Million Miler program Liftime status to earn miles for life with MileagePlus

United Airlines has introduced lifetime Gold status to its MileagePlus loyalty program. It is awarded to passengers who have met the standard of the highest Gold, Platinum or 1K status.

United provides lifetime status for 3 of its 4 statuses: Premier Gold, Premier Platinum and Premier 1K.

It takes 1, 2 and 3 million miles, respectively, to access it. At 4 million we “unlock” a status that only exists in a lifetime version: United Global Services.

These are miles calculated over distance traveled which differs from the way in which status granting is calculated so it is difficult to estimate the time needed to obtain these statuses for life.

United Airlines offers its frequent flyers a points system that is granted for life. The allocation of award miles will remain unchanged.

Long-time frequent fliers enjoy Lifetime Liftime Million Miler status. The basis for calculation is the sum of all points earned on flights operated by United and Star Alliance partners.

How many miles to earn Lifetime status and become a Million Miler?

It depends on the member’s current status in the Mileageplus loyalty program:

– First GOLD: 1 million miles

– First Platinum: 2 million

– First 1K: 3 million

– United Global Services: 4 million

If you can earn miles as shown below, you’ll earn Premier Lifetime status. The program offers the opportunity to earn lifetime status from Premier Gold at United Global Services® to Million Miler qualification. Let’s get to the requirements.

How are miles eligible for MileagePlus Lifetime status counted?

Program members earn 1 million miles for every mile actually flown on flights operated by United Airlines and United Express. Bonus miles accrued due to class of service, program status or higher fares are not counted. Miles accumulated with a credit card or financial partners are also not included in the account.

In other words, to earn United Global Services status forever, the program’s highest level, a participant will need to complete the equivalent of 420 round trips from São Paulo to New York (EWR) or 383 round trips from Sao Paulo. in Chicago.

To check your Million Miler Miles account, simply go to your MileagePlus account summary on the website or app.

Reaching MielagePlus Million Miler status, what are the benefits for members?

The best part of achieving Million Miler status is that you will have United Airlines status forever even if you no longer accumulate points in the program. The company is part of the Star Alliance and the lifetime status offered by the program falls under the Gold category of the alliance.

After reaching the first million Million Miler miles, in addition to lifetime Premier Gold status, the program allows you to gift the same status to another participant. Spouses or partners residing at the same address are accepted. The status received by the companion will be renewed annually.

Invite a companion of your choice to become a Million Miler

This may be your spouse, or another person residing with you (at the same address). The latter will benefit from the same advantages granted to you.

Your companion just needs to go to this page and follow the steps to become a Million Miler.

It is indeed possible to change the companion with Million Thousand status. For this, you must apply before November 30 of each year, and the person you nominate to become the new million miler can start enjoying the benefits of the program from January 1 of the next year.

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