access to preferred seats, and a lot more row availability later.

As you said, it’s not a life changing perk, but a perk that is also worth taking advantage of.

Can your status influence your decision to purchase and reserve a plane ticket?
By having the Ruby status of OneWorld, you will enjoy some benefits like the ones you saw above. They’re nothing fancy, but they can at the very least make your airport experience a bit more comfortable with priority check-in or priority boarding counters. In addition, they save you a lot of money in case we have planned to send luggage.

This latter data is not minor, as you need to include it in the equation when comparing the price of a flight. For example, if you were looking for domestic flights within the United States and you have at least you are going to carry and ship one piece of baggage, you should consider that it will be free on American Airlines flights, but not on Delta, United or Spirit.

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