Modification of the American Airlines ticket: Correct the name, change the departure time, you can manage everything online

Find out how to view your reservation details online, as well as how to book special services before your trip. This will allow you to leave with peace of mind and fully enjoy your vacation.

How would you like to know the status or status of your online reservation?
Using the Manage my Reservation section, you can easily view the status of your reservation as well as your flight details (information on baggage, PNR number for checking in, etc.).

Directly accessible from the home page of the American airline’s website, or its mobile application, this space also allows you to pre-fill in a certain amount of information in order to save time during your next reservations.

Find all this information by clicking on the “Manage Reservation” tab, then enter the data required for identification with your account.

You can track information on the status of your order in the reservation management section on the American airlines website. Below you will find the meaning of the statuses that can be attributed to your reservation:

– Waiting for payment to the airline
Your reservation has been made, payment is awaited, in this case, it is the air carrier that initiates the withdrawal of funds. Airline tickets will be issued once the airline authorizes it: as a rule, within 3 hours of order creation. When the ticket is issued, the operating company blocks the funds on your bank card.

Pending confirmation of payment, a control of your card by the anti-fraud system has been initiated. What could be the reason for the anti-fraud check on your card? Paid and issued, payment has been confirmed, the e-ticket has been issued and the itinerary receipt has been sent to the email address provided during reservation.

– Pending reimbursement
Your refund request has been received and is being processed. The approximate time to process the request is typically seventy-two hours. The reimbursement conditions depend on the method of payment. Refunded, your ticket refund request has been processed, the reservation is canceled, the funds are returned to the payer by the same payment method that was used for the payment of the reservation.

– Payment not confirmed
Payment for your order has not been confirmed? There may be several reasons for this operation to fail: lack of funds in your account or your bank card has a usage limit; your bank card has not passed the anti-fraud check; for technical reasons. You will find more details in the letter which was sent to you by e-mail.

Change the date or route of your reservation

Any changes made to the ticket (date, itinerary, etc.) are only possible in accordance with the pricing conditions applicable to this ticket, the carrier rules and the conditions of the public offer contract. Changes may not be possible for some tickets; some changes, if any, may be subject to additional charges for the benefit of the carrier and agency service charges. For more details, please refer to the fare conditions or contact your airline’s help desk. To modify your reservation, please log in to your Manage Reservation area and enter the desired dates and / or the itinerary. You have the option of adding additional information to your request.

Can you change or modify the last name, first name or title in your ticket?

In general, the plane ticket cannot be reissued for another person. If the last name, first name or title in your ticket does not match the information on your identity documents (for example, passport), you can send a data correction request to American Airlines customer relations officers. Please take into consideration that even the smallest corrections to the name may be prohibited or permitted with a supplement depending on airline rules; agency service charges may also apply. In order to send a name correction request, please log on to the site and enter your passenger area, attach to your request a copy of the first page of the passport or other identity document of the passenger for whom the staff American Airlines needs to make changes. The helpdesk of the US company will contact you by e-mail after fixing this problem.

Correct an error in your ticket?

Please take into consideration that changes to the reservation may be chargeable in accordance with airline rules and policy. Agency service charges may also apply. Before confirming your reservation, make sure that the data is correct: check the dates, names, departure and destination points. If you notice an error in your reservation, please contact our Assistance Department as soon as possible.

Cancel your reservation online

Always by logging in to your customer area, you have access to all the reservations you want to cancel and then validate the operation with one click. However, you should take into consideration that cancellation of the ticket may be subject to penalties in accordance with the airline’s fare conditions.

An online solution facilitating the management of your reservation

When the traveler books online, the customer will usually receive a confirmation at the email address they provided. The confirmation will usually state that the ticket has been successfully booked and will include the information the travel agent needs to complete the booking. This lack of paper documentation is very important as many of the agent’s tasks, including assisting in securing shipments, assist with normal cargo reservations. Without hard copies of all these documents, it becomes virtually impossible to make changes or confirm changes to the ticket. Having a confirmation email, printed or typed, ensures that the transaction is secure between the travel agency and the ticket holder.

There are a number of benefits to using electronic methods of securing airline tickets provided by American Airlines, including the ability to make changes, cancel or change flight dates, and receive updates. updates and notifications regarding your reservation. The ability to manage the booking online makes it easy to track the status of the ticket online. There are a number of different tools available online to help you manage your reservation. These tools include alerts, messages and reminder calls to remind you of your reservation.

To maximize the benefits of using online services to make reservations, it is often necessary to use several different services. There are a number of airlines that offer multiple services to meet your needs. Some of these companies provide courier services, as well as electronic printing and delivery of your reservation records. It may also be possible to subscribe to automatic shipping services, which will allow you to have your ticket automatically shipped to your home or office for free. There are even companies that offer virtual ticket purchasing capabilities on their websites. Virtual ticketing services allow customers to purchase tickets online from the comfort of their laptops, and without having to physically visit the ticket vendor.

A number of benefits and features are available when using an online booking service. First, there is no queue and no paperwork. Customers can book and pay online and have their reservations processed in minutes. Some services even allow customers to print their receipts. If you use an online shopping service, you can accept credit cards and provide online access to your customer’s account information.
Using an online booking website makes it easier to manage online booking processes anytime, anywhere. You can log into your space during regular business hours, access your booking information and make changes, all without ever being at your desk. This ease of access allows you to easily track multiple customer accounts and make changes as needed. Whenever you need to update information or rearrange your tickets, all you need to do is log into the website and make the necessary changes.

In today’s world, it is becoming more and more important to manage the online booking of tickets. A lack of online ticket booking services can create a number of problems for the travel agency. If an agent cannot verify a ticket reservation with the service provider, the customer may have issues with the validity of their reservation. This uncertainty could be particularly embarrassing if you are traveling to an unknown destination. Many travelers like to book their tickets online and want to be sure of their reservation by any means necessary. There are a number of different methods of doing this online, including methods such as the Internet, credit cards, or over the phone.

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    • mark a. ackmann

      please send my flight,itenerary to my e-mail address.we have booked a flight from minneapolis,mn. going to orlando ,florida-the week of–october 15 thru,october 22…2022.

  1. Lawrence S Bloom

    I am trying to make seat assignment. I completed my booking using an Expedia credit. It doesn’t show a confirmation number. When I enter my itinerary it is not recognized as valid. What should I do.

  2. Beverley Baker

    I am trying to fill in the Verifly app and it says my name is incorrect. The booking is for Beverley Baker. I have just noticed that the eticket and receipt confirmation is for Mrs Beverly J Baker. You have spelt my first name wrong. Does this affect my journey???? UWZZEL

    • Beverley Baker

      Can you tell me if its necessary to change the name of the receipt which you have miss spelt as Beverly to the correct version

  3. jorge Tirado

    Hello my name is Jorge Tirado I have a flight with you on October the 9th at night, I don’t remember my record locator for the flight. would you email that information for me please.

  4. Stephen PEARL

    Need to add special assistance to my booking, locator YAZNVZ.
    We found out AA arrives in London at terminal 5 now, I will need a wheelchair upon arrival on July 5th, flight AA 100, arriving at 6:20.
    Please confirm
    Stephen Pearl

  5. Raymond Martini

    The last name on my reservation is incorrect. I added a letter to the end of my name by mistake. It should read Raymond Martini and NOT Raymond Martiniq.

    My record locator is SUFNND, trip from Lake Charles, LA., to Providence, R. I. on April 22, 2021.

    Please correct the name. Thank you.

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