All about the Miles and More program and United Airlines MileagePlus member benefits

From now on, United Airlines passengers will be able to accumulate and exchange miles with the American company and other air operators by participating in the Miles and Mores program.

United Airlines represents Miles & More in the United States, and as such is responsible for supervising all American customers.

MileagePlus miles will be transferred and status will be recognized under the new program. United Airlines customers will be able to earn and redeem miles with a large number of additional airlines and partner companies.

The passengers of the American company welcome these services very favorably, which are significantly enriched by the extension of the partnership to the partner airlines of the Miles and More loyalty program.

How to join the Miles and More program

United Airlines passengers who are members of the MileagePlus rewards program are automatically enrolled in the Miles and More program. And to identify themselves to their member space, they only have to use their identification details by going to this page.

Silver Gold statuses are recognized: Silver members will receive the new status of “Frequent Flyer”; Gold members, that of Senator.

Miles de Prime Miles & More à cumuler avec United Airlines

As a Miles & More member, you receive one award mile for every dollar you spend on your purchase. United Miles & More credit card holders who use it to purchase any service or product earn extra miles for each credit card transaction.

Redeem miles for upgrades

You will also earn extra Miles as part of its promotions for Miles & More members. From a minimum order value of 5,000 Award Miles, you can also redeem your accumulated Miles for upgrades.

Use miles to book award tickets

United Airlines award tickets can be booked with Miles and More. Here, the miles are exchanged for flights with the American company itself, its subsidiaries or its Star Alliance partners. The cost of awards is shown in the Miles & More redemption table. These reservations can be made online on the Miles & More website, but sometimes reservations must be made by telephone (call 1.800.421.4655). However, flights must be available for this, as award tickets are very limited, especially in premium classes.

United award tickets can be booked with miles accumulated in the Miles and Mores program from 9000 miles.

If there is availability, you can reserve your ticket and just pay the taxes and fees. You can book award tickets very cheaply with Star Alliance partner United Airlines.

How do upgrade awards work with Miles and More?

As the name suggests, you can also redeem your Miles & More for upgrades. This is possible with United Airlines. Here too, the possibility of an upgrade is linked to availability. However, there is another restriction on booking an upgrade, namely the booking class with the US airline, upgrades from the cheapest booking classes are not possible. Therefore, you have to choose a more expensive booking class when you book an upgrade with Miles and More Miles, which makes little sense in most cases. Because in addition to this requirement, the mileage values ​​of the upgrades are anything but cheap.

An upgrade from a cheap, but not the cheapest, booking class from economy to business class can cost you 50,000 miles per trip on long-haul flights to the United States. The return trip costs you 100,000 miles, an award flight for the same route costs 105,000 miles. So you can see for yourself how useful this redemption normally is.

Reservations are made using the Miles and More online tool. Upgrades with Miles and More are not necessarily the best way to redeem Miles. Only if your plane ticket is booked, for example by your employer, can an upgrade be worth miles. Another way to book upgrades with Miles & More is to use eVouchers. These awards are given to Senators and members of the HON-Circle of Miles and More who have achieved and renewed their status. Under the same rules as for mileage upgrades in terms of booking class, upgrades can be made with these vouchers according to the following rules:

– Economy Class at Busienss in Europe: 1 eVoucher per trip

– Economy Class to Business Class on long-haul flights: 2 eVouchers per flight

– Business Class to First Class on long-haul lines: 2 eVouchers per line

How can you redeem my Miles and More?

Redemption options include hotel stays, vouchers or even annual fees for the Miles and More credit card. In addition, United Airlines offers a wide range of products for purchase, which are then paid for in miles. This is a fine example of the poor value of this type of redemption.

Other redemption options, such as mileage offers or award flights in Busienss class, net you a value of three to five cents per mile. It is probably not necessary at this point to explain in more detail why another redemption is less useful.

What are the status levels and benefits of Miles and More?

Of course, the Miles & More program, as befits a loyalty program, also has different status levels that reward frequent flyers for their loyalty. These are usually qualified by reaching certain thresholds of accrued status miles. Miles and More has a total of three status levels:

United Mileage Plus frequent flyer status

The program is composed of two statuses: Senator status and HON Circle Status.

Each individual status level is valid for two years and provides certain benefits on flights with United and its partners for the duration of the qualification period.

The individual benefits of status with United Airlines are manifold and range from upgrades and lounge access to airport-specific treatment and personalized service. With HON Circle status, for example, you as a United Airlines passenger enjoy the same benefits as if you were traveling first class; with a Business or Economy ticket.

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