United Airlines Baggage Policy, Cabin and Hold

On United Airlines flights, hand luggage and baggage are transported according to established rules. A passenger may take one piece of hand baggage with one personal item into the cabin, regardless of the class of service. A personal item taken with you is a bag, a briefcase, a laptop.

How much luggage/handbag in the cabin?

The size of United Airlines hand luggage is standardized, it should not exceed 23x35x56 cm, if you add the length, width, height = 114 cm.

The size is standardized so that it is convenient to place things in a niche above the seats or under the front seat, without cluttering the interior. With a bag and a personal object, without paying, you can take:

– Outerwear;
– Umbrella;
– Container with an animal (for a fee);
– Folded baby stroller, chair;
– Small items (camera, cosmetic bag);
– Some groceries, duty-free products;
– Medical devices (crutches, medical devices, medicines).

The weight of United Airlines hand luggage can be up to 10 kg. If it exceeds the norm, and the dimensions of United Airlines hand luggage are larger than necessary, a tag is attached to the bag and sent to the baggage compartment (checked in as baggage and paid for).

Various liquids, aerosols (even purchased in the duty free zone) cannot be transported in the cabin. They are placed in a transparent container, a bag up to 1 liter, 100 ml. The tightness of the package is checked during a personal check, carried among the luggage.

How many suitcases (pieces) in the hold?

On the domestic flights of the air carrier, the standards apply – one bag up to 23 kg for economy class, one bag up to 32 kg for business class and two bags of 32 kg each in the first.

For transatlantic flights with Europe, Canada, India, baggage allowance:

– First, business class, two-piece up to 32 kg, height up to 158 cm (summarizing three measurements);
one bag in economy class up to 23 kg, height 158 ​​cm;

– If all measurements are above the standard parameters, an additional payment for the excess is made.

– For a flight from America to other airports in the world, baggage is transported without payment:

– For the first business class – 2 pieces of luggage up to 32 kg, height up to 158 cm;
economy – 2 pieces of luggage up to 23 kg, of the same size;

– If an airliner flies to Asian regions, the weight standards change, leaving the number of seats unchanged:

– For first class baggage, it must weigh 40 kg;

– For business class, the maximum weight allowed is 30 kg;

– For economy – weight up to 20 kg.

In Business Class, First Class, on domestic flights, regular United Mileage Plus members who reach Tier 1K, Premier Executive, Premier, or Premier Associate can carry two additional bags free of charge. If passengers have Star Alliance Silver, Star Alliance Gold cards, they can also carry 2 pieces of luggage for free. There are baggage allowances for passengers on transatlantic airliners.

United Airlines baggage rules do not allow valuables, documents, fragile and breakable items, and medications to be carried in baggage. These items must be brought with you to the salon. There is a list that indicates what is forbidden to take into the cabin during the flight. It consists of objects with sharp edges (scissors, knives), sports equipment (bats), toys similar to real weapons, shockers and other stun devices.

Each company has its own list, check before the flight. There is a list which indicates that it is strictly forbidden to transport on airplanes. These include all types of weapons, toxic, flammable and explosive substances. The list has been compiled to avoid dangerous situations in flight.

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