Carriage of liquids in carry-on/checked baggage as per United Airlines policy

Most of the world’s airports have approved the model adopted by the United States as a preventive and security measure against possible terrorist attacks with liquid explosives.
For this reason and in order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience, it is advisable to carefully follow the rules , thus avoiding being forced to throw unauthorized objects into the cabin. The other option, of course, is to carry them in checked baggage (if applicable) that travels in the aircraft hold.

Liquids should be carried in a transparent bag or toiletry bag

The measures detailed here are applied at all airports in the United States and the European Union – and in certain others such as Norway, Iceland, Morocco, or Brazil, regardless of the destination and the airline. Passengers stopping over at EU air terminals are also subject to these rules.

What is considered a liquid?

Do not attempt to pass security checks with any liquid-like substance. European authorities include in this classification some products that you may not perceive as such.

In addition to water or other beverages, creams, toothpastes, lotions, and oils are considered liquids. You must add perfumes, gels such as shower gel, shampoo, contact lens solutions and other hygiene products in pressurized containers, such as shaving foam or deodorants, aerosols and other substances of similar consistency.

How to carry liquids on a United Airlines Flight

You can only take small amounts of these products in your hand luggage. More precisely 100 milliliters of each of them, and they must be transported in a closed transparent plastic container -whether it is a simple bag generally used for the freezer or a travel bag- and the sum of all does not exceed one liter. At the security check, you must present it separately from your hand luggage, so that the staff can easily inspect it.

In addition to these liquids, you can carry items that you urgently need during the flight, such as medicines, with their relevant prescription or optional justification for their use, special dietary products or food for children. Security personnel check the contents of hand luggage by X-ray.

Take the worry out of your duty free purchases at stores after security or inside the plane. Whether it’s drinks, cosmetics or perfumes, you can travel with them on board without any problem. The only requirement is that you keep the corresponding purchase receipt and that the bag is properly sealed, so do not open it until you have reached your destination.

Finally, before you travel, beyond liquids, we also recommend that you review what other items you can carry in your hand luggage and which you cannot.

Carrying liquids in hand luggage with United Airlines?

Carrying liquids in handbags is prohibited unless they comply with the following measures:
Traveling will be easy and you won’t have any problems with the airport authorities if you follow the established rules, including those that refer to baggage and its restrictions on liquids.

Those airports operated by the TSA in the United States prohibit the transport of liquids in hand luggage (which goes up in the cabin), unless they are transported in containers smaller than 100 ml.

How to pack liquids in hand baggage?

The condition for liquids and gels to be carried in carry-on baggage or personal items is that they be kept in individual containers with a maximum capacity of 100ml (3.4oz) and placed in a plastic bag. resealable plastic not exceeding 20 x 20 cm.

Some stores sell empty bottles to fill with liquids; you can buy them or opt for some you already have, as long as they don’t exceed the quantity. There are also toothpastes, shampoo and other products that they already sell in small containers for travel.

How much liquid can you carry in hand baggage?

By grouping together all the liquids you carry, you must not exceed the maximum quantity of one liter per passenger.

To check that you do not exceed the authorized limit, in some airports, they ask you to keep your liquids in a bag that they provide to you. This must close completely, so it is very important that your containers are also equal to or less than 100 ml even if you do not fill them completely. Those with greater capacity cannot enter even if the content is less.

What liquids can be carried in hand baggage?

You can pack liquids that have a cosmetic and personal hygiene use in containers no larger than 100 milliliters. They include: Shampoo, toothpaste, perfume, liquid makeup, creams, lotions, mouthwash, makeup remover, liquid soap and antibacterial gel among others.

If you carry the items in quantities greater than 100 ml. they will make you throw them away.
Is it safe to change the liquids to a container that is not the original?

Many are afraid to buy little bottles and refill them because it is not its original container. Do not worry. The authorities do not review each liquid and if they doubt any of them, they will quickly do a reactive test. You will not have any problems.

Can milk and baby food be carried in hand baggage?

Liquids are allowed in larger quantities when it comes to passengers with special dietary needs: such as food and drinks for babies or people under medical treatment (for example, you can pass a cough syrup).

What liquids are prohibited in hand baggage?

You cannot carry toxic or radioactive chemicals. You cannot bring soups, yogurt or liquid foods that are in containers larger than 100 ml.

Does United Airlines checked baggage have liquid restrictions?

There are no restrictions on liquids in checked baggage. You can take the amounts you want.

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