Discounted Dollar car rental deals for United Airlines passengers

Dollar Rent a Car is the exclusive car rental provider for United Airlines, the US airline and its Mileage Plus loyalty program.

At United Airlines, travel isn’t just a flight, it’s a global service. The collaboration with the American car rental company supports United’s ambition on the premium offering: to offer its customers a smooth transition from air to road.

Dollar Rent a Car is the exclusive car rental provider for United Airlines, the US airline and its Mileage Plus loyalty program.

Dollar, one of the world’s leading car rental companies, and United, one of North America’s largest airlines, announce their partnership and launch a new campaign for the occasion. This will give customers a premium travel experience, both in the air and on the road.

These two companies offer their customers a worry-free and Premium travel experience. Their customers can thus benefit from a wide range of advantages.

The partnership between the two companies highlights the premium travel experience, both air and road, offered by United and Dollar.

Passengers traveling with the US carrier who book a rental with Dollar receive miles to earn as part of the Mileage Plus loyalty program.

Offers with lots of advantages for customers

United Airlines Mileage Plus loyalty program members can earn hundreds of miles by renting with Dollar at various destinations served by the US carrier.

For several years, United has partnered with Dollar Rent a Car, offering over thirty million members special discounts and miles on car rentals.

In the event of occasional flight disruptions, Dollar provides rental vehicles to passengers and crew as needed.

Present in several countries, the DRC network provides its customers with a fleet of around 150,000 rental vehicles (short or medium term) of all types to suitably meet both the demand of individuals and professionals.

In addition to benefiting from the offers offered at exclusive rates, you earn miles on every rental: 50 miles for each daily reservation and up to 500 miles for each long-term rental (five days or more).

If you do not wish to hire a car at the same time as booking your plane ticket online, United invites you to call their customer service by telephone at 1.800 800.4000. An agent will help you complete the reservation process and pay the rental fees for your car.

Rent a car online

Renting a car online for a weekend or a vacation is a very advantageous alternative. You have the possibility to select your model, to have the pleasure of driving a brand new car, to decide on the rental period, to leave the vehicle in the city of arrival, all without leaving your home.

Even at the last moment, you can book your vehicle very easily on the United Airlines website. Dollar Rent a Car listens to United Airlines passengers, their motto: rental is freedom.

The range of models offered ranges from urban to minivan. All types of vehicles are represented online for all kinds of occasions. Whether you want to rent a car online for a vacation, for work or for a special event, the Dollar Rent a Car offer adapts to your demand. This includes packs intended either for young people or for professionals and unlimited mileage for certain vehicles.

The American company also offers LTR (Long Term Rental) vehicles for customers wishing to have a new car all year round, without having to invest or take care of maintenance.

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