Book a United Airlines seat with Economy Plus: All fare features

United Airlines Economy Plus class is the ticket category that falls between economy class and business class, and generally offers a clear evolution in terms of comfort and service compared to economy class while remaining less ambitious than first class or business class.

What is the added value on board this cabin?

The advantages of a seat in the superior economy class are numerous, but the added value nevertheless remains relative to your expectations and your needs. If you want a little more room for your legs in addition to seats that recline more and are more spacious, Economy Plus class is for you. On the other hand, if you hope to have a folding seat in bed to sleep like a baby until your destination, the level of luxury of this cabin will remain below your expectations.

It is common to see seats in the upper economy class being up to 8cm wider and offering up to 17cm of extra legroom. For a domestic flight of only a few hours, the game may not be worth the candle, but for a long-haul flight, every extra inch counts.

The seating arrangement in the upper economy section also varies somewhat from standard economy class as rows are often configured 2-4-2 or 2-3-2 instead of the typical 3-4-3 . It should be noted that the configurations and comfort of the seats in the superior economy class also vary depending on the domestic or international flights. It is therefore best to check the configuration of the devices to fully understand the differences specific to your carrier.

Keep peace of mind and choose the seat of your choice on the day of your reservation, and up to 48 hours before your departure.

You can also select front cabin seats, quieter with more legroom, seats in row two. The emergency exits are only valid for adults and valid. Make way for well-being.

A completely renovated fleet: United has put into service several new reconfigured aircraft. The new generation economy class seats benefit from the latest technical advances in the field and provide better seating comfort.

For your relaxation and rest, a blanket and pillow are provided on all our flights. For your convenience, a kit consisting of a mask, earplugs, earpiece and adapter is distributed to you.

Finally, special attention has been paid to the quality of harmony in the cabin. The aircraft of the American company are equipped with moodlighting, an innovative lighting system making it possible to diffuse light atmospheres simulating nightfall or sunrise according to the different phases of the flight.

Priority Baggage Handling

As Star Alliance Gold, your luggage also receives a priority wristband and is the first thing on the belt when you arrive. Although it does not work equally well at all airports.

The Star Alliance Gold Track will get you through airport security faster. The Gold Track is signposted at many airports around the world. Not only Star Alliance Gold status holders can use the Gold Track, but also Business Class and First Class travelers.

Besides space and comfort, are there any other benefits to choosing an Economy Plus seat?

Passengers in this class generally receive faster priority service when serving food and beverages. They are also sometimes entitled to additional snacks and drinks.

Seats in this category qualify for more amenities such as an eye mask, toothbrush, more comfortable blanket and pillow, and larger entertainment screens. Some modern aircraft even have reading lights built into the seat in addition to power outlets and large serving trays.

Finally, passengers in Economy Plus class are entitled to priority boarding and additional baggage. Overall, tickets in this class provide a much improved flight experience compared to the standard economy class recognized for offering the minimum.

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