Mileage Accelerator: An online solution provided by United Airlines to maximize your Mileageplus points

Purchasing miles allows United Airlines passengers to increase their chances of accessing its most expensive services, including upgrading to First class, access to luxury lounges, … If you think miles are only earned by booking flights, then you are wrong.

At United Airlines there are strategies to maximize flight miles, the good old mileage races are over.
Now buy as many miles as you want online using just your name and United Mileage Plus membership number Airlines.

Miles are no longer earned by flying, but by purchasing, with credit card spending, contracting United Airlines related services, or reimbursement for flight issues. Second, miles are no longer miles as such and become a discount rather than a fixed-value virtual currency, which puts airline miles in another category and imposes a different perspective when it comes to buy miles.

Why buy Mileage Plus miles?

First of all, booking on the United website is a much simpler and more pleasant process than through the websites or call centers of other Star Alliance partners.

It is important to note that United does not charge taxes or fees on award tickets. For fans of maximizing complex itineraries, United offers the Excursionist Perk option, where you can get a free segment in an area by booking at least three segments.

The main classic way to use United miles is to fly from Asia to Australia/New Zealand for 30,000 miles in business class and 40,000 miles in first class. A first-class Thai and hour-long massage at a salon in Bangkok immediately come to mind.

But besides that, United has something for you: 57,500 miles from Europe to the USA on United metal or 70,000 miles on partner flights, 65,000/75,000 miles from Europe to Hawaii or Mexico , 75,000 miles from Europe to Japan.

When is it worth buying MileagePlus miles?

Indeed, the purchase of miles is only justified on rare occasions, and sometimes these advantages can only be applied to a small number of people due to their cost.

– Buy miles to replenish an account

Or making a massive buyout that requires a small difference isn’t too difficult. In other words, if you lack a few thousand or a few hundred kilometers to buy back a flight of several hundred or a little more than a thousand dollars, there is no difficulty in reasoning. We can spend a few tens of additional dollars on the purchase versus several hundred or a little more than a thousand dollars.

– When you decide to do a premium cabin experience

Flying business class or first class, buying miles can be convenient, and it can almost always get you an amazing discount. Business class or first class cabins on transcontinental flights usually sell for more than 3,000 USD in the case of 7-10 hour flights between Europe and America, but at the same time they can easily be found for over $7,000 on select routes and dates. This increases even more when we talk about Asia or Africa.

It is convenient to buy miles to exchange them for premium cabins, because it is undoubtedly the only and the best way to use them. If you can’t earn them in almost all cases, you’ll save money by buying the miles and then redeeming them for premium cabins over the market price.

There is a situation where buying miles to redeem for economy cabins makes sense and is worth it.

This option is included in the possibility that the flight is in high season, has a very high market cost and that the flight is available at the same time as you purchase the miles.

This, of course, after taking into account the money you spend on miles + fees, the miles you accumulate for flying at a paid rate, versus the market cost + miles accumulated.

Finally, purchasing miles in Mileage Plus rewards programs that allow you to do this as a measure to prevent others from expiring due to time without use is a viable option.

Are the miles purchased refundable?

It is important to remember that the miles you buy to inflate your account are not refundable. Once the purchase is made, it cannot be modified or cancelled.

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