United Airlines lets you fly with your scuba gear

Dive bags larger than 62″ and 50 pounds will be charged a fee. First or second checked bags are also charged. Empty dive tanks and up to three rebreathers are exempt from fees. Tanks with regulators attached must be removed before being inspected.

A soda lime container is a container for storing sodium hydroxide (lye) in an airtight environment. Lye is used in cleaning products such as dishwashing detergent and bathroom cleaners. In general, lye should never come into contact with skin. It may cause serious burns if swallowed. Do not store this product near any combustible materials. Keep away from heat sources and open flames.

To avoid any risk of fire, United Airlines does not allow soda lime containing more than 4% sodium hydroxide to be carried in checked baggage.

United Airlines isn’t responsible for damaged scuba gear. You can buy excess baggage for your scuba gear at any time.

Diving equipment must fit within a single dive bag. Divers should check the size of their dive gear before buying a dive bag. Large dive bags can cost hundreds of dollars. For example, a large dive bag costs around $180.00. Buying a smaller dive bag can save money. Smaller dive bags cost about $50.00. Therefore, if you buy a larger dive bag, you’ll pay more.

Dive bags larger than 62 linear inches (157cm) are subject to additional fees. Diving equipment in excess of 3 tanks will cost extra. Empty tanks won’t count towards your luggage limit. Open tanks won’t pass the security check.

United Airlines is not liable for damage done by your scuba gear. You may not purchase excess baggage for scuba diving equipment or liquids.

Only one piece of snorkeling equipment is permitted for each passenger, and this includes the following:

– A mask and a snorkel (which can be used together or separately);

– A regulator;

– A scuba tank;

– A buoyancy compensator/flotation device;

– A drysuit, if used;

– A suit or wetsuit;

– A waterproof camera case;

– A set of swimming fins;

– Underwater camera case;

– A diver’s knife;

– A first aid kit;

– An air tank; and

– A flotation vest.

Divers should always remember to check weight allowance before flying and pack light if possible. Also, they should avoid bringing things such as liquids or gels that exceed the maximum amount allowed by the airlines.

Tips for traveling with your scuba gear on a United Airlines flight

Carefully pack your scuba gear to set off on that long-awaited scuba diving vacation. Ok, let’s face it, no matter how you do it, it’s a chore. Especially if you like to fly light like me. But you have to. Try to think about the money you will save on renting.

Your scuba gear should be packed in a plain bag. You might want to consider getting a large black wheeled bag.

In general, you can take your diving equipment with you on the plane, in the hold of the plane of course. Also remember that items such as the knife must be packed in checked baggage. A knife is considered dangerous because it could injure another passenger or damage the aircraft.

Please stow or securely wrap any sharp objects you place in your checked baggage to prevent them from injuring baggage handlers and security guards.

Even if an item is generally cleared, it may be subject to further screening or not cleared by checkpoint if it raises alarms during the screening process, appears to have been tampered with, poses other security issues.

The final decision rests with the screening officers at the airport whether or not to allow items on the flight.

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