Earn miles by flying with United Airlines or by purchasing products offered by its partners

United is one of the most popular airlines in the world. You can earn United MileagePlus miles when flying with United Airlines and Star Alliance partners.

United Airlines offers cheap flights domestically and internationally. Earn United miles with credit card sign-ups, hotel stays and other offers.

United Airlines MileagePlus miles are qualifying, also called status, not qualifying (award). The two miles can be redeemed for free tickets or upgrades.

The only difference is that qualifying miles affect your status in the loyalty system – the more there are, the more important the airline considers you. Therefore, holders of various gold and diamond statuses board the plane without queuing, enjoy free access to airport VIP lounges, and sometimes enter business class just like that.

Qualifying miles can only be earned on flights with the airline (or its alliance partners). Usually, their validity period is limited (up to three years), so you will not be able to accumulate miles for a few years of active flights, and then use the privileges for life.

Non-qualifying miles are credited not only for the purchase of tickets, but also for the use of partner services. These are usually car rental services, hotel chains, restaurants and shops. If you don’t aim to pick the cheapest accommodation option or place to dine, focus on listing partners, then you’ll earn more miles and get closer to a free flight . Keep in mind that their validity period is 18 months.

Fly on United

United Airlines has changed the way it distributes miles. You earn more miles for spending less money.

United Airlines offers Elite members more miles per dollar spent. You can earn more miles if you pay with cash instead of a credit card.

Premier Elite status with which you can earn miles is earned by spending money on flights and taking qualifying flights.

For every dollar spent, you earn 5 miles if you have no status in the MileagePlus loyalty program, 7 miles if you have Silver status and 9 miles if you have the Platinum card.

Passengers with Premier 1K status earn 11 miles for every dollar they spend with United Airlines or its partners.

Traveling with a Star Alliance airline

For passengers booking flights operated by United Airlines partners, but with the United Airlines number, the miles earned are the same as those earned on a United Airlines flight.

For each new flight with a Star Alliance member airline, including United Airlines, you will present your Miles and More card, and you will earn airmiles valid on this alliance.

When you buy a flight online, you’re typically booked on partner ticket stock. United MileagePlus partners offer different mileage earning rates. You can calculate how much miles you’re getting based on the cabin type.

Earn miles with credit cards

The basic process of a credit card is to earn miles, even without flying. For his world tour, a passenger redeemed the airmiles he had earned without taking a single flight. He had simply used his credit cards such as those offered by United Airlines to pay for his living expenses: United GatewaySM Card, UnitedSM Explorer Card, United QuestSM Card and United ClubSM Infinite Card.

Earn miles by booking a hotel

You have plenty of options in this category. Most major chains (AccorHotels, IHG, …) allow you to convert points earned on overnight stays into airline miles or earn miles directly instead of loyalty points from their program.

Earn miles on your car rentals

United Airlines is also a partner of major car rental agencies. By renting from Hertz, Avis, … You generally benefit not only from reductions on your rental (see our page dedicated to Hertz, for example), but also from earning miles which can be boosted by period.

Right now, for example, members of the Miles & More program are getting five times more miles on car rentals, while United Airlines is offering an extra 1,500 bonus miles.

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