Discover the characteristics of the seats offered by United Airlines in Premium Class

United Premium Class is an intermediate class that sits between Classic Economy and Business Class. It gives access to more privileges compared to economy class, which in addition to the advantages of economy class, according to the companies can include: Special dedicated rows; A wider seat with more legroom; Priority boarding; Higher baggage allowances; Headphones with noise reduction; …

What United’s Premium Class looks like?

Goodbye to sitting comfort and welcome to a real upgrade, a truly more comfortable way to travel, without paying the invaluable prices of business class tickets. United’s new Premium offers plenty of perks and doesn’t charge nonsense for it. Check it out:

  • One registered for free
  • Preferential shipping
  • Discount for admission to certain United Clubs
  • Much more spacious seat with more leg room, arm room and greater recline
  • Signature meals with complimentary beer and wine
  • Business class pillow and blanket
  • Earphone with noise reduction
  • Seats with plugs and USB

For comparison, the seat in Premium class has a pitch of 96 cm, an inclination of 15 cm and the seat is 48 cm wide. The Economy Plus has 86 steps, reclines 10cm and the seat is 43cm wide. Imagine that the economy class is only 78 cm high.

The higher the number, the more room for your legs, between 78 cm economy class to 96 cm Premium Plus, there is almost 20 cm more.

The difference in the quality of the blanket and pillow will quickly catch your eye. The pillow is much bigger, with a fabric pillowcase and not that economy polyester. The blanket is a real blanket, the same as that used in business class.

You’ll also notice that the TV screen is much larger and the headphones really block out ambient sound, which makes a big difference on long flights. But what will really captivate you is the width of the chair and the double armrest, which puts an end to this fight with the neighbor over who will put his arm where. Under the armrest is a very efficient space for storing books, phones and water, as well as a USB socket and a headphone socket.

How much does a Premium flight cost?

For comparison, a flight from San Francisco to Tokyo costs $ 1,961 in Economy class (cheaper fare), $ 2,237 in Flexible Economy (with more benefits and rebooking), $ 2,561 in Premium class, and $ 7,841. $ in business class. It will also be possible to upgrade with miles.

The row in which the Premium class seats are located are just behind the business class of the aircraft. The first row equals the ease and speed of disembarking.

Is it really worth it?

No doubt, it is worth paying 50% more for a Premium seat, especially on long journeys.

Will a Premium cabin upgrade option be available on all flights?

Is it possible to purchase an upgrade to travel to the Premium cabin? United Airlines allows you to upgrade to travel in this cabin, obviously depending on the availability of seats.

You can upgrade to Premium class by flying only on a route served by United Airlines, and not on flights operated by Star Alliance airlines.

The availability of seats in this cabin is not always guaranteed. Passengers can find out whether or not they can travel in this space when booking their plane ticket.

Passengers choosing to fly in this cabin cannot earn additional miles. They are credited with the same member with miles granted to Premium class travelers.

What are the possibilities and conditions for reimbursement?

By traveling in this cabin you are not entitled to reimbursement unless it was because of the airline.

It is also important to inform passengers that they cannot opt for an upgrade option if they have booked a plane ticket to travel in Economy Basic class.

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