American Airlines Baby Stroller: In the cabin or in the hold?

For safety reasons, children should travel in car seats appropriate for their age, weight and height that have been approved for use on airplanes.

On board, in addition to luggage, you can also take a folding stroller and a supply of diapers.
How do I get on the plane with a stroller? With which model? What are the rules for American Airlines? Several solutions are available to you. Either your stroller can be accepted as hand luggage in the cabin, or your stroller is loaded in the hold of the aircraft.

Stroller in the aircraft cabin: dimensions to be accepted

First of all, if you want to go on a trip with baby, know that babies are accepted on planes from 7 days old. And until they are twenty-three months old, they can travel for free on their parents’ lap.
Is your stroller of the ultra compact cane or folding umbrella type when folded up and does not exceed the dimensions of hand luggage? You can take her in the cabin on the plane. It will be counted as hand baggage (in addition to accessory baggage and your handbag to which you are entitled in the cabin). You will therefore not be able to carry other hand luggage with you other than your stroller.
That said, you are also entitled to so-called accessory baggage which must not weigh more than 4 Ibs. A small changing bag that doubles as a changing mat and bed can be a practical solution to have everything on hand.

If your baby is traveling for free on your lap, he or she is not entitled to carry-on baggage (except one bag with necessary items, such as milk and cleaning products). If he has a reserved seat, he will be entitled to the same baggage allowance granted to adults.

Good to know, if the baby is traveling on your lap, American Airlines will let you take a small bag containing baby’s essential items and accessories (diaper, bottle, food, etc.). It’s free or at an additional cost (depending on the flight or destination).

For the dimensions of your travel stroller, they must comply with IATA (International Air Transport Association) standards. According to this recommendation, hand baggage should not exceed the following dimensions: 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm. It must not weigh more than 22 Ibs.

But beware these standards are only recommendations and may vary depending on the airline on which you fly. Before booking your plane flight, it is therefore preferable to inquire about the exact conditions and to check that your stroller meets their requirements. Contact American Airlines Customer Service here.
A little subtlety you may run into: If your plane is packed and cabin storage is overflowing, you may be asked to put your travel stroller in the aircraft hold.

In principle, at the boarding gates, templates are installed to check that your baggage passes in the cabin. Before boarding, you can therefore check that your travel stroller meets your airline’s requirements.

Stroller at the aircraft door or in the aircraft hold

With your travel stroller, you can dispose of it right up to the plane’s boarding gate. The American Airlines flight crew then takes care of putting the stroller in the hold and bringing it back to you either at the end of the flight, leaving the plane on the gangway, or it’s up to you to retrieve it from the carousel luggage.

Your travel stroller must be checked in as baggage and stored in the aircraft hold if it is not a pushchair, or is too heavy or too large to fit in the cabin.

Carrying a stroller on an airplane is easier than you might think.

One of the most difficult ways is a stroller on an airplane. A large stroller can easily be overbalanced on an airplane. The entire stability of the cart and the safety of the child may be at stake. Airlines like American Airlines have strict rules for strollers on board. They don’t want any device that could interfere with flight stability. If you’re looking for a good way to pack your stroller on a long trip, don’t hesitate to contact an American Airlines customer service agent.

The airline generally agrees to carry cane strollers, you will love the convenience of this stroller. It is lighter than the average stroller. It folds flat, making it convenient for air travel. It has a light frame, which makes it easy to move from one place to another. It is made of high quality nylon fabric, so even if you bump the front side during transportation, you will not have a problem. This stroller is also available in many colors.

This stroller will fit perfectly inside the hanging bins. When folded, it takes up much less space than most others. It’s also portable and foldable, so you can get it on and off the plane. It is a perfect choice for taking your child’s favorite things with you. With this handy little device, you can quickly travel with your child peacefully by plane. It is extremely convenient and extremely safe.

These strollers come with plenty of pockets to carry the necessary items. Some carriers will even include a rain cover for extra protection during the summer months. There is a loop on the top of the stroller to secure the handle so that you can carry your baby as close to your body as possible without them becoming uncomfortable.

The seats are reclined and the seat back can be adjusted to be level with the dashboard. There is ample storage space under the seat and there are even cup holders. If you prefer, the stroller comes with a storage bin to store things underneath.

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