Redeem miles earned in the MileagePlus program: Find out what you can redeem them for

Passengers of the United Airlines carrier can participate in the loyalty program, through which you can receive rewards in the form of miles. It is allowed to spend bonuses for the purchase of an airline ticket, as well as for the use of other airline services such as the purchase of additional baggage.

What can you spend your miles on?

Members of the MileagePlus loyalty program can invest bonuses in the same way as base tier holders.

To buy a free ticket in one or two directions. To upgrade class of service subject to availability. At the same time, the privilege of getting a seat with a Silver, Gold, Platinum or 1K cardholder and not the base fare. For charity or for the goods of the partners, their services.

You can transfer bonuses to friends or relatives who are participants in the bonus program. United Airlines guarantees honesty and transparency in transactions, and offers you advantageous prices for the sale and purchase of miles.

Buy an award ticket

A United Airlines passenger can receive a ticket in exchange for miles. To do this, there must be a sufficient number of bonus units on the bonus account. Gift tickets can be purchased one way or two ways. However, it is not possible to issue an open date and return the ticket.

The validity of a ticket purchased with miles is limited to 12 months. However, if there are no free seats on board, the air carrier has the right to refuse to issue a premium product. It is allowed to exchange tickets with an automatic reduction in the level of service.

Spend miles with United Airlines partners

Members of the MileagePlus program are entitled to use miles to purchase services or goods from partner companies. Among them: supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, shops, pharmacies, …

In order to use the miles as a means of payment, the customer only needs to use his membership number in the booking form.

 – Book a hotel room with miles

Hotel reservations are made through the website. The algorithm includes several steps:
Fill in the fields of the form indicating the city or the name of the hotel, the date of arrival and departure, the number of residents. Then check the box next to “Use miles”. Click the Search Hotels button.

The service will accordingly return a list of hotels suitable for the specified parameters and the price of the rental in miles. It remains only to select the desired option, dial and click on the “Book” button.

MileagePlus Gift Card

This type of card is ideal for the initial establishment of the relationship with the customer. They are loaded with a gift which can be a number of points, a discount offer or an amount to boost the initial purchase. Likewise, they can be put up for sale for regular customers to use as gifts.

United Airlines allows you to redeem your gift cards with other MileagePlus rewards program members.

Book a cruise vacation with miles

United Airlines allows you to use and spend miles to buy an award plane ticket, rent a car, but also to book a cruise.

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