American Airlines: e-check-in available for international & domestic flights

Thanks to the online check-in option available on the American Airlines website:, passengers can now check-in online, whether they are traveling on international flights or on domestic routes within the USA, and print their boarding pass, wherever they are in the world.

Deadline - Time limite: When do you have to register?

Check-in can be done on-site 24 hours and up to 90 minutes prior to departure time for international flights (and 45 minutes prior to departure time for local / regional flights).

Now, thanks to electronic tickets, you can check in directly online. Web check-in is a process that allows you to print your boarding pass at home to avoid queues at the airport. The time at which you can start checking in online varies by airline. At American Airlines, you can check in for your flight two hours before departure.

The US carrier sometimes lets you check-in much more in advance, and note that they may charge you a penalty if you do not print your boarding pass before arriving at the airport.

To check in online you must go directly to the airline's website, with your booking reference. . This reference is visible on the confirmation email that the airline sent you.

If this reference is not visible on the airline's email, it is recommended that you contact one of the American Airlines advisers. Check-in can be done up to a full day before your departure and is subject to certain conditions.

If you have several flights from different airlines in your order, you will receive your boarding passes separately.
In addition, if your departure is not scheduled for the next twenty four hours, American Airlines invites you to be patient, as the boarding pass (s) will generally be sent to you up to 24 hours before departure.

You can also contact the airline for more information about your order or log onto their website.

Check in your flight at the airport

It is of course possible for you to check in directly by going to the airport. You can go to the boarding counter where an agent will check you in and give you your boarding pass. You can also check-in via an automatic kiosk which will edit your boarding pass.

Check in at the automatic terminals

The self-service check-in kiosk allows you to obtain your boarding pass and select your seats or confirm the ones you have chosen upon purchase.

Several airports now have automatic kiosks so you can check in, tag your baggage and print your boarding pass. To register, all you need to do is insert your payment card with your first and last name into the interactive terminal (even if it was not used to pay for your ticket), or enter your electronic ticket number or your number reservation.
At some interactive kiosks, you can also identify yourself by scanning your passport. Once identified, the interactive terminal will find your electronic ticket in the reservation database. You can then choose or validate your seat, then your boarding pass is edited. If you need to check in baggage, simply drop it off at the baggage drop counter.

All customers who have purchased their tickets from a travel agent, on the Internet or through the American Airlines reservation service can use these kiosks.

How it works?

You just need to follow the on-screen instructions. The whole process is displayed as you go. First, you must identify yourself by entering your reservation number, passport number, or the one corresponding to the credit card used during the purchase.

Then, as if by magic, your name and that of the person accompanying you are displayed automatically, as well as your route. After making sure that everything is correct, the terminal asks you for the number of bags to check, which you enter. Then, by pressing Finish Check-in and Print, the kiosk gives you your boarding passes as well as the labels you can affix to the suitcases.

But what is the use of these self-service kiosks since after receiving your access card, you still have to enter the queue? Once checked in, passengers who have no baggage to drop off can go directly to the boarding gate without queuing, after of course having gone through security. Those with suitcases go to the lanes reserved for the luggage deposit. As all check-in has already been completed, waiting times are reduced as the interaction at the counter is shorter.

American Airlines self-service kiosks can also send an electronic boarding pass directly to your smartphone.
For example, you want to go to Toronto from New York. You can choose directly on your smartphone from one of the many daily departures offered to the Canadian city from the airport of your choice. Once the reservation is made, you can then consult the application as you wish, to find various information about your flight, including changes if necessary.

Check in at the counter

To check in at the counter, all you need to do is show your plane ticket, reservation number and ID. Agents will take care of your luggage and print your boarding pass.

American Airlines allows you to check in from your smartphone

The US airline has implemented an online cell phone check-in function, a barcode replacing the traditional boarding pass.

Available on all routes it serves American Airlines, the system allows passengers to check-in online on their smartphone between 24 hours and 120 minutes before take-off, with a choice of seat. Once they have passed through immigration, all they need to do is show the barcode at the boarding gate. This mobile check-in device is yet another improvement on top of any it has launched before, intended to make traveling easier, faster and more enjoyable for its passengers.

The American Airlines smartphone application is available in several languages, it displays the registered or unregistered status of the passenger, and saving the registration card in the laptop eliminates the need for wifi or cellular networks, and therefore escape roaming charges abroad. It also integrates the Passbook function for iOS.

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  1. Zeyn Dan

    Hi, I wanted to have a solution to my little problem. I have booked a return flight with American Airlines on April 16, 2022. According to the check-in conditions on the website, I must complete the online check-in four days before the flight departs. Only if we follow the same logic, I will have to check in for the return flight on June 15th. But I will probably not have access to a printer to print the return ticket.

    I wanted to know if any of you were in the same situation as me and managed to check in early on both return flights

  2. Bryan Gino

    I have a problem with the android app. I can’t log in normally. While on the internet (website) it is normal. What is the problem exactly?

    I would like to complete my online check-in directly on my app, but there is a problem there, even though the app worked perfectly on my old iphone.

  3. Donnie Carter

    I have my flight information already on my smartphone AA app. Do I have to wait till my flight date to get my boarding pass sent to my smartphone app? Is it automatic or do I have to request it? Thanks.

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