Online check-in time for a United Airlines flight

When you choose a flight with United Airlines, it is possible to check in online or at the airport. This practice, which is mandatory, consists of checking in before the flight the baggage that is intended for the hold, and being in possession of your boarding pass before the day of departure. Therefore it is a real saving of considerable time which allows to avoid the queues and the stress of the departure.

You can start checking your baggage 30 hours before your flight departs. To save time with online check-in choose your seat and receive your boarding pass. This document is essential to board the aircraft.

Two options are available to you

For those who wish to check-in online over the internet in advance, United Airlines offers two options, either on its website or with its mobile app.

– Check-in on the website

You can check in online on the United Airlines website. Go to the “Check-in section. Enter your booking reference and your last name.

– Check-in online with the United mobile app

It is possible to check in on your smartphone and thus download the boarding pass. So you will have everything at your fingertips! It is a handy and quick tool.

– Interactive kiosks available 24/7

Kiosks are available at the airport for check-in. You can check-in at the airport on the day of your flight departure until your flight check-in deadline: choose your seat and receive your boarding pass. This is needed to board the plane.

United States Airline staff can assist you if you need it when checking in. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask one of the staff for help. Whether it’s baggage questions, check-in options, boarding pass, you’ll have it all.

Steps to Travel Well with United After Checking In

Steps to follow to avoid unforeseen events and oversights:

– Make sure you have a boarding pass

– Print your luggage tag

– Drop off your luggage at the right time

– Make sure you have your Boarding Pass

At the airport, keep your boarding pass handy: you will need to show it at security checkpoints and it is required to board the plane.

For your peace of mind, be sure to arrive before the check-in deadline. After that, you will no longer be able to check in or drop off your luggage.

Avoid last minute forgetting

Leaving on time is one of your priorities. To avoid a last minute rush, follow the tips below.

Recommended time of arrival at the airport

It is strongly recommended that you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight departs. This gives you time to drop off your luggage and go through security checks.

What about your luggage? It is possible to drop off your luggage until the check-in deadline.

The recommended arrival time at the airport, calculated specifically for your flight, is shown on your boarding pass.

Baggage check-in deadline

Your baggage check-in deadline depends on your destination.

Prepare your travel documents

Visas, passports, vaccinations, … For peace of mind, check entry and travel conditions well in advance of your trip. Contact the embassy or consulate of the country to which you are traveling or via a connecting flight.

Before you leave, make sure you have all the necessary documents handy and that they are all within their expiry date.

Print baggage tag

Do you have baggage to check in? Save time at the airport by printing your baggage tag at home Baggage tags help us identify your baggage and ensure it arrives at its destination safe and sound.

Put labels with your personal details on the inside and outside of your luggage for easy identification.

Arrival at the airport

It’s time to go to the airport, to arrive on time for your stress-free flight, please note your flight check-in deadline.

What to do at the airport?

– Make sure you have your boarding pass

At the airport, make sure you have your boarding pass ready at all times: you will be asked to present it regularly at the airport and when boarding.

If you prefer to print your boarding pass at the airport, there are interactive kiosks. They are available 24/7.

Affix your baggage tag

After checking in, it is essential to attach your tag to your baggage, so that it is directed to the correct flight.

This is an essential step to collect your luggage on your arrival.

Check-in deadlines: at what time is it not possible to check-in your flight?

Before begining your travel, find information on airport security wait times and airport hours of operation.

Line wait information refers to security check point wait times only. Please allow additional time for flight check-in. Also allow extra time if you are checking baggage.

United Airlines knows that leaving on time is important to its passengers.

To facilitate an on-time departure, it is recommended that you allow sufficient time for check-in, especially if you are checking baggage.

To travel within the United States, it will be preferable to arrive at the airport:

– 60 minutes before your flight if you don’t check in any baggage

– 90 minutes before your flight if you check your baggage

– For international departures, you must arrive at the airport:

– 2 hours before your flight

At a growing number of US airports, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires all customers to check in to receive a boarding pass before entering the security checkpoint. The TSA website has a list of airports that require customers to obtain their boarding passes.

Please note that reservations are subject to cancellation if you are not checked in and available for boarding at the gate:

– At least 20 minutes prior to departure between US cities (except Hawaii – 30 minutes), to / from Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

– At least 30 minutes before departure for all other international cities.

– 20 minutes before your flight, United agents will begin assigning upgrades and welcoming customers awaiting seat assignments.

– 10 minutes before your flight you should be on board and ready for a departure on time.

– When traveling during holidays or other peak periods, it is recommended that you allow extra time.

– Certain circumstances will contribute to the delays (ie weather conditions, air traffic, mechanical problems); however, United is committed to doing everything possible to ensure on-time departures on all flights.

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