Traveling with firearms on planes? What does United Airlines say?

It is quite possible that some people are taking guns or knives on a trip to the United States. This is the case with some hunters or gun collectors. But the regulations concerning the transport of firearms by plane are very strict and must be observed. Otherwise you could have problems getting on your plane or being allowed to set foot on American soil, even if your ESTA visa is perfectly in order.

Can you bring guns or knives in my luggage on an airplane to the USA

It is possible to transport firearms, knives, swords and other types of weapons by plane under certain conditions. First of all, you should know that none of these products can be carried in the cabin. They must absolutely travel in the hold under certain conditions. Finally, they must be declared to the authorities and the company.

What documents are needed to transport weapons by plane?

In addition to the declaration to the authorities and the airline, any transport of weapons by plane must be accompanied by the licenses or authorizations of the ports of arms of the country of origin. Finally, the traveler will have to prove that all the legal formalities relating to leaving the country and entering the country of destination have been completed. In the case of the United States, this is where ESTA status is important and you will need to show your validated ESTA.

What weapons can you carry in the cabin of a United aircraft?

Due to risks for the safety of the flight and the passengers, no weapon can be allowed in the cabin. You should know that cabin baggage checks are carried out in a scrupulous manner to eliminate all risks: a simple knife detected will be removed and put in the trash and you will not be able to carry it with you in your cabin baggage.

But the detection of a larger weapon (a firearm, for example) can lead to questioning, even a ban on access to the plane and possibly prosecution.

It should also be noted that the transport of spare parts of weapons is also prohibited in the cabin. You can’t put in your purse or carry-on baggage, a pistol’s magazine, or even just its barrel or stock.

What weapons can you carry in the hold on an airplane?

Most firearms and edged weapons (knives, swords, sabers) can be carried in the hold under certain conditions. We can thus transport weapons and ammunition for sporting use such as hunting, archery, competitive hunting (all types of shotguns, including safari rifles and sniper rifles), as well as pistols, pellet guns, air rifles and paintball guns and also reproductions of old weapons and weapons, such as powder pistols, muskets or rifles over seventy five years old .

On the other hand, flares and pistol lighters are prohibited from transport by plane, even in the hold.

For firearms in the hold they must be placed without ammunition in a rigid-faced packaging. This packaging must be locked and declared to the company.

Ammunition must be packed and stored in another container separate from the first. The total weight of ammunition cannot exceed 5 kilos, regardless of the number of weapons.

Also make sure that depending on your destination in the US, these weapons are legal: regulations vary from state to state and this can cause problems.

As for sharp objects such as blades, knives, sabers, swords, they must be carefully packed and placed in the travel bags for the aircraft hold. They must be securely wrapped to avoid injuring baggage handlers and inspectors as any injury could then be attributable to the traveler.

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  1. Steve

    I plan to travel with a hunting rifle in a locked hard gun case as checked baggage from SNA to BNA and back to SNA in November.
    Where do I pick up my rifle gun case in BNA?
    Where do I pick up my rifle gun case in SNA?
    What procedure does United have to prevent someone from stealing my rifle gun case at baggage claim?

    Delta requires my rifle gun case to be picked up at the Baggage Service Office with ID required to claim my checked firearm.

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