All about seat upgrade options and cost available at United Airlines

Any customer over the age of two can become a member of the United Airlines MileagePlus loyalty program. For each flight or purchase of goods from partners, the member accumulates bonus miles. And most often they are exchanged for an upgrade.

What does a ticket upgrade mean?

Upgrading with MileagePlus miles allows you to improve the quality of service, move from economy class to business class and even obtain VIP customer status with access to a special lounge. The latest opportunity is only available to Silver, Gold or Platinum Bonus Card holders.

Upgrading the class affects the comfort of the flight. Business class seats are much more spacious and comfortable, there are fewer passengers and increased attention from flight attendants. In addition, the customer has more free space in the luggage compartment.

In addition, the owner of an award ticket is served out of turn at a separate check-in counter at the airport, which significantly reduces the time of boarding and checking in for the flight.

Get an upgrade with miles

Upgrades are available for miles or cash. The number of bonuses required for this operation can be easily calculated on the United Airlines website in your personal account. There is a special air miles calculator, which allows you to quickly find out whether there are enough bonuses in your account to increase the service.

You can issue a preliminary upgrade or an award ticket in the following ways:

– On the airline’s website if you have a ticket that was also purchased online on the website or at United’s own sales offices. You can do this any time before flight check-in closes.

– Via the airline’s contact centre (call 1.8008.6483.31) up to 24 hours before departure. At the same time, a ticket must already be issued at a fare included in the list of available upgrades.

– Without a ticket purchased, an upgrade may be issued at United sales offices or branches. But the reservation of the ticket for the selected flight must be confirmed.

– When applying for an upgrade at United Airlines offices and agencies, you must provide not only the ticket itself, but also the original or a copy of the loyalty card, passport.

Refused upgrade request

United Airlines advises customers that its upgrade program may not apply to all flights. In order not to go into the details of the tariff plans, it is better to make sure on the website or check with the call center before buying or reserving a ticket that it is subject to the possibility of an upgrade in miles or cash.

The American company may refuse your upgrade request in the following cases:

– Lack of free seats in some cabins.
– Not enough bonus miles on the account.

The company offers discounts to those who issue an increase for two flights at once: outward and return.

Buying an upgrade with miles: What if you don’t have enough points?

When there are only a few days left before the flight, but you really want to travel comfortably, you can buy the required number of air miles and request your upgrade to a higher class. Bonus transfer is legal and regulated by the rules of the airline itself.

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